The H(app)athon Project Vision/Roadmap


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This is the H(app)athon Project Vision/Roadmap for 2013-2014.

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  • Love this graphic
  • How is this project different from existing happiness focused organizations and surveys out there today?
  • How is this project different from existing happiness focused organizations and surveys out there today?
  • The H(app)athon Project Vision/Roadmap

    1. 1. The ProjectIntroduction Page 3Mission Statement Page 6Who’s Behind this and Why? Page 7Why Will People Participate? Page 14What are We Building? Page 18The WorkDefinitions/Direction Page 22The Timeline Page 26Join Us.Get H(app)y Page 29 H(app)thon Project Vision 2
    2. 2. What’s the H(app)athon Project? H(app)thon Project Vision 3
    3. 3. The H(app)athon Project is a fifteen month initiative comprised ofsurveys, awareness-building events and hackathons with a goal of buildingtechnology that can improve people’s well-being and the way the worldmeasures value. H(app)thon Project Vision 4
    4. 4. Mission Statement H(app)thon Project Vision 5
    5. 5. To utilize emerging technology to improvehuman well-being and drive positive social change. H(app)thon Project Vision 6
    6. 6. Who’s Behind This and Why? H(app)thon Project Vision 7
    7. 7. WHO. Our Committee is made up of Experts focused on well-being, BigData, Quantified Self, Internet of Things, Emerging Media and policy creation. Wework at a lot of different organizations but are aligned on one purpose: to guide theopen-source creation of an ethically based mobile tool that teaches people how tooptimize their lives and help others. H(app)thon Project Vision 8
    8. 8. The Committee Full Committee listing at H(app)thon Project Vision 9
    9. 9. WHY. We’re doing this Project because we believe, as RFK pointed out over 40 years ago, that GDP is not a sufficient measure of holistic value of well- being for individuals, countries or the world.H(app)thon Project Vision 10
    10. 10. GDP Counts GDP Doesn’t Count• Air pollution • The health of our children• Cigarette advertising • Quality of their education• Locks for our doors • Joy of their play• Jails for people who break them • Beauty of our poetry• Destruction of the redwoods • Integrity of our public officials• Napalm • Our wit• Nuclear warheads • Our courage• Armored police cars to fight riots • Our compassion WHY. These are the factors that GDP does and doesn’t measure, according to RFK from his speech delivered to the University of Kansas, 3/18/1968. H(app)thon Project Vision 11
    11. 11. WHY. CrowdSource Global Well-Being Indicator Address EthicsOur Project also utilizes the wisdom of the crowd to define a global well-being Indicatorguided by Participant’s feedback. Along the way, we’ll address/inform Participants aroundthe issues of ethics concerning data collection in the digital arena. H(app)thon Project Vision 12
    12. 12. WHY. We love data. Mike Tully created a progressive series of graphs for his work called Visualizing the World’s Well-Being. Like Mike, we believe that once you shape and analyze data you have the opportunity to mine informed insights. We’re creating an app that will feature this kind of visual data for users. H(app)thon Project Vision 13
    13. 13. Why Will People Participate? H(app)thon Project Vision 14
    14. 14. People Want to Live an Examined Life.Our lives and actions are being tracked by technology. We want to give individualsthe tools to make the best use of their data to improve their overall well-being. H(app)thon Project Vision 15
    15. 15. People Want Big Data to Have Direction.People are worried about their identity being absorbed by modern technology.We’re providing an ethically directed, holistic sense of value as a framework for BigData that guides people to improve their well-being and the world at large. H(app)thon Project Vision 16
    16. 16. 1) Live an Examined Life.We’re creating three unique MobileHappiness Indicator Surveys (mHIS)over the course of the Project: 2) Learn How to Improve/Optimize.• Designed by multiple well-being Survey participants (project (happiness) experts community members) improve their well-being (happiness) via:• Crowdsources a well-being Index (think Gross National • H(app)athons – Multiple Happiness) awareness building events• Advanced mobile/sensor tech (third survey) gauges action as • Project website/blog – Expert well as words for robust and contributions on well-being, Big unique study measurement Data, mobile technology• Participants improve their well- • Project wiki – community speaks being by comparing their data for itself with others and via resources recommended by Committee • Hackathons – caffeine and tech and other participants builds, x3 • Conference – March, 2014 in NYC 3) Help Others. reveals our findings and our Spread the love. Save the world. technology H(app)thon Project Vision 17
    17. 17. What are We Building? H(app)thon Project Vision 18
    18. 18. Our Product is our Process. We want to help people see how their well-being is measured by data and provide them with resources to help themoptimize their lives. In this way, our “product” is the process that includestheir voices and victories as part of our Vision. H(app)thon Project Vision 19
    19. 19. Our Product is also Tangible.We’re building technology (probably an App) to release on3.20.2014 with an open API for developers/anyone to use.What It Will Do:• Personal decisions and policy creation can be guide by crowdsourced, open data• Provide data (opt-in) that can form a picture of global, holistic, well- being that acts as “mood ring for the planet”• Provide an individual with resources (links, content, videos, community) to help optimize areas they wish to address• Help an individual see how their well-being compares to others (in their social graph/other countries around the world)• Help an individual understand the areas of their life where they lack well-being (in 10-12 areas we identify that correspond with a global Happiness Indicator framework) H(app)thon Project Vision 20
    20. 20. The WorkH(app)thon Project Vision 21
    21. 21. The Committee. About thirty experts guiding the Project.Mobile Happiness Indicator Survey (mHIS). Where we crowdsource/discover h(app)iness.The H(app)athons. Awareness building events, playful in nature (“Toolkits” let people do their own).The Hackathons. Events where we build our Technology Platform.The Tech. App we release on 3.20.2014.The Conference. Where we share our progress/technology on 3.20.2014. H(app)thon Project Vision 22
    22. 22. A New Kind of Survey.The Mobile Happiness Indicator Survey (mHIS).2-week’s worth of questions and insights delivered on yourphone. Compare your answers with global peers, optimize –then amplify your positive change to the world. H(app)thon Project Vision 23
    23. 23. Gather. Mince. Repeat.1) Gather. 2) Mince.We ask questions via our Mobile Results of our survey areHappiness Indicator Survey (mHIS) to posted publicly and used ascreate a crowdsourced well-being the basis to build technologyIndicator/feedback loop. at our hackathons.3) RepeatWe’re running this cycle three times over the course of the Project tobe as inclusive/conclusive as possible. H(app)thon Project Vision 24
    24. 24. The Three Cycles.1) Get Aware.Happathons and Hackathons in Cycle One are focusedon education and awareness around the issues of well-being and emerging technology.2) Get Civic.Next we invite communities and policy makers to comeand play by helping us refine our crowdsourced well-being Indicators.3) Get it Together.The Committee guided by community builds the Appand plans the Conference. H(app)thon Project Vision 25
    25. 25. The Timeline.12.28.2012 3.20.2013 Fall, 2013Public Launch First Cycle Launch-Press Release -Happathons in Third Cycle London, NYC Launch-Newsletter CTA-Mashable Article -”Toolkit” Events -Details TBD -Hackathons Summer, 2013 3.20.2014 2.11.2013 Second Cycle Launch Public Launch mHIS Launch -Details TBD -First Survey released -Details TBD -Data for Hackathons H(app)thon Project Vision 26
    26. 26. Thank You.H(app)thon Project Vision 27
    27. 27. Help us Hack H(app)iness.Take the survey. Run your own H(app)athon. Sponsor a hackathon or our conference. Come to an event or write on our wiki. And be h(app)y. More info and newsletter/survey sign-up at H(app)thon Project Vision 29