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Top 10 Hr Strategies From Administaff


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Top 10 Hr Strategies From Administaff

  1. 1. Make a Bold Move in 2010 Top 10 HR Strategies to Lead the Recovery 10 As the marketplace begins to rebound from one of the most significant economic challenges in our history, are Protect Your Business From Government Expansion Higher taxes. Health care overhauls. Aggressive enforce- you positioned to lead the way? Those who subscribe to ment. Harsher penalties. And dozens of restrictive workplace a reactionary, “wait-and-see” mentality are destined to keep policies in the pipeline. The government is engaging in an waiting – for the kind of lasting success that never comes. unprecedented money-and-power grab, and the potential But if you’re the kind of entrepreneur who favors extraordi- for increased regulatory burdens is enormous – on national, nary over “business as usual,” you’re not going to stand by state and local fronts. To stay compliant and minimize and let the economy dictate your fate. It’s up to you. It’s time interruptions to your business, it’s vitally important that you to regain control. It’s time to make a bold move. That’s where engage a dedicated team to act as your eyes and ears, provide Administaff can help. a voice for your concerns and protect your interests. Every bold move a company makes is executed by its people. The Administaff Advantage So it takes a sophisticated people plan to make it happen. Poised on the front line, Administaff will work as a buffer Administaff creates a custom-designed HR service plan between you and the Department of Labor, immigration that provides an instant infrastructure – to give you valuable authorities, the IRS and a host of other government agencies. relief, increase your focus and align your people with your Our Government Affairs group is active in Washington, company’s objectives. working to help shape legislation and offer our clients the best possible solutions. Closer to home, you’ll have access The following 10 strategies, nine of which we introduced last to a dedicated team that provides customized strategies, year, are designed with your long-term success in mind. And well-informed guidance and full-service assistance. With as so many of our clients have told us, they work. Administaff, you’ll gain a solid advantage. For starters, according to a Towers-Perrin survey, our 2010 projected medical costs per employee are more than 25 percent 10. Protect Your Business From Government Expansion lower than those of large companies. We don’t just say 9. Improve Employee Communication we offer a competitive edge to control regulatory expenses; the numbers prove it. 8. Make the Most of Your Training Resources 7. Reduce Your Company’s Operating Expenses “All the successes from last year’s 6. Head off Rising Employment Risks Top 9 initiative inspired us to share yet 5. Make Use of Incentive Compensation Plans another strategy for 2010. But while it may be new on the list, working to 4. Provide Peace of Mind in Trying Times protect your business has always been at the core of what we do. It’s 3. Upgrade Your Workforce in our DNA.” 2. Capitalize on New Opportunities Paul Sarvadi, President and CEO 1. Focus Intensely on Profit-Generating Activities Administaff 866-476-8516
  2. 2. 9 Improve Employee Communication Economic uncertainty almost always leads to apprehension in the workplace. However, by clearly and openly communicating the facts and sharing your plans to use the circumstances to your advantage, you can refocus your employees’ heightened anxiety into positive energy. By equipping employees with the specifics, inviting them to contribute their ideas and adding your support, you enable them to work instead of worry. When employees 7 Reduce Your Company’s Operating Expenses When your pipeline for new business slows down, you have the time – as well as the need – to take a closer look at company expenditures and uncover new ways to trim costs. While right- sizing your organization is a common strategy for reducing costs, it’s certainly not your only option. For example, is your employee benefits plan in need of a restructure? Also, while certain recurring expenses are unavoidable, you can avoid know that you care and they feel like they’re an integral part of overpaying by finding better deals. the plan for moving forward, you’ll be amazed at how readily they’ll work together to turn opportunities into profitable actions. The Administaff Advantage From conducting employee appraisals to overseeing organizational redesigns and even implementing staff “When we were working reductions, our HR professionals can help you rightsize the to revamp employee right way. And because making adjustments to your benefits communications, only program or employee contributions is another way to realize Administaff took the time significant savings, Administaff offers a wide range of benefits to sit and talk with every single programs to meet different circumstances. There’s also the employee, one by one. It’s made pure money-saving potential of our MarketPlaceSM alliances. a huge difference in morale and Through exclusive offers from more than 50 top providers, productivity for our business.” your business will enjoy big-company buying power on Lynn Meyer, Founder and President everything from business insurance to high-end technology. IntegReview Client Since 2009 “When it comes to helping us The Administaff Advantage reduce operating expenses, Whether you choose to enhance your communication skills Administaff has been an incredi- through our comprehensive training programs or enlist us to bly valuable tool. Since signing on, write certain HR-related communications on your behalf, we’ve seen annual savings ranging Administaff can help get your message across to those who from $200,000 to $300,000.” matter most – your people. For more than 23 years, and Daniel Pizano, General Manager through good times and bad, our HR professionals have served thousands of small and medium-sized companies AeroComputers as a trusted source to align employees with organizational Client Since 2007 goals and help their businesses succeed. It’s a message worth sharing, and we appreciate the opportunity to do so with you. 8 Make the Most of Your Training Resources The Administaff Advantage While training should always be high on the list of priorities Administaff clients have access to more than 3,700 for a growth-minded business, it’s especially valuable during training courses – plus leadership development programs slowperiods when you’re looking to upgrade employee skills and a comprehensive learning management system, as well and prepare workers for busier times to come. In fact, when as both instructor-led and online courses. That’s well beyond you maximize productivity through business-focused training, the offerings of most large corporations. So where would you you may be able to meet increasing workloads without signifi- begin? We can conduct a needs analysis to identify your specific cantly increasing headcount. In addition, supervisor training can performance improvement opportunities and target the training make a big difference in how your team manages performance courses that best move you toward your goals. That’s what full in a down time. service is all about – and with Administaff, full service is what you’ll get. 866-476-8516
  3. 3. 6 Head off Rising Employment Risks “I’ve left and tried other companies As you adjust your workforce in response to a changing economy, that claimed they’re as good or even your employment-related claims and litigation exposure become better than Administaff, but when greater. But by properly assessing and managing these risks, you it comes to providing peace of can reduce potential drains on your profitability and maintain a mind and actually contributing to productive work environment. my company’s success, Administaff stands alone.” The Administaff Advantage Larry Nemeth, President With Administaff, you won’t have to face the weighty concerns Logistics Management Group of employment-related issues on your own – and that can 4 Client Since 2009 potentially help your business avoid thousands in risk-related losses. Our experienced HR specialists will be at your service to provide assistance and guidance with rightsizing, reorganization and facilitating employee communications. By transferring certain Provide Peace of Mind in Trying Times employment liability obligations to us, sharing others and better You can send a strong message of caring to all employees, including managing those that remain, you can reduce your risk and even those leaving your firm, by adhering to solid HR policies that show prevent many claims from being filed in the first place. your willingness to provide valuable services to them when they’re needed most. By demonstrating professional compassion, you send a very positive and encouraging message to employees, customers and the community. Word of mouth travels quickly, and when it sends a “When a complicated workplace positive message about your company, it can be worth its weight in issue took us off guard, Administaff gold. was there to help us head off the risk, so we could stay on track to The Administaff Advantage double our revenues in ’09, just like Administaff can help transition outplaced employees, handle we plan to do again this year.” COBRA administration, and even put them on the inside track Phil Panzarella, President and CEO for a new job opportunity through the extensive Administaff CPS Professional Services Talent Network. There, outplaced employees will be able to explore Client Since 2007 hundreds of openings with our nationwide client base of America’s best small and medium-sized businesses. And for those in need of counseling or just an open ear, Administaff’s Employee Assistance Program can be a valuable and helpful resource. 5 Make Use of Incentive Compensation Plans When your employees’ day-to-day activities are in line with your mission-critical objectives, your odds for success increase tremendously. Incentive plans can kindle the competitive spirit in your workforce, enhance productivity in the workplace, and even increase satisfaction among your client base – so it pays to create incentives that directly reinforce companywide objectives by switching your staff’s focus to tasks that are vitally important “With Administaff handling liabilities like compliance, safety training, workers’ comp and unemployment claims, I can dedicate more focus to providing in the changing here and now. Something as simple as a gift card, for my employees. So I started celebratory lunch or an extra day off can go a long way toward an incentive compensation accomplishing important goals or new priorities. initiative, and productivity has gone way up – which is a very nice incen- The Administaff Advantage tive for me.” At your disposal will be the full array of Administaff perfor- mance management tools, designed to maximize your people Scott Lisec, President power. And because our services will already be tailored to Compliant Healthcare Technologies your business plan, we can help you design and implement a Client Since 2008 coordinated incentive compensation plan that is directly tied to company goals and effectively delivers results to the bottom line.
  4. 4. 3 Upgrade Your Workforce Talented, motivated employees have a tremendous impact on your company’s success and profitability – and even more so in slow periods. Layoffs at large firms across the country have made available the best talent pool we’ve seen in years. Keep in mind that this is definitely not the time to make hiring and layoff mistakes. The worst things you can do in downsizing are to keep someone you should have let go or eliminate someone 2 Capitalize on New Opportunities The silver lining to a cloudy economic forecast is the fact that there are plenty of new opportunities on the horizon. For example, weakness in the marketplace leads to lower company valuations, increased business failures and firms spinning out or selling off their non-core business units. As the economy continues to adjust, you’ll have an ideal chance to redirect your energies toward opportunities that weren’t even available when you should have kept. This is an exciting opportunity to assemble business was booming – like expanding your company through a winning team that will be instrumental in selling and serving acquisition or adding lines of business adjacent to your your clients, enhancing your product and service offerings, and current offerings. putting your objectives on the fast track. The Administaff Advantage When you come up with actionable ideas, we can help you bring “By identifying specific skill sets them to life by providing your staff with the resources they need that best fit the requirements of to execute your game plan. Administaff can play a key role in our industry, Administaff has helped evaluating the costs of integrating an acquisition or starting a new us upgrade our workforce and line of business. From there, we can facilitate meetings with your reduce turnover by more than 40 staff to develop missions, strategies and plans for moving forward. percent. Annually, that translates In addition, with big-company benefits and a full array of human to over $500,000 in savings.” 1 resources services, Administaff can give you the tools you need to Andrew Casas, COO attract and retain the key personnel to lead your new ventures. UT Physicians Client Since 1996 Focus Intensely on Profit-Generating Activities In a difficult economic environment, it’s critical for business The Administaff Advantage owners and key personnel to spend as little time as possible Administaff can help you develop a staffing plan to rightsize, behind a desk. Instead, invest as much time as you can with reorganize and optimize your workforce. Our HR professionals current, prospective and even former customers. For small and can provide employee appraisal support to evaluate employee medium-sized companies, that face-to-face contact is especially performance, identify individuals’ strengths and weaknesses valuable. Outsourcing your non-core, but essential, human and help you decide who should be on your team and what resources functions is a proven strategy to gain the time you positions they should play. From developing profiles of your need to focus on actions that lead to growth and profitability. best employees to set the standard for your recruiting efforts to And ideally, not only does outsourcing saves you time, but it training supervisors in applicant interviewing and selection, also helps your company succeed by providing your business Administaff’s full regimen of recruiting services can give you with valuable people management resources. a definite edge. The Administaff Advantage With Administaff handling regularly scheduled business interruptions like payroll administration, government compliance – and even shopping for benefits – you’ll have additional time to sell new clients, ensure current customer satisfaction and even win clients from the competition. Those extra hours can separate your company from competitors who Administaff is here to help. are still sitting behind their desks filling out paperwork and tending to the tasks that Administaff will take care of for you. For more information on how Administaff’s services And unlike the cookie-cutter services you might find elsewhere, can help your business gain a solid economic Administaff creates an HR service plan that is custom-designed advantage, call Administaff, weekdays between to complement your unique business plan. Only Administaff can proactively identify and help implement the kinds of human 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. CT, at 866-476-8516. resources strategies and processes that optimally align your employees with your goals and move your business forward.