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Technologies Evaulation Part 2


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Technologies Evaulation Part 2

  1. 1. These were used to promote ourartist with social networking.Being so large these days wethought the best way to promoteour artist was to get him on all theleading social networking sites, topromote him as both and artistand also a person himself. Givinghis own views and also people Here is a link to the twitter site:!/AaronBrookes3being able to communicate withhim. We also were able to uploadphotos and videos onto thesesites. Which could be viewed by abigger audience then, for exampleword of mouth. Here is a link to the MySpace page:
  2. 2. I used Imovie at home when the school computerswere not in operation. I was able to capture my footageI video through my iphone and crop and edit thefootage together. So when the school system was upand running I could upload it to premier pro 3 and itwould not need to be tweaked as much. Imovie was agood piece of software as it was easy to createtransitions, and it had a nice clear design showing whateach did. I was also able to add text to the videos easilyand showed previews of these effects so I could seewhat it looked like before I used it. For example withthe behind the scenes footage and also the teasertrailer for the music video.It was also handy as it had integrated features such asbeing linked to YouTube. This Meant I could directlyupload my work without having to go through YouTube,which I thought was a neat feature. Overall I thought itwas a good software to use. But if I was to use it again Iwould do some research into how it works. As I found itquite hard to crop video together without having tosave another copy of the video to crop to the parts Iwant. Also importing the videos took quite a long time,I wasn’t able to access all the features that I knowImovie has due to my inexperience of using it.
  3. 3. This is a software made for Macs which is like Photoshop and used by professional photographers whenediting work. Using Aperture was great as it had lots of advanced features that I used to make our photos forour digipack standout more, for example it had different fades of black and white I could choose from andthemes. That were already designed in the system that I could have used. I was also able to use blemish fixingtools and skin smoothing tools which would not be available on normal photo editing software’s. I was alsoable to use darkening tools to make the centre of the photo standout more which I think I did a good job on, Iwas also able to use vinaigrettes to fade the background of my photos that I edited. I was also able to manual change each colour of the photos separately so that I could get the best contrastsand make the image look as professional as I could. I was also able to sharpen some parts and put moredefinition on parts for example the camera on the front cover. Which stands out greater, then the rest of theimage. I don’t think I would do anything differently if I used the software as I thought I used it to the best ofmy ability and that I created some great shots.
  4. 4. Here is a link to the website: used Picnik to further edit our photosfor our digipack. As you can see on one ofthe sides of the digipack there is aPolaroid’s page. I was able to make fakePolaroid’s out of photos that I had taken,using the specialized software on Picnik.Without this they would not have lookedas good as I would have had to crop thepictures into the size of a Polaroid that Ifound on the internet. Using Picnik it waseasier to edit them all together on onepage.Without this software I do not believe ourfinal CD cover would have been aseffective and professional, without usingthis software. Overall I think it used to thebest of our abilities.
  5. 5. Click here to view the website: We used slide share to present our presentations that we created on PowerPoint. As blogger will not allow the upload of presentations, slide share was easy toI have created lots of my presentations via Microsoft work with and allowed the PowerPoint presentation toPowerPoint as I still think it is one of the best platforms work as it would normal on a computer on our create presentations. It allowed me to edit textschange backgrounds import moving images, sound andVideo. As well as creating hyperlinks to more researchand animate parts of my presentations, to make themmore appealing to the eye. Overall I think I have usedthis technology to the best of my ability. As I have usedit for a long time, so I am very well equipped inknowing how to create presentations on here.
  6. 6. This was used when filming on my iphoneit was an app which I downloaded. So Icould make our footage look vintage insome of our scenes, to make it look like itwas filmed some time ago. As if it wasactually filmed by a super 8 camera like ahome video in some scenes. As I thoughtit gave the music video a more retroeffect which I think we were all lookingfor. It was relatively easy to use and couldbe captured on my computer, with thefootage in the super 8 format. They wereno real fault with using this app. It’s agreat app and brings something a bitdifferent to our music video. I got myinspiration for using this from the LanaDel Rey music video - video games. Thelink is to your right and having gone tosee super 8 in the cinema it also inspiredme to want to film in this style. Lana Del Rey – Video Games: