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John Lemp Shares Insight on his Company, Revcontent


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Learn how Revcontent is changing the native advertising industry. Founder, John Lemp shares what separates Revcontent from other native advertisers.

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John Lemp Shares Insight on his Company, Revcontent

  1. 1. How Revcontent is Changing the Native Advertising Industry
  2. 2. What Does Revcontent Do? • Revcontent is the fastest growing native advertising network. • 200 Billion content recommendations a month • Native advertising is a type of advertisement that follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed. • Learn more about Revcontent with the Yahoo Finance press release: helping-advertisers-100000759.html
  3. 3. Who Uses Revcontent for Their Native Ads? • Revcontent is found on a several different highly visited sites including: • Forbes • Newsweek • International Business Times • Reuters
  4. 4. Connect with Revcontent • Blog: • Facebook: • Twitter: • Website: • YouTube: bhw