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The church website is a great way to reach people and tell them about the word of God.

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The church website

  1. 1. THE BIG RESPONSIBILITYIf you’re in charge of a church website you’ve a big responsibilityPeople are leaving the churchesChristianity is falling in the younger age groupsIn 2001 71% of people in the UK said they were ChristianIn 2011 this had fallen to 55%This fall was mainly due to a fall in the youth belief
  2. 2. THE OLDER GENERATION BELIEVESPeople in the over 55 age range seem to still believe quite strongly in Christianity70% still believe in GodSo even with an overall fall of 16% the older generation still believe in GodThey believe in Jesus Christ as their saviour.It’s worth noting that this covers all types of Christianity from catholic to church of England
  3. 3. SO WHAT DOES IT MEAN?Well the youth of today spend their leisure time on the webLike coffee shops this is a great meeting placeThis is how you can tell them about the word of GodAs a church website owner you have a big responsibility for themIf you do a good job with your website you’ll be able to help people find God
  4. 4. ANY IDEASWell what are you doing?Sit down with your church website crew and decideWhat have you done in the pastBe honest – was it rubbish, half hearted or perhaps just needs a kick start againGenerate your own ideas about what might work
  5. 5. SOME IDEAS TO GET YOU STARTED - 1Get some business cards printedPut on the church website addressPut on the contact informationGet the church members to hand them out Your church name Your web addressOffer them around and watch your website traffic grow Your church phone No
  6. 6. SOME IDEAS TO GET YOU STARTED - 2Develop something for downloadPut together some PDF’s that people will find usefulCreate material for both Christian and Non ChristianTry some colouring in pages for kidsBuild puzzlesWrite fact sheets
  7. 7. SOME IDEAS TO GET YOU STARTED - 3Add some interactive materialCreate one or two online pollsTell people when you’ll publish the resultsAsk hard or provocative questions to encourage peoplePut the answer up on time and watch the jump in traffic
  8. 8. FINALLYIt’s worth the effortPeople will come to your church websitePeople will get to know GodHe’ll do the rest