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Ad club feb 2012 -for public sharing


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Ad club feb 2012 -for public sharing

  1. 1. Building an onlinemarketplace forinvestment managementAsheesh Advani, CEO
  2. 2. Rise of MarketplacesTravel Travelocity, Expedia, AirBnBEducation SkillShare, TutorSpree Reasons for SuccessRetail Crafts Ebay, Etsy Pricing TransparencyWork Elance, Crowdspring Hidden Jewels (“Long Tail”)Innovation Kickstarter Quality Filters & Curation Investment in Brand/TrustMortgage Lending LendingTree “Power Sellers & Buyers”Consumer Lending LendingClub Social integrationInsurance Comparison MarketInvesting Covestor
  3. 3. Vision Self-Directed Full Service Marketplace BrokerageNo Empowerment Total Empowerment Total Empowerment + Minimum Effort Maximum Effort Minimum Effort
  4. 4. Investment Talent on CovestorStrong performance by managerson platformMore of our managers consistently beattheir benchmark (e.g. S&P, Russell, etc.)than portfolio managers in the mutualfund industry by a factor of 3XCovestor’s most popular managers (top10, by number of subscriptions) beat theS&P by 14% over 1 year time horizon
  5. 5. How It Works Front End Search and selection of managers Clients Performance reporting Managers No lock-up Marketplace: ManagersControl assets in brokerage acct set own fees and Low minimum investment strategy Can switch managers anytime orders reports client’s broker manager’s broker account account filtered, repl trades Broker icated Broker trades Platform Verifies manager performance. Routes and filters trades, reconciles funds. Manages compliance, fees and reporting
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  8. 8. Content StrategyContent Creation Content Distribution Lead Capture
  9. 9. Content Example 1: MarketWatch Model managers provide unique content curated by Covestor with links back. 9
  10. 10. Content Example 2:Yahoo MarketPulse Link to Manager Profile page Cost of acquisition = $0
  11. 11. Conversion InitiativesEmail Marketing + Videos & Webinars + Sales Awareness Consideration Trial Purchase Loyalty 11
  12. 12. Virtual Conference: March 20-21• Covestor-created conference leveraging state-of-the-art technology• Mimicking look and feel of a traditional conference, without travel time and expense• Building awareness of our model managers• Bringing key business development partners who want access to virtual booths
  13. 13. Thank YouAsheesh AdvaniCEO, March 20-21, 2012 Registration is free