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Cff 10-26


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Published in: Education
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Cff 10-26

  1. 1. Classrooms for the future October 26, 2008 In-service John Diehl Jon Holmes Dave Miller Terry Gardill
  2. 2. Agenda PowerPoint Presentation “I want to be a teacher video” icebreaker Bedford CFF Video Teacher/Coach Classroom Examples If time “Whiteboard Audience Participation”
  3. 3. Classrooms for the future 3 year initiative Last yr=20 million 103 schools HMSHS & BHS $279,000 This yr= 90 million 255 more schools 358 of 501 school districts $300,000 Next year All High Schools in PA
  4. 4. Goals & Outcomes Improve Student Achievement Change Classroom practice (non-traditional) Increase Student Engagement Place responsibility of learning in students hands Develop 21st century skills Increase Academic Achievement
  5. 5. How do we plan on doing this? Equip teachers/student with technology Support teacher/student with tech coach Research shows 92% implementation success rate compared to 10% if support & follow up. Coach assist integrating technology in classrooms
  6. 6. LET BEGIN “I want to be a Teacher” Most all of us have experienced this one way or another in our life.
  7. 7. CFF Video What the Tech Dept is doing for BASD Real World Statistics that are Scary More insight “Why” Classrooms for the future More insight “How” CFF will Help
  8. 8. After Video Students are embedded with technology outside school. We’re trying to open the school integrating the technologies into classrooms. Using non-traditional methods (project based learning, smartboards, software etc.) Teachers share what they have been doing.
  9. 9. Teacher Examples Jon Holmes Dave Miller Terry Gardill
  10. 10. Teacher Examples Jon Holmes Dave Miller Terry Gardill