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  1. 1. Being able to heal by means of Crystals: Amber Amber has the identity to be one of the traditional and cultured methods in healing different health issues restrained to be a proven health magic. It corresponds with the character of the person who gets involved with the Amber as it is the appropriate solution in providing peace and calmness. It can be considered as the alternative to the clinically advised medicines derived from the chemically enhanced ingredients. Amber has remained a hallowed stone to Eastern Indians & Native Americans for many years and happened to be used by very old tribal healers & shamans throughout fire ceremonies. It happened to be burned up as an incense to rinse out, / clear, the atmosphere of negative energy. It happened to be considered a representation for the restitution of marriage vows & promises made. Amber has been referred to as a type of "time capsule" which holds the early on history of life on the earth. It’s a fossilized resin which is usually golden - yellow-brown in color & even though it isn’t mineralized it’s considered as an organic gemstone. Flecks of red, blue & green have moreover been found in amber samples. The majority of specimens found now is between 30 and 90 million years old & commonly have & preserve spiders, insects, frogs, fruits, plant-structures, & additional small organisms. About 90 % of the extractable amber of the world is found in Kaliningrad district of Russia on Baltic Sea. It’s widely disseminated & also does extend over a great piece of Northern Europe. Amber that’s made use of in making of jewelry typically comes from Baltic Sea / Dominican Republic. Amber - Metaphysical Characteristics -Different colors of the amber made use of on top of the suitable chakras to open, cleanse, & heal the energy centers of the body. -Assists to calm down the nerves & transforms unconstructive energy into activist energy take care of the centering of emotional body. -Does stimulate the intellect and does help to strengthen memory. -Aids in the opening and activating of the crown chakra. -Does encourage the art of expression by assisting one to bring that that’s desired into a condition of reality.
  2. 2. -supposed by ancients to bring excellent luck to the warriors. -does balance the electro-magnetic of the corporeal body -Does align the otherworldly energies to the corporeal, mental, & emotional bodies. -Made use of in being able to purify birthing & re-birthing rooms, as it’s supposed to cleanse the surroundings in which it does remain. -Does purify ones mind, body, & spirit or soul. Amber - Healing Properties - Amber beads are used for treating goiter and additional diseases of throat. -cooperative in the cure of disorders of kidneys & bladder -In very old time’s amber, made use of in form of an elixir, happened to be used as a penicillin kind of medicine. -Does dispel pain by soaking up negative energy & letting body to rebalance & cures itself. -Useful in lessening stress. -Does soothe pain & aching related to the joints. -does assisted in the treatment of disorders of the stomach, liver, spleen, & gallbladder -obliging in reviving tissue and strengthening mucus membranes. Hence, Amber is an alternative to the several medicinal therapies that people follow and seeks to. One needs to be patient and persistence while choosing this method of treatment in order to get fully relived from the concerned diseases. Its aesthetic and the natural phenomenon conjoin to deliver the best of the result in getting you to live a healthy and nutritious life.