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Are you planning an outdoor project but don’t know where to start? As one of Australia’s largest suppliers of bricks, pavers, lawn turf, synthetic grass, retaining walls, stone and landscaping products, Melbourne Brick can help transform your outdoor dream into a dream outdoors.

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Pavers melbourne

  1. 1. Visit our stunning display superstores, or call 1300 722 102 for on-the-spot assistance.Are you planning an outdoor project but don’t know where to start? As one of Australia’s largestsuppliers of bricks, pavers, lawn turf, synthetic grass, retainingwalls, stone and landscaping products, Melbourne Brick can help transform your outdoor dreaminto a dream outdoors.Melbourne Brick stocks a huge variety of major brands including Adbri Masonry, Austral, Boral,Selkirk and PGH, along with premium products from the likes of Daniel Robertson, Krause, GlenThompson and Advance.Whether your next project requires pressed, wirecut, shaped, clay or concrete bricks, Melbourne Brickhas it all. We also stock a range of synthetic and real grasses for your lawn or sports ground includingSupernatural and Life Like synthetic grass. Our lawn turf range comprises Palmetto, Sapphire and Empirebrands (amongst others).Now more than ever, Melbourne Brick is becoming the leading retailer of products for your outdoorroom. Our expertise, range of products and dedicated specialists ensure your home extensions, pavingand landscaping projects complete your outdoor dream.With comprehensive product displays, experienced staff and an ideas lounge in each superstore, it issimple to find the products and services needed to create the look you want.
  2. 2. Visit our stunning display superstores, or call 1300 722 102 for on-the-spot assistance.Get the Best Look forYour Property withthe Best PaversAt some point, we all want to dospecial projects to spice up our home.One great project would be makingyour outdoors a better space. Thispost talks about how you could getthe best looks with the help of theright pavers in your area.Step One: Planninga. Plan the project that you wantahead of time.b. Set a reasonable spending budgetthat you can work on.c. Figure out the design that you wantto achieve. You can ask the help ofyour creative friends or expertdesigners to help you out.d. Decide whether you would like todo the entire task alone or whetheryou would like to hire the pros.Although do-it-yourself tasks allowyou to save, it could still be a riskything to do if you do not haveexperience. Hiring experts when youhave extra money to spare is a goodand safer investment.Step Two: Hire Professionalsa. Outdoor projects often need youto hire pavers.b. Browse the web for all possiblepros in your area. You can also askfamily and friends for suggestions.c. Visit their website and check theirusual rates and service packages.d. If you have spare time, visit theiroffices personally to talk to a salesrepresentative.e. During your meeting, be sure tofeel free to communicate your needsand expectations clearly. Tell themabout:1. the project that you have in mind –go into the specifics of the design2. what you would like to achieve3. when you wish to accomplish theplan4. your budgetf. Experience is a great factor toconsider in choosing pavers. Pickthose who have been in the industryfor at least two years. This allows youto review client testimonials andratings regarding the way they work.
  3. 3. Visit our stunning display superstores, or call 1300 722 102 for on-the-spot assistance.Step Three: Shoppinga. Shop for the materials that youwant to add to the area.b. Even if you have hired pros, it isstill advisable to accompany them inshopping to see to it that you get thetypes of products that you want.c. Pick products that are guaranteedto be of high quality. Perform someresearch in advance to figure outwhat are great items to buy.Step Three: Buildinga. Have your builders start yourproject at the time that you prefer.b. Schedule the construction duringthe times wherein you maypersonally supervise their job.c. Never allow them to work withoutyour supervision to see to it that yourplace is secure.Choosing the right pavers can indeedhelp you achieve the best looks foryour place. Be it adding elaboratelandscapes, precious statues, orretaining walls, they can see to it thatyou meet your construction goalsright on time and just the way youwant it. Follow the tips in this post toserve as your guide.Let Your CreativeJuices Flow withPaversYou finally found the time toredecorate and take care of yourgarden yet you dont know where tostart. You can only do so much onyour own. It will become a verychallenging task especially if you donot have enough skills andknowledge. One of the best ways toget started is to start with some ofyour pavers. It will also help to go outand seek professional help so thatyou will be able to maximize thedesign. They will be able to landscapeyour garden in ways you neverimagined. In addition to that, theycan help add more texture to yourenvironment.You can definitely benefit from theseexperts because they will be able tocome up with a path for your gardenthat will complement the wholeplace. In addition to that, they canuse different stone shapes to comeup with it such as round or squarestones. Some of them also prefer toutilize gravel in order to give it adistinct look.
  4. 4. Visit our stunning display superstores, or call 1300 722 102 for on-the-spot assistance.In addition to that, you can evencome up with an outdoor fireplacewith the help of your pavers. You cangather them around in a circle andhave something to warm your guestsduring the cold nights that you decideto hang out in the back yard. In theevent that you do have slopes, theywill be able to utilize the rightmaterial that will be able to supply abetter hold. You will be certain thatyou, your relatives, or guests wonthave any accidental slips that mightcause injuries.These are also great for the gardensimply because you can enhance yourgarden’s look. You can either dress itup or down depending on how youare going to use it. Keep in mind thatit won’t hurt to enlist the assistanceof gardening experts because theyknow more and can get you the idealmaterial for your gardening needs.If you want to add more character toyour yard, you can use brick pavers.Just keep in mind that you can do alot of things with it which is why yourdesigns won’t be limited. You canmove these around in case you wantto change your garden’s look. Asidefrom being decorative pieces, thesecan also be helpful since it canprovide a better grip for your footingas mentioned above. So what are youwaiting for? Make use of what youhave and let your creative juices flow.Retaining Walls 101Decorating your own home andlandscape can be very fulfilling. Inaddition to that, it can also bring thewhole family together since you willbe working together in order to comeup with a cohesive design for yourproperty. Moreover, men andwomen who are into do it yourselfactivities will also find this as anotheroutlet for their creative juices. If youhave had experience withlandscaping, then you will be awarethat retaining walls is something thatyou have to deal with.For those who are not aware of whatthis is, it was constructed in order tohold the soil and stop it from cominglose and losing its shape and design.This is also highly useful in irregularsurfaces. In addition to that, you willalso have the opportunity toconstruct a functional area. Bear inmind that the gravity, sheet piling,anchored retaining, cantilevered, andgravity walls are the popular
  5. 5. Visit our stunning display superstores, or call 1300 722 102 for on-the-spot assistance.varieties. In some cases, a drainagesystem can be located behind thewall as a means of minimizing ordecreasing hydrostatic pressure.There are also some things that youneed to take into considerations suchas weeds, bulging, and damagedsurfaces. Always be wary of weedsbecause these pests can cause agreat deal of damage. These cancreate gaps which can be harmful toyour building. Always get rid of themby pulling them out completely andusing special sprays so that you won’thave to face these kinds of problems.If shortcuts were taken early on inthe construction process, you willdefinitely face some issues such asbulging in the future. These can alterthe shape of a wall and the onlysolution is to rebuild the whole thingor to contact the industry experts sothat they can take a look at it and seeif they can have some kind of remedythat can reverse the damages.Damaged surfaces on the other handoften arise if your wall was built ontop of a patio or flowerbed. See to itthat you keep these in check and lookfor damages brought on by soilerosion, water containmentproblems, and many others. Asidefrom the fact that you see to it that itretains it physical features, you arealso protecting it from any disasters.You can also check out the syntheticgrass if you want to add more décorto your landscape. Make sure thatyou consult with a professionalbefore you do anything so that youwill be able to do the proper thing foryour landscape.