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Star's Image And Development


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Star's Image And Development

  1. 1. A Star’s Image<br /><br />
  2. 2. Michael Joseph Jackson<br />(August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)<br /><ul><li>American recording artist
  3. 3. Dancer
  4. 4. Human rights activist
  5. 5. singer-songwriter
  6. 6. musician
  7. 7. philanthropist</li></ul>Has been Referred to as the King of Pop, Jackson is recognized as the most successful entertainer of all time by Guinness World Records. His contribution to music, dance, and fashion, along with a much-publicized personal life, made him a global figure in popular culture for over four decades. <br />Music Genre’s Michael Jackson has been included in:<br /><ul><li>R&B
  8. 8. pop
  9. 9. rock
  10. 10. soul
  11. 11. dance
  12. 12. funk
  13. 13. disco
  14. 14. new jack swing </li></li></ul><li>Early Years Image<br />Moto town music he looked like a teen (fresh faced and full of life with a big cheesy grin) and like a Moto town singer should look like. He has a kid like swagger about him in the music video, He looked like he was really happy and passionate about what he was singing about just a feel good vibe about the video no real meaning just a happy song. Dancing to the laser in the background the video itself is very simple but effective . He trade mark moves were also shown in the video and starts to establish Michael as a performance artist. His outfit was very strange but I think it works very well within the video with the lights reflecting of him maybe showing his star quality glitter and new. It was over the top maybe to show his celebrity status in later life and also capture the audiences attention.<br /><br />
  15. 15. Early Years Image<br />Here we see his image has been updated the music video itself is much more over the top and it’s much more theatrical and extravagant. It’s more a short story then a music video. As you can see in the image opposite he has now developed his own style and star image that people associate him with for example his high waited trousers and white socks. He also now has trade mark dance moves in his videos that are associated primarily with him<br /><br />
  16. 16. Later Years Image<br />Here we see Michael doing his most famous dance pose. As you can see in every music video he has evolved and reinvented himself the only thing it would say would be the same in this as the one before would be the style of trousers still being high wasted and his trade mark socks which he has contributed to his star image. Again this music is very much a Michael Jackson video as you really don't know what to expect its still very over the top and theatrical like his other music videos. In this video he adopts a persona of a gangster which he does in a lot of his videos such as thriller where he plays a zombie or in the they don’t really care about us video where he poses as an inmate in a prison . His later music videos have mostly been about saving the world and our selves going globe trotting across the world to countries to show the impact, his music and lyrics are very much intertwined with his music videos<br />Even now when he has passed he is still making music videos, as you can see this women is portraying Michaels looks with the white socks the gloves trade mark hat and dance moves.<br /><br />
  17. 17. Are there close-ups of the artist thought their work<br />How does the record label attempt to sell MJ. <br />MJ is unique as a whole the company use lots of different ways to promote him. His hairstyle his trade mark silver glove, his clothing and his famous dance moves such as the moonwalk. Michael Jackson as whole uses all different things to sell his records, he is known for being the “king of pop” through his outrage videos. For example he made a short film for his single “thriller "which was 12 minutes long this had never been seen at the time. Also himself his every changing looks via plastic surgery has also had an effect on prompting him as artist, as he is ever changing his look and reinventing himself for the times so he does not get old. As you can see in this Pepsi advert the kids are mimicking mj’s looks and style. He has an a powerful presence in his music video’s and every music video is unique in it’s own way which helps MJ sell his music as they are interested in what he’s going to do next. he is also in many of his later video’s his lyrics are to do with saving the world for example “earth song” he is very much a person of the people, speaking through his music. To get his attitudes across that man of the public also feel need saying.<br /><br />
  18. 18. Camerawork and editing<br />In the music videos he is all rounded he is a performance artist, so the camera angles are usually long shots to capture his dance moves while a lot of close ups are also used to emphasizes his importance in the video. He uses lots of special effects in some of his video’s such as thriller, but he also uses animations like in the music video “leave me alone” it uses a lot of mid shots and close ups. To empathize his emotions in the video. In all his music video he mostly wants to be the main focus point the camera rarely does not show him. Some Extreme long shots are also used to show the different scenery used in his music as they are almost like movie sets. As many of his songs are at a quick pace, the editing is usually straight cuts or dissolves . He also uses a lot of mid shots to establish his presence in the scene with lots of dancers or extras in his music video as you can see to your left, behind him and his centre and at the front of them all signifying his power<br /><br />
  19. 19. The Cultural Significance <br />Mj has been popular at different times in the last 40 odd years he’s been around some for his music and others for his odd life and law cases. It’s hard to judge his cultural significance he has definitely lead the way to a new age of music video’s with lady gaga and others like her making much bigger and elaborate videos, and has a very big influence on the world of pop music after all he was called the “king of pop”. However much of his later life the last 15 years has been over shadow by tabloids, being a paedophile, breeding monkeys, giving kids Jesus juice, being kept in a freezing chamber when he dies, dying of an over dose of drugs just before he’s come back tour, his every changing face or to dangling his child out of a window. So there is a very big mixture of cultural significance as an artist he was never out of the news paper but not always for the right thing. But As a whole I believe his music has had a massive influence on popular music of our generation. He is still regarded as one of the greatest artists to have lived. He’s has had both sides of success and failure from losing it all to being one of the richest men in pop to have ever lived. His music has not just influenced his style and swagger and dance has inspired a generation, who doesn’t know how to moonwalker?<br />
  20. 20. Conclusion <br />To conclude Michael Jackson was a one of a kind performer he’s looks changed like the wind and he was always finding new ways to reinvent himself to the public, this made him an icon to many and create his star image, from being a small performer in a band of 5 to being named the “king of pop” music. He has come along way and has had an influence in four decades of music with many artist using his star quality's in there own music for example Chris brown uses similar dance moves and has sampled some of his music for his own songs this piece of music was also sampled by SWV (Human Nature). He has definitely changed the way the public view music videos, from the likes of lady gaga who has made 12 minute videos just like Michael Jackson. Although he has passed he has left a massive influence on the music world, with more then 300 songs still not out that he has recorded this won’t be the last of MJ.<br /><br />