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P2PU School of Webcraft - SXSW 2011


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P2PU School of Webcraft: Web developer training that’s free, open and globally accessible.

Mozilla and Peer 2 Peer University are creating the P2PU School of Webcraft, a new way to teach and learn web developer skills. Our classes are globally accessible, 100% free, and powered by learners, mentors and contributors like you.

Our goal is to provide a free pathway to skills and certification to help people build careers on open web technology. Existing developer training is expensive, out of touch, and out of reach. We leverage peer learning powered by mentors and learners like you and self-organized study groups. We use existing open and free learning materials

In this sixty minute session we'll briefly cover the inception of the Peer 2 Peer University along with details and success stories from the first three cycles of courses. We'll then dive into more detail about our collaboration with Mozilla Drumbeat including Mozilla's mission to engage the next million Mozillians. We'll present the P2PU School of Webcraft, and a case study of courses offered so far, including the first course, 'Mashing Up the Open Web.' Additionally, we'll introduce our plans to separate learning from assessment and our community driven credentialing system.

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P2PU School of Webcraft - SXSW 2011

  1. 1. @johndbritton @p2pu
  2. 2. ... and many more
  3. 3. What’s theproblem? ... and many more
  4. 4. There’snowhere togo for help.
  5. 5. 2008Open Education Conference
  6. 6. 09/09/09
  7. 7. six weeks
  8. 8. • Introduction to Concepts in Behavioral Economics and Decision Making• Copyright for Educators• Introduction to Cyberpunk Literature• Land Restoration and Afforestation• Open Creative Nonfiction - Take Away Narratives• Poker and Strategic Thinking
  9. 9. 6 16 2350+ Courses
  10. 10. English SpanishPortuguese
  11. 11. 12,000+New Members
  12. 12. +=?
  13. 13. Mashing Up the Open Web “What do speakers of other languages see when they search?” “What is the safest way for me to ride my bicycle home from work?”
  14. 14. Web 200: Anatomy of a Request
  15. 15. Introduction to Ruby on Rails
  16. 16. Recognition
  17. 17. Let’s repeat the pattern.
  18. 18. +=?
  19. 19. + =P2PU School of Copyright?
  20. 20. + = P2PU School ofEntrepreneurship?
  21. 21. + =P2PU School of Journalism?
  22. 22. + any organization for social good =Awesome!
  23. 23. Where do we stand?• Shuttleworth • Active development Foundation Fellowship community• Hewlett Foundation • First full-time employee Grant (open source developer)• Incorporated as a • On track for 100+ free California 501c(3) non- courses during the next profit. cycle• Active community of • Early stages of volunteers recognition/certification
  24. 24. < Berlin Workshop 2009 2010Barcelona Workshop >
  25. 25. More - (646) 606-2720• SMS “” to above to join our low-traffic email announcements list.••••• Twitter: @johndbritton @p2pu