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Obama proved in 2008 that social networking and the Internet are key to winning an election campaign. Purple Forge builds on that by allowing supporters from mobile devices to share political information, and for candidates to poll and survey the public anytime, anywhere.

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Mobile Political Applications

  1. 1. MyPolitics Everything you need to know about new media, social networking and the mobile Internet. John Craig, VP Sales & Marketing Email: Purple Forge Services Overview November 12, 2009
  2. 2. What Sort of Politician Are you? •  You want to be seen as progressive; using methods to better engage citizens on their terms –  want to have more control over infrastructure •  You want to differentiate yourself from other politicians –  representing residents interests better then others –  continually looking for new and better ways to solicit their input and involve them on issues and policy positions •  You want to make your life and the life of your staff easier –  be more efficient in communicating and engaging community –  less time spent on operations related tasks –  want a whole-cloth approach to community engagement •  You want to multiply the effectiveness of engagement with community –  leverage technology to expand reach and time required to get information disseminated –  leverage each resident engaged to reach and pull-in their friends •  You want feedback on issues based community engagement –  move towards more participatory democracy Company  Confiden,al  
  3. 3. Changing Media Landscape 1966 1986 2008 1. Newspapers 1. Newspapers 1. Newspapers 2. Broadcast TV 2. Magazines 2. Magazines 3. Magazines 3. Cable TV 3. Email 4. Broadcast Radio 4. Broadcast TV 4. Broadcast TV 5. Eight Track 5. Radio 5. Radio 6. Cassette Tapes 6. CD Player 7. Walkman 7. Cable TV 8. VCR 8. Personal Computer 9.Personal Computer 9. Satellite Television 10. Console Video Games 10. Internet 11. PC Video Games 11. Cell Phone 12. DVD Players 13. Satellite Radio 14. MP3 Players 15. Tivo/DVR 16. Sling Box 17. iPod 18. Blogs 19. Online Video 20. Mobile Internet 21. Console Video Games 22. PC Video Games 23. MMORP Games 24. Mobile Games 25. Text Messaging 26. Mobile Video 27. Download Movies 28. Podcasts 29. Instant Messaging 30. Social Networks Company  Confiden,al   Revolution,” Feb 2007. Source: Piper Jaffray, “The User
  4. 4. Not for Kids Anymore Users (M) % Users Age All 56.4 – <18 10.5 19% 18-34 11.7 21% 35-44 11.7 21% 45-54 11.9 21% 55+ 10.6 19% Gender Male 30.8 55% Female 25.7 45% Source: Nielsen//NetRatings (August 2007)
  5. 5. Online Usage Now On Par With TV Viewership 14 hours 14 hours per week spent online per week watching TV Accounts for 41% of media consumption Other media (hrs/week): •  Listening to Radio: 4 •  Reading Newspapers: 1 •  Reading Magazines: 1 Company  Confiden,al   Media US Advertising Spend,” eMarketer (March 2007) (April 2007); Source: “US Entertainment and “Online Advertising Spending vs. Total Consumer Survey Report 2007,” JupiterResearch
  6. 6. New Media Has an Impact
  7. 7. Obama Changed Campaigns and Communications •  44% of all Americans went online to make an election decision -  Pew Internet Research •  54% of all people made political decisions based on the fact that people they respected shared information with them -  David Kralic: Drill Here/Drill Now Internet Study Company  Confiden,al  
  8. 8. Write Once, Touch One, Touch Many Emerging Social Networking Rule of Thumb 1.  1 Person Creates Content 2.  100 People See Content 3.  10 People Re-broadcast Content 4.  1000 People See Content 5.  100 People Re-broadcast Content 6.  10000 People See Content (and on …) Key to success: Use compelling application interfaces and content to maximize the interest, frequency and ease of re-broadcasting of content Company  Confiden,al  
  9. 9. Basic Vocabulary Words •  Google •  Facebook •  Twitter •  YouTube •  Blog •  iPhone Company  Confiden,al  
  10. 10. Advanced Vocabulary Words •  Mobile Applications •  Joomla •  Status updates •  Facebook applications •  Hashtag •  Retweet •  Favorite •  Shared feed •  Starting a Wave Company  Confiden,al  
  11. 11. The next technology trends are coming faster than you think •  In 2010, people will access the Internet for information using a mobile device more frequently than they will from a PC. –  Source: Pew Internet Research •  In January 2009, 26.2 million Americans accessed the Internet for information using a mobile application –  Source: comScore •  26% of all people using an iPhone have already downloaded the free Facebook application –  Source: Apple Company  Confiden,al  
  12. 12. Which is more engaging? An engaging application built to Your website on a mobile device? display your content? Company  Confiden,al.  
  13. 13. Here’s what you need to do to avoid this … Company  Confiden,al  
  14. 14. Purple Forge Overview Purple Forge sells hosted, subscription-based services to political parties, politicians and governments to virally campaign, survey and/or inform the community using social networking, web plug-ins and mobile applications. Company  Confiden,al  
  15. 15. Our Services •  Complete e-Campaign Solution –  Port of current website to easy to manage and maintain content management system –  One-click social networking integration and sharing –  MyPolitics Subscription-based mobile application (shared or standalone) –  Subscription-based, demographically driven survey and polling support •  Mobile, Facebook Apps and Web plug-ins –  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web/mobile analytics •  Merging Mobile and Survey capabilities to Current Website: –  Integration of mobile application with current website content –  MyPolitics Subscription-based mobile application (shared or standalone) –  Subscription-based, demographically driven survey/polling support •  Mobile, Facebook Apps and Web plug-ins Company  Confiden,al  
  16. 16. MyPolitics: New Media and Social Networking Mobilized Riding/District Information Selective Surveys & Opinion Polls based Biography + Photo on Demographics News and Updates Party Info Campaign Contact Info Political Party Re-Broadcast to Company  Confiden,al   MyPolitics Page Social Network
  17. 17. Basic Subscription Features Mobile Device Support Basic Subscription Features •  iPhone •  Displays Politician’s Biography •  iPod Touch •  Displays Campaign Party Logo •  BlackBerry (Spring 2010) and Branding •  Android (Spring 2010) •  Displays Campaign News •  Palm Pre (Summer 2010) •  Displays campaign Twitter feed •  Links to Campaign Photos (Flickr&Picassa) Website Plug-ins •  Links to Campaign Video (YouTube) •  Web Survey Plug-in (Spring 2010) •  Comment and re-broadcast •  Facebook Survey Application information on your configured (Spring 2010) social networks Company  Confiden,al.  
  18. 18. User Profile & Demographic Information Collected •  Users opt-in to add in their social •  Users opt-in to share basic profile networking information which information, including: allows survey and poll invitations –  Male/Female –  Age and events to be broadcast to –  Marital Status their friends, including: –  Number of Children –  Postal/Zip Code –  Twitter –  Country –  Facebook –  Education –  Income •  Users can opt-in to provide –  Ethnicity contact preferences, including: –  Preferred Language –  Community Volunteer Status –  Email –  Mobile/SMS Number •  Users can opt-in on more –  Home Telephone advanced profile information such –  Office Telephone as: –  Do you have a pet? –  Best way and time to contact –  How often do you go out? information –  Profession –  How many vehicles do you own? –  Rent or own? –  Do you like to travel? Company  Confiden,al.  
  19. 19. MyPolitics: Pay-as-you-Go Survey & Polling Features Survey is shared automatically across user’s configured Social Networks Company  Confiden,al  
  20. 20. Subscription Administration Features Basic Subscription Administration Pay-As-You-Go Survey Administration •  Edit Politician’s Biography •  Create, delete and edit surveys •  Edit Campaign Party Logo and •  Create, delete and edit poll Branding questions •  Edit Campaign News (RSS) •  View and download survey Links results •  Edit campaign Twitter feed •  View and download poll •  Edit links to Campaign Photos question results (Flickr&Picassa) •  Edit links to Campaign Video (YouTube) Company  Confiden,al.  
  21. 21. About Purple Forge Purple Forge is led by seasoned mobile communications and Internet technology veterans dedicated to providing affordable solutions to put the value of mobile applications into the hands of politicians and government. We protect the demographic information provided to us through our applications and our leadership team includes experts in Internet privacy and security. Company  Confiden,al  
  22. 22. Thank You!