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April 2012 Newsletter


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The Regulator, 2175th Military Police Company, Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar

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April 2012 Newsletter

  1. 1. THE REGULATOR2175th Military Police Company, Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar APRIL 2012 2175th Military Police CoCommander CPT Shane SpellmanExecutive Officer 1LT John BodkinsFirst Sergeant 1SG Bobby RichardsHQ Platoon Sergeant SFC Ryan White1st Platoon Leader 2LT Thomas Goehring1st Platoon Sergeant SFC Michael Lilly2nd Platoon Leader 2LT Randall Paton Soldiers discuss last minute details before the record2nd Platoon Sergeant SFC Ryan Williams Army Physical Fitness Test.3rd Platoon Leader 1LT Tommy Ervie3rd Platoon Sergeant SFC James Stark 2175th Soldiers get ready for lunch.
  2. 2. COMMANDER’S CORNERYet another month has come Soldiers have used the educa- Thanks to everyone for theand gone. April is upon us tion assets to their benefit. support and prayers.and the weather is changing. We strive to keep families CPT SpellmanWith that change though updated through numerouscomes one month closer to forms of media. From thehome. The Soldiers of the newsletter to the2175th are performing their ARMYFRG.ORG website tomissions at a high level. The the FACE-BOOK page.opportunity for military Please check out all of thoseschools has presented itself forms of media.and we have had numerous God Bless, As time wereSoldiers graduate from WLC speed we know it won’t berecently. The educational long until we are home withopportunities are exceptional our loved ones as well and countless1SG PROUDLY PRESENTS As I write this month, I want to wish you for the camp with everything that they do. I all a Happy Easter and great month of am so very proud of the work and dedication April. Over the last month we have en- that our Soldiers have shown and continue to joyed a mild trend in the weather seeing exude as we draw one more month closer to temperatures of only around 80-90 de- our return home. Hopefully you have been grees. As we move into the month of able to see more of the pictures of your loved April we are all going to miss this so ones on our FACEBOOK site as well as called cool spell. During March we saw through them. If not please let us know on the re enlistment ceremonies for some of the site and we will do our best to capture our Soldiers that took place under the base your Soldier on there as well. Once again I flagpole here on CAS. I want to con- want to wish you a Happy Easter and upcom- gratulate all those that were a part of this ing month of April. ceremony and have decided to extend their career with the Missouri Army Na- 1SG Richards tional Guard. As the months move by, FRG SPOTLIGHT our Soldiers are continuing to set the toneAn early spring, has us getting ready for the Now, that we are on the down hill side of5th annual golf tournament, this has kept the this deployment, we all seem to be count-FRG busy. ing down the months, weeks and days untilSeveral of the ladies met to box up and mail everyone is back safe and sound with us.packages to the unit, hope you have receivedthem and enjoying the goodies. Our thoughts and prayers are with each and everyone of the soldiers in the unit.The next event after the golf tournament, willbe the Family Day which will be held in Mo- Keep safe,berly, in July. Thanks to Dana McCune, whohas been working with the City of Moberly Mama Zplus the businesses as it looks like it will be agreat event. The worst part is, not having thefull unit here to enjoy this. 2
  3. 3. MUSTACHE MARCHAbove SSG Chaney shows off his mus-tache before going on duty.Right SGT Johnston prepares to run a5K.Below SGM Hubbard finishes runningthe 5K.Bottom right 2LT Goehring has be-come very attached to his mustache. 3
  4. 4. Soldiers of the 2175th took their semi annual Army Physical Fitness Test in March. The Army PhysicalFitness Test consists of Push Ups, Sit Ups, and a 2 Mile Run. 4
  5. 5. Here Soldiers perform Sit Ups 5
  6. 6. 2 Mile Run 6
  7. 7. SGT Jackson runs the Qatar 5K.SPC Goad coacheshockey for local kidshockey at a local mall. 7
  8. 8. SPC Douglas and SPC Allen from the 2175th and other Sol-diers from the 175th MP BN Participate in the 2012 QatarCombat Run. 8
  9. 9. The all girl tribute band to AC/DC, ThundHerStruck, plays for the troops during an USO concert. 9
  10. 10. Page 10 V O LU M E 1 , I S S U E 1 Morale, Welfare and Recreation for Deployed Soldiers Director of the MWR at Camp ties for physical fitness to help participate in water sports, surfBy: SPC Michelle Hurt As Sayliyah Qatar, the MWR keep moral and welfare up. the sand dunes, or even go on a mission doesnt change. “Keep They also organize for the deep sea fishing trip. your Morale up, take care of Armed forces Entertainment to your welfare and give you some come through to provide enter-As deployed soldiers, there are tainment for the troops. Here at kind of recreation to do that.times throughout the deploy- CAS soldiers are “luckier than SPC Jamie Nichols has been on That’s what MWR does forment when we get down, get most” according to Randall. two MWR trips so far and says every base all over” says Ran-bored, and just want to go Here soldiers can take trips into they really do help boost mo- dall. Camp As Sayliyah (CAS)home. Of course that is not the city of Doha, experience the rale. “We really need this, really is unique and different thanpossible, so that is why the culture, see the sights, and just need to get out, need a break to other places in theater. At CASArmy Morale Welfare and Rec- get away for a little while. Ara- get out and sit down at a restau- the MWR can take trips offreation (MWR) is here. The bian horse races, camel races rant and shop for gifts for loved post, whereas other places inMWR here in theater has it a and drag racing are some of the ones” said Nichols. Everyone theater, that is not a possibility.little different than the MWR activities offered to soldiers at on the trips agrees it is a chance On other posts in theater theback home in the States, but CAS. There are also day trips to go have some fun and see and MWR offers gyms, and swim-according to Tony Randall, that can be taken to the beach to ming pools and other opportuni- experience something new. sonnel are very knowledgeable Nichols went on the inland sea about the history and culture of picnic trip which included rid- Qatar and are always telling you ing over sand dunes in a 4 the background and history of wheel vehicle, having a tradi- everything you see. tional BBQ at the beach, surfing the sand dunes on snow boards and riding camels. She also went on a city tour which took Soldiers here at CAS also have them to see all the important the opportunity to go off post in and historic sites around Doha, groups or squads on their own. including the Pearl monument, “With the squad trip you get a all the government buildings little more interaction with the and even the Amirs own per- people and after going on MWR sonal mosque. The MWR per- trips and learning about the people and culture it is a lotSPC NICHOLS ON AN INLAND SEA TOUR easier to interact with them” these trips, but it is worth it” is always something different to says Nichols. The Malls in says Nichols. do. “The biggest thing is, we Doha are popular places to visit are here to support you, you on squad trips. Doha has two guys are the ones that are stand- malls; The City Center Mall and ing on the wall protecting us The Villagio Mall. Both malls The MWR is always planning and allowing us to do the things have ice skating rinks and big something or offering some- that we do every day. And a lot food courts with lots to choose thing for the soldiers here to of us take that for granted” says from; including some American keep you going. A calendar is Randall. cuisine like McDonalds, Apple- put out every month with sport- bees, and Subway, and lots of ing events such as flag football, unique stores to shop. There is dart tournaments, or pool tour- definitely plenty to do here and naments, as well as things such for most soldiers its just finding as bingo night or karaoke night. the time to do it “I have sacri- Theres always something hap- ficed a lot of sleep to go on pening on and off post and there The Villagio Mall 10
  11. 11. Write me April BIRTHDAYSFIRST NAME LAST NAME SPC BAKER KIRSTEN ANNE 30-Apr2175TH MP CO SPC BRANDON PETER EDMOND 19-AprBOX 523 SSG CHANCE JASON KENNEDY 15-Apr SPC HUDNALL WILLIAM RUSSELL 1-Apr SPC HURT MICHELLE LYNN 5-Apr SSG MALLETT CHERIE ANN 23-Apr SPC NEUROHR HENRY MICHAEL 20-Apr SPC OCONNOR SHANE ANDREW 15-Apr SPC POMEROY JUSTIN ALAN 14-AprImportant Phone Numbers SGT SMITH MALCOLM WAYNE 16-AprHannibal Armory (573) 221-4471 SPC WEIDE CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL 20-AprState Chaplain (573) 638-9618Red Cross (877) 272-7337IMPORTANT Yellow Reintegration EventsMilitary Community and Family Policy Saint Louis, MOWeekly Newsletter October 20 & 21 December 1 & 2 Location TBD 11