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Technologies Evaluation part 3


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Technologies Evaluation part 3

  1. 1. We used the tri pods to level out the Sony Video Camera onshoots so that we got good angles that were level andstraight. It helped the footage to not be shaky, as by handsome footage will be shaky as you can not get your handdead still like the tripod. This also helped up to make themusic video too look less amateur. We also used it whentaking photos for our digipack, again as it made the photoslevel and straight which would be needed on our CD cover.
  2. 2. Link To Site used photobucket to present slideshows ofour images we took on set and also to show thedifferent digipack effects. Instead of a boringpage of photos having to scroll through, wethought it looked more professional andinteresting having a slideshow which changes automatically for you.It also takes up a lot less space on ourblogs, which I think look more effective. As youcan see the different changes in photos and howwe progressed through out shoots, from thebeginning to the end also like a diary in pictures.We used photo bucket to Display ourpreliminary shoots for our CD cover, also toshow the behind the scenes before and after ofour dark room scene. I think this was a goodsoftware to use as it is presented like apresentation so you can click back fourththrough the slides. It movesautomatically, unlike the boring page full ofimages this is a much neater and effective wayof presenting our images.
  3. 3. used Prezi to present our ideas on and researchdevelopments as we thought that PowerPoint wasa bit boring. With all the new sites we could nowuse, it looked more interesting then PowerPointfrom going from slide to slide. We was able tochange the way the presentation was presentedmaking the text stand out more, and was moreinteractive. For example YouTube clips playedinstantly when clicked upon which was notavailable on PowerPoint. I also think it is a better way of presenting as youare also able to zoom out of the presentation andlook at it almost in a spider diagram view. Whichwould look more appealing to the eye thenhandouts from PowerPoint. Overall I think we usedthe piece of software effectively. Howeversometimes it let us down and did not save workcorrectly or froze occasionally. So took longer tocreate then a PowerPoint presentation, but overallI think it is a more effective way of presenting outfindings.
  4. 4. We used YouTube firstly to advertise our new artist AaronBrookes. I was able to change the background and also thecolours and style’s and create a little bio about the artist.Which Is commonly done with really artists, after this wascreated we able to upload our work to the channel, whichcould then be viewed by his fans around the world. YouTubewas great as it also allowed us to create comments so wecould really make people believe the artist was real. Forexample YouTube could allow you to rate the artist and writecomments on their walls. For A closer Look click this link: I was also able to do some editing as well through YouTube. now it has special finishing touches that can be used tomake your videos even better. For example change the videoto Vintage, cross process, rotating the video, trimming thevideo and stretching the video’s we uploaded.We were also able to uploaded the videos we had uploadedto YouTube on social networking sites such asTwitter, MySpace and Facebook using embeds and the musicvideos URLs. So that we could get more views and also makethe artist look real. The only let down I would say aboutusing YouTube is that our music video song may be taken ofas the real artist has copyright restrictions to his song onYouTube. I think we used this to the best of our abilities, butif we did it again I think we could also use sites such asVimeo as they are not as strict on copyrighting restricts.