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Happathon smw


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Happathon smw

  1. 1. John C. Havens, Founder H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  2. 2. Introduction The Happy Post ProjectH(app)athon Committee PresentationsH(app)athon Workshop Your Turn! H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  3. 3. H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  4. 4. We’re Filming Tonight!
  5. 5. Please cover any beverages or open containers. Close up your laptop for a minute. H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  6. 6. HIGHLY CREDIBLE RESEARCH. H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  7. 7. Most people like beach balls.Many people like Elvis Costello. H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  8. 8. Hit Those Beach balls. H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  9. 9. H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  10. 10. H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  11. 11. What is the Measure of Your Life? H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  12. 12. Accountability Based Influence H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  13. 13. H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  14. 14. H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  15. 15. H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  16. 16. H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  17. 17. H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  18. 18. The Second GuyH(app)thon at Social Media Week
  19. 19. The GDP is not asufficient measure ofholistic value of well-being for individuals,countries or the world.
  20. 20. GDP Counts GDP Doesn’t Count• Air pollution • The health of our• Cigarette advertising children• Locks for our doors • Quality of their• Jails for people who education break them • Joy of their play• Destruction of the • Beauty of our poetry redwoods • Integrity of our public• Napalm officials• Nuclear warheads • Our wit• Armored police cars to • Our courage fight riots • Our compassion
  21. 21. To utilize emerging technology to improvehuman well-being and drive positive social change.
  22. 22. The Committee
  23. 23. The Second GuyH(app)thon at Social Media Week
  24. 24. Give Big Data aDirection.
  25. 25. Claim Their Value.
  26. 26. Thank you.
  27. 27. Dr. John Henry Clippinger H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  28. 28. Quantified Selves For New Social Contracts: The Social Stack For Trusted Networks: DR. JOHN HENRY CLIPPINGER johnhenry@idcubedorg
  29. 29. PHASE SHIFT TO NEW ECOSYSTEM• CURRENT DATA ECOSYSTEM IS UNRAVELLING: Security - Regulation - Use Experience - Sustainable Business Models - Scaling – Premised on Mainframe - pre -Internet Ecosystem of 70s - 90’s• MOVE TO NEW PERSONAL DATA ECOSYSTEM : New Rules - New Drivers - New Value Flows - New New Business Models
  30. 30. ROUND 1: CONTENT INTERNET• Anyone – anywhere could put – get - edit content: – text – audio –video• No centralized control point – no choke points• Minimal coordination & scaling costs• Control at the Edge
  31. 31. Round 1: New Businesses & Rules• iTunes – iPod –iPad – iPhone -• Google – Yahoo – Amazon – eBay – YouTube - Facebook• New Business Models for Music, Newspapers, Books, Retailing, Photos, Video,• Open Data – Open Government – Open Software -
  32. 32. ROUND 2 – REAL SOCIAL*• The New Edge is YOU - PEOPLE• Innovation at The Edge is deciding how people come together authentically and effectively• New agency and scale to individuals and groups• Opening up how identities – access – privileges – sanctions are defined and assigned• You and your group become your Identity Provider – your governing and adjudicating body DATA WANT TO BE FREE SO DO PEOPLE
  33. 33. ROUND 2: REAL SOCIAL*• Real Social is about self discovery and forming trusted relationships• Real Social is collective actions for shared purposes and value creation• Real Social is about being mutual accountable• Real Social depend upon user control over personal data/ identities and the protected use and flow of data
  34. 34. MOBILE PLATFORMS HAVE GLOBAL REACH • GLOBAL REACH - 3.5 billion mobile numbers for 120 companies - for “top up” minute transfers • CALL MINUTES - one of new digital currencies • AN EXTENSION OF YOU POS -Authentication Device - Funds Transfer - Data Service - Market Exchange - App Develop • FunF- Sensor and personal identity data platform for collecting behavioral - signature data for authentication of identity and claims
  35. 35. A. DIGITIZATION PERSONAL - CHEAP - NETWORKED - AWARE - UBIQUITOUS • OPEN MOBILE PLATFORM - 2009 $300 for unlocked Android - Touch Screen - WiFi- GPS - 2013 Same Phone <$40.00 - • INTERNET OF THINGS - sensors - actuators - seeing - hearing - sensing with attached analytics - Smart - networked homes and cities - driverless cars - autonomous drones - NFC - RFID - Smart Dust - Billions and Billions • PERSONAL DATA STORES- Cloud Services to give people control over the sharing of their data • INFINITE AND SPONTANEOUS SUPPY OF DATA AS THE MEDIUM OF THE NEW ECOSYSTEM
  36. 36. B. BIG DATA ANALYTICSCONVERGENCE: MOBILE PLATFORM • NO SAMPLING - real time calculation of actual distributions - no “average customers” - only real behaving customers • ACCURATE PERSONAL PREDICTION Identify on actual identities (biological) and attributes - income, gender, preferences • 5-10 X CONVERSION RATES of offers to purchases- no longer push advertising or lead generation - but pull market making • MACHINE LEARNING- gets better and better - smarter & smarter - “lives off of and grows in predictive powers with data
  37. 37. C. OPEN TRUSTED COLLABORATIVE PLATFORM • OPEN SOURCE PLATFORMS: Apache - Hadoop - Open Stack - Tastypie - Fabric - Django - Puppet - All leverage one another - Model Based Development - DRY (Do Not Repeat Yourself) • OPENID CONNECT OAuth2 - open source platform for federating identity and permissions through access control rules • DEMOCRATIZATION - COMMODITIZATION - in identity credentialing - claims certification and payment services • TOFU (Trust on First Use) - Dynamic Registration - Gray lists - organic authentication - based upon growing data and metrics - many flavors of trust • BETTER EXPERIENCE - no passwords - permission based sharing with member websites and apps
  38. 38. Defining – Assigning Identities & Permissions• From the very first band of human – the power of human social organization is in conferring identity to determine access to resources, privileges, exclusions and punishments. How well that is done is what it means to be civilized.
  39. 39. Static Control HierarchicalHindu Caste System Divine Right & Chain of Being
  40. 40. Categories Grant Access & Privileges
  41. 41. Trusted Social NetworksAre Opt-In Private Virtual Networks (PVN) that: – Perform as predictably – Tamper Proof – Protect and Share Data Securely and Transparently – Are self-governing and self-healing – Under control of their members who can write and amend rules and their own apps
  42. 42. Round 2: Social Stack 5. User Driven Trusted Apps: (“Among Friends” – Shared QS Data- Social Commerce – Data Banking 4. “Baked In” Open Services: Payment – Currency – Reputation -3. Opt-in Trusted VPN – Permissions Engines – APIs – Trust Wrappers2. Identity Management – Defining & Granting & Managing Access1. Secure Core Identity – Personas – Personal Data Stores & Platforms
  44. 44. The Quantified - Intended Self Results in: New Presentation of Selves –Relationships – Social Networks Social Contracts Institutions Media Arts Economies Businesses
  45. 45. Alexis Adair, H(app)athon Committee H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  46. 46. William Hoffman, World Economic Forum H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  47. 47. Rethinking Personal Data Initiative H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  48. 48. Ascendant
  49. 49. ComplexH(app)thon at Social Media Week
  50. 50. Trust Openness AccessData Literacy Simple
  51. 51. Measure
  52. 52. Thank You Bill H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  53. 53. How It WorksH(app)thon at Social Media Week
  54. 54. Income: (Average Annual) $38,500 USD (equiv)Employment Rate: 65% (since previous year)Housing: (35% of average income)Work Satisfaction: (59% happy at work)Health: (self reported) 80% satisfactionEducational Attainment: (goals/level) 65%Community: (social network penetration) 85%Civic Engagement: (voting) 76%Environment: (prox to green space) 65%Life Satisfaction: 59%
  55. 55. Each solution has to provide a way to reach people in Eudaimonia whodon’t have modern/mobile technologies. (This includes Internet as wellas mobile tech).Each solution had to provide ideas on how you would implement this plantomorrow. (We want to encourage whimsy and fantasy but alsopragmatism).Each group’s solution has provide ideas on how can you make this global.(In other words, if Eudaimonia is a case study, how will it scale?) H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  56. 56. • You’ll have about thirty minutes• When there are five minutes left, choose your idea• Write your ideas on big paper or note pads• You will have two to three minutes to present• After all presentations, we’ll vote on a “winner” H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  57. 57. The Winner Will Receive.. H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  58. 58. 250TrillionDollars.
  59. 59. A signed H(app)athon Beach ball. H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  60. 60. Aprx$1-2USD.
  61. 61. Help Eudaimonia Get H(app)y! H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  62. 62. Five Minutes Left – Wrap it Up H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  63. 63. Presentations H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  64. 64. How You Can Help Us H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  65. 65. • Take Our Survey• Sign Up for Our Newsletter• Spread the Word – We’re looking for Media Partners & Sponsors H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  66. 66. 250TrillionDollars.
  67. 67. • Do Your Own Event (3/20)• Feedback & Testimonials• How Do You Know When You’re Happy? H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  68. 68. Thank you!H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  69. 69. Get H(app) H(app)thon at Social Media Week