Commonwheels C.I.C


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Commonwheels C.I.C

  1. 1. Commonwheels C.I.C.your project C I C your Insert logo hereCommonwheels is an innovative socialenterprise that offers a ‘pay by the hour’ carclub with cars parked in convenient locationsclose to where people live and work. p pMembers can make use of car club vehiclesas and when they need them, without any ofthe cost and hassle of owning a car. Car club carmembership also encourages people to thinkmore about their journey, only taking the carwhen it’s the best option, so helping to cutcar use and tackle climate change.
  2. 2. The Big Pictureyour projectReplace me with an image showcasing your work.Fit image to this box
  3. 3. Benefits and savingsyour project Describe the 3 key benefits and carbon savings of your project.What are the social and financial How does your innovation reduce carbonbenefits? emissions?• Proven to reduce CO2 emissions by y • Research undertaken by the National Charity y y changing attitudes towards car ‘Car Plus’ has proven that for every car club ownership and behavioural patterns of car we have put on the road – we take 24.5 car ownership resulting in cleaner and cars off the road. healthier streets. • By changing attitudes towards car ownership y g g p• Cheaper and more convenient and behavioural patterns of car usage, alternative for individuals owning a car Commonwheels enables people to voluntarily and employers using grey fleet, taxis and kick the habit of car dependency. hire cars. • By encouraging people to think more about y g gp p• Social Justice - Increased access to work their journey, only taking the car when it’s and leisure opportunities for those who the best option, so helping to cut car use and suffer from transport poverty. tackle climate change. Commonwheels will seek to deploy cars p y in all areas, not just those which are lucrative for the company
  4. 4. Measures of successyour projectDescribe 3 ways in which you have measured success and demonstrated yourD ib i hi h h d dd t t dproject has made a difference. This might include behavioural change, low carbonemissions, renewable energy source. 1. Behavioural change of our members in ditching their car. h i 2. Increased growth of the Commonwheels network nationally through our social franchise scheme. i ll h h i lf hi h 3. Low Carbon emissions through taking cars off the road. d
  5. 5. Challenges and supportproject Describe the project’s biggest challenges and the key forms of support the project needs to develop and grow.What are the biggest challenges or questions for your project?a) Access to finance to grow and expand (Constrained by lack of capital)b) Marketing a new innovative concept of sustainable travelc) Time !What would most help your project to develop and grow?a) S i l Investment ) Social Ib) Local authority ‘buy in’ to car club conceptc) Growing our social franchise offer to encourage locally managed community based car club schemes