Inventium innovation strategy


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Inventium innovation strategy

  1. 1. p. +61 3 9018 7455 f. +61 3 9528 4787 m. +61 (0) 412 6565 38 e. info@inventium .com .au PO Box 1251, Brighton Rd LPO, Elwood, VIC, Australia 3184 Inventium Back in 2006, Inventium’s founder, Dr Amantha Imber was working as a consumer psychologist in a big advertising agency. The agency had put her through a lot of creative thinking training which she loved. However, when she started getting deeper into researching the field, she realised that all these training companies had done was rip off Edward de Bono techniques from the 70s and re-package them as their own. She thought that, ironically, this was pretty uncreative.
  2. 2. p. +61 3 9018 7455 f. +61 3 9528 4787 m. +61 (0) 412 6565 38 e. info@inventium .com .au PO Box 1251, Brighton Rd LPO, Elwood, VIC, Australia 3184 Amantha had always been a bit of a science geek and kept reading the jargon-filled academic journals long after leaving university. She noticed that there were hundreds, if not thousands, of studies being conducted around the world that looked at what variables increased a person’s ability to think more creatively and a company’s ability to innovate. However, she realised that there was a great divide between this great research that was being done in the world of academia, and what was actually getting used in the ‘real world’. So in 2007, she had the idea of starting a company that applied the science of psychology and neurology to boosting creativity and innovation - something that had never been done before. Since Inventium opened its doors, Amantha and her team, have helped literally thousands of people across Australia, the United States, the UK, Europe, Africa and New Zealand improve their ability to generate great ideas. Get happy to get creative
  3. 3. p. +61 3 9018 7455 f. +61 3 9528 4787 m. +61 (0) 412 6565 38 e. info@inventium .com .au PO Box 1251, Brighton Rd LPO, Elwood, VIC, Australia 3184 Innovation Strategy: Twenty Ways to Improve Your Staffs Work Efficiency Innovation strategy can help you create new and better methods with regard to improving your staffs work efficiency. It will certainly be very difficult to make your company become successful if you don’t come up with a good strategy. You need to understand that old strategies never last. You should have noticed that the method that you used two years ago is no longer effective. If you want your company to survive in the competitive world, then you have to adapt. You need to learn new things and incorporate it to your company’s innovation strategy. If you want your business to flourish, then you have to search for ways to improve your staff’s performance. It goes without saying that the success of a firm is somewhat dependent on the ability of its people. If the staff doesn’t work hard as you want them to, then your firm will surely go down the drain. If you feel that your company’s production is slowing down, then you have a problem. In this day and age, it is important to become smart with regard to managing your employees. You have to make sure that they are not slouching during work hours. Here are the things that you can do to help improve their productivity: 1. Establish employee accountability 2. Encourage 3. Recognize 4. Reward 5. Ensure consistent performance 6. Reach out 7. Avoid micro management 8. Provide written process for everything 9. Make use of time-tracking tools 10. Conduct team building exercises 11. Keep communication channels open 12. Pay well 13. Make use of tools to monitor internet access 14. Emphasize teamwork 15. Train managers to be humane 16. Set realistic targets 17. Rotate tasks 18. Enable regular reviews and feedbacks 19. Make use of content-blocking tools 20. Provide options for additional training
  4. 4. p. +61 3 9018 7455 f. +61 3 9528 4787 m. +61 (0) 412 6565 38 e. info@inventium .com .au PO Box 1251, Brighton Rd LPO, Elwood, VIC, Australia 3184 If you want to learn more how to make use of great methods to improve your staffs work efficiency, then you should use the internet to acquire great information. The web is a great tool to use if you want to learn something new. The net have daily updates that you can read. You will learn new things every day and this will help you become a better owner. It’s also good if you make use of innovation training to update your knowledge with the latest strategies. This is great for entrepreneurs who need the latest and effective methods to solve their problems regarding staff development. Moreover, using new and effective methods save time, effort, money, and resources. There’s no point using obsolete techniques. Your company deserves better so be sure to learn more and implement great programs to your firm. Move Your Company Forward with Innovation Strategy An effective company plants the seed of success to his employee’s right from the start. With a goal in mind and a positive thought of what your company’s future will be, your business, whatever it is, will strive and succeed. What is needed is a mind that is open to constant change and innovation strategy. When thinking about the future, it is more likely that a company will accomplish something if they know that what they have now can be so much better. A business that plants the desire to succeed in their employee’s heart is a company that can and will grow profitable. Still, the first thing that will have to be in their minds is to forego profit as their number one motive but instead company growth. The people working together on the same goal are the ones mostly on top, if you and your people want only what is best for the company then the profit will just follow through.
  5. 5. p. +61 3 9018 7455 f. +61 3 9528 4787 m. +61 (0) 412 6565 38 e. info@inventium .com .au PO Box 1251, Brighton Rd LPO, Elwood, VIC, Australia 3184 That being said a good company manager will seek to find likeminded individuals in his employees. Moreover those hardworking and talented individuals should be placed within key positions in the company. The goal is to nurture individuals who can lead and manage, plus those that can innovate and create. When you have these individuals helping the company’s growth, anything is possible. Never suppress anybody’s ideas, it is much better to hold daily gatherings which promote open-minded discussions within the company. If someone wants to contribute to the company’s growth then their voices should be heard and their ideas be taken into consideration. Nevertheless these individuals should be taken seriously as your key employees; if his ideas are as good as he says it is then a promotion would be quite helpful for his growth which in turn will make him more valuable to the company. This does not mean that the status quo should be abolished altogether. More or less this should be a means to show the company what type of leadership they are under in. if employees see their leaders as proactive and working on the same goal, those that have creativity and innovation radiate within their being, then they will be heartened to work towards the same goals that the company strive for as well. Inspiring others to move towards the company’s goal and rewarding their loyalty and hard work turn towards betterment. That being said, a perfect business can only be achieved by a company that knows how to listen to their people. Those that have the same mind to push for growth instead of solely profit, if these qualities are achieved by a startup company then their business will prosper and grow.
  6. 6. p. +61 3 9018 7455 f. +61 3 9528 4787 m. +61 (0) 412 6565 38 e. info@inventium .com .au PO Box 1251, Brighton Rd LPO, Elwood, VIC, Australia 3184 Innovation Strategy: Stay Ahead Of the Competition If you want to become successful in the world of business, you need to create new and exciting ideas. The competition in this field is tough so you have to come up with optimum solutions whenever you encounter problems. Putting up a business is not easy. There are thing that needs to be taken care of and people to pay. A business person would always encounter problems which is why you need to come up with a great innovation strategy that you use to stay in this competitive world. Being innovative means that you can bring new products, enhance production, and increase sale. If you want to become successful in the biz, there are things that you need to take note:  Learn about your competition – A smart business person would not just stay on the sides and let things flow. This is a good thing if things go in your favor but if you are losing clients, then it is important that you know why. Learn why your competitors are better than you. What makes their services so good that many people want it? As the owner, you need to analyze your competition and learn how you can keep up or stay ahead of the game.  Target market – If you don’t want to waste money on the wrong marketing strategy, then you need to figure out your target audience. Know the people wants as well as the things that attract their attention. Do this and your company will definitely become more in demand than your competitors.  You need to understand your business – It’s not enough that you know about your rivals. You need to understand what your business is for and how you can attract more customers using great marketing methods. What’s the difference between your products and services and your competitors and how can you sell them to the public?
  7. 7. p. +61 3 9018 7455 f. +61 3 9528 4787 m. +61 (0) 412 6565 38 e. info@inventium .com .au PO Box 1251, Brighton Rd LPO, Elwood, VIC, Australia 3184  Learn how to maximize profits – Determine the product and service that the public favors and focus on it. You have to bring the correct products and service up front if you want your customers to notice. Learn what is in demand now and what will be in demand in the future so that you can benefit from it. Do a reconnaissance mission and learn about anything and everything that relates to business. This way, you will be able to stay ahead of the biz. Make use of creative thinking techniques and you will surely become successful in your endeavors.