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This is the Media/Press Kit for the H(app)athon Project (

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The H(app)athon Project Media/Press Kit

  1. 1. Featured on: Media Kit 2013 Media Contact: PulpPR +1 (310) 421-1050 the h(app)athon project MEDIA KIT 2013
  2. 2. T h e ( W h a t )The H(app)athon Project (, is a twelve-month initiative comprised of awareness-building events, surveys and hackathons with the goal of  “Crowdsourcing a Vision for the HappinessEconomy."  Guided by a Committee of thirty experts from organizations including the United Nations, World EconomicForum,, Microsoft, and MIT, the Project wants to “hack happiness” by shifting how theworld primarily looks at value or wealth via the lens of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  By utilizingemerging technology and the growing body of happiness indicators around the world, the Project seeks toempower individuals, businesses, and governmental organizations to imagine, define and build a moreholistic view of well-being that’s not based just on money. Inspired by the Mashable article, The Value of a Happiness Economy, written by the Project’s founder, theProject’s focus is on spreading awareness and well-being in the Big Data era where ethics and privacyhave not been standardized for technologies like Quantified Self, the Internet of Things, and mobilesensors.The Project’s work will culminate on March 20, 2014 with the launch of an open-source App that will helpusers identify and optimize well-being in their lives, encourage others to do the same, and provide a“global mood ring” that provides real-time happiness data from around the world.T h e ( W h y )World leaders, inspired by Bhutan’s, “Gross National Happiness” (GNH) have become disillusioned by theGDP’s primary focus of wealth creation as the standard for well-being in the world. The United Nations,inspired by GNH, called for all the Nations of the world to explore how the study of quantitative metricsfocused on multiple facets of people’s lives could better guide policy making for the future.Using the tools already tracking our behavior and aligning with this mindset of enlightened globalmeasurement, combined with the expertise of over thirty organizations as part of the H(app)athon AdvisoryCommittee, the H(app)athon Project aims to ‘hack happiness’ and change the idea that a person’s primaryworth should be focused on wealth. We invite you to join our work, understand the power of your data andwell-being, and change the world, for good." " "Let’s get H(app)y. the h(app)athon project MEDIA KIT 2013
  3. 3. T H E R O A D M A P The H(app)athon Workshop - Awareness Building Events The H(app)athon Project will commence with its awareness-building events on March 20, 2013 (The International Day of Happiness as created by the United Nations) in fourTHE ROADMAP countries around the world: New York City, San Francisco, Indianapolis in the US; Bogota, London, Oslo and Tokyo.Awareness Building EventsMobile Happiness Indicator The events will feature presentations by members of the H(app)athon committee and otherThe App guests like J.P. Rangaswami, Chief Scientist for, Dr. Mark Williamson ofH(app)athon Conference Action for Happiness, Jon Hall from the United Nations Development Programme, AriThe Book Meisel, founder of The Art of Less Doing who cured himself of Crohns Disease viaKey Dates Quantified Self Tools/methodologies, and Robert Gordon, Chief Strategy Officer of APX Labs, and Former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense under President Obama. Speakers will focus on the synergies between well-being, emerging technology and Happiness Indicators to help attendees prepare for an interactive workshop where they will brainstorm ideas on how to improve happiness and well-being in a digital economy. By creating the fake country of Eudaimonia (the Greek word/concept of perfect well-being), and providing statistics reflective of existing Happiness Indicators, the H(app)athon Workshop will teach attendees how their ideas, videotaped and placed on the Happathon website, can start to form a literal picture of a world we can build that’s not based on wealth. the h(app)athon project MEDIA KIT 2013
  4. 4. T H E R O A D M A P The H(app)athon Survey - a Globally Crowdsourced Mobile Happiness Indicator The formal launch for the work of the H(app)athon Project begins with the release of the first edition of their H(app)athon Survey. Combining the expertise of Committee MembersTHE ROADMAP from MIT, Microsoft and multiple experts in the fields of subjective well being and positive psychology, the Survey can either be taken online or downloaded as an App on Apple orAwareness Building Events Android phones. Rather than take the Survey in one sitting, participants will be askedMobile Happiness Indicator questions over the course of two weeks or longer to determine ways they perceiveThe App happiness and other metrics to be affecting their lives.H(app)athon ConferenceThe Book A critical difference to the H(app)athon Survey is its primary goal of globallyKey Dates crowdsourcing responses from participants. Rather than start with a complete hypotheses to solve about a question towards happiness/well-being, the Survey incorporates “golden question” survey methodologies with open text-box answer forms to truly try and listen to participants and their thoughts on what drives their values around happiness and well-being. Data from this survey will be used at the H(app)athon Hackathons to build the Project’s final App. There will also be a second version of the survey available by the Fall of 2013 that incorporates the crowdsourced answers from Part One while also adding data collection for new participants via wearable computing and sensors - tools analyzing vocal patterns, heart rate, GPS and other data will provide a deeper understanding for participants of how their actions as well as their words determine well-being and happiness in a Big Data world. the h(app)athon project MEDIA KIT 2013
  5. 5. T H E R O A D M A P The App The App released on March 20, 2014 will be built with the input from multiple Hackathons around the world over the course of the Project’s work. The first H(app)athon Hackathon is planned for London in mid-May and will be organized by Data Science London. TheTHE ROADMAP App has three components:Awareness Building Events 1 Helps users gauge their well-being through the Mobile Happiness Indicator SurveyMobile Happiness Indicator 2 Provides resources to help users optimize their well-being by connecting them toThe App people or organizations where they can leverage their optimized, H(app)y self.H(app)athon Conference 3 Provides a “global mood ring” that portrays real-time happiness data from aroundThe Book the world to help policy makers see why the holistic measure of well-being willKey Dates help guide their decisions with greater context than the GDP The H(app)athon Conference The H(app)athon Conference will be held on March 20, 2014 in New York City. During the conference, results from the Mobile Happiness Indicator Survey will be announced, and a public version of the App will be released. The event will feature several experts who will speak on the topics of positivity, emerging technology and the measure of well-being. The Book John C. Havens, founder of The H(app)athon Project, is writing a book based on his Mashable article, The Value of a Happiness Economy, and his findings and insights from his year-long proactive initiative with the project. The book, H(app)y, will be available from Tarcher/Penguin Publishers in 2014. the h(app)athon project MEDIA KIT 2013
  6. 6. T H E R O A D M A P Key Dates March 20, 2013: Inaugural H(app)athon Awareness Building Events ● Domestic Official events in New York, San Francisco Indianapolis.THE ROADMAP ● International Official events London, Colombia, Oslo and Tokyo ● Local / Regional events around the world. Check the Project’s website and wikiAwareness Building Events page for details on events happening in other areas.Mobile Happiness IndicatorThe App Mid-May, 2013: HackathonH(app)athon Conference ● Where: TBDThe Book ● Organized by Data Science LondonKey Dates ● Other Hackathon events also being planned at MIT March 20, 2014: The Final Conference ● Where: New York City ● The final conference will feature keynote speakers and a presentation of the results from the project the h(app)athon project MEDIA KIT 2013
  7. 7. T H E ( C O M M I T T E E )John C. Havens, FounderJohn C. Havens is Founder of the H(app)athon Project, a contributing writer for Mashable, and author of,H(app)y – The Value of Well-Being in a Digital Economy(Tarcher/Penguin, 2014). Havens was EVP of SocialMedia at Porter Novelli, and has advised clients on social/emerging media like Gillette, Merck, HP, Monster,and P&G. He is a former professional actor and current blues musician.For more information: John on Linked In, John on Twitter, John’s Speaking Website.Alexis AdairAlexis recently completed a master’s degree in the Information and Knowledge Strategy program at Columbia University.She has a special interest in employee happiness and its value to organizations. Her master’s thesis researched thepsychology of happiness at work, and how knowledge management practices might influence employee happiness.Dara BarlinDara Barlin founded A Big Project in January of 2012. A Big Project is a one year effort of people from around the world toclarify where we all agree, and to share the news in ways that can reach people’s hearts –- through art and music. Priorto initiating A Big Project, she focused her efforts on increasing equity and achievement in public schools. She hasprovided policy, research and advocacy support for the New Teacher Center, Ford Foundation, ReLearning Curve, andInstitute for Public Policy Research (UK). In addition, she has led over a dozen successful organizing campaigns for theAmerican Federation of Teachers and Human Rights for All. the h(app)athon project MEDIA KIT 2013
  8. 8. T H E ( C O M M I T T E E )Sean BohanSean is the founder of Decahedralist Consulting, and a member of the Steering Committee for Project VRM.Sean has a wide variety of experience with boutiques, large agencies (Advertising and PR), and startups(digital, consumer, B2B). In the past 16 years he has gone from being the “troubleshooter” to “the man withthe plan” to the founder of his own agency, where the work included documentary films, live events, mobile,social and web. Sean started at the “kid’s table” of digital back in the early 1990s, and loves the potential ofcommunications business that we are beginning to create through integration.John Henry ClippingerJohn Henry Clippinger is Research Scientist at the MIT Media Lab Human Dynamics Group where he isconducting research on trust frameworks for protecting and sharing personal information. With ProfessorAlex Pentland of MIT, he is founder and Executive Director of the newly formed ID3 (Institute for InstitutionalInnovation & Data Driven Design) which is developing an open governance platform to support anecosystem for data-driven services, infrastructures, and enterprises. Previously, he was founder and Co-Director of The Law Lab ( at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at HarvardUniversity, a multi-disciplinary center founded to research the role of social, neurological, and economicmechanisms on the role of law in facilitating cooperation and entrepreneurial innovation. Dr. Clippinger wasalso a Senior Fellow at the Berkman Center where he co-founded and supported the development of anopen source, interoperable identity framework called Project Higgins ( to give userscontrol over their personal information. Dr. Clippinger is a graduate of Yale University and holds a M.A. andPh.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. CzerwinskiMary Czerwinskis research focuses primarily on emotion tracking, information worker task management,multitasking, and awareness systems for individuals and groups. Her background is in visual attention andmultitasking. She holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from Indiana University in Bloomington. Mary wasawarded the ACM SIGCHI Lifetime Service Award, was inducted into the CHI Academy, and became anACM Distinguished Scientist in 2010. the h(app)athon project MEDIA KIT 2013
  9. 9. T H E ( C O M M I T T E E )Scott DavidScott David is the Executive Director of the Law, Technology & Arts Group at the University of Washington.Scotts practice focuses on intellectual property and technology counseling and transactions, and he hasbecome a leading expert in these areas nationally and internationally. Scott has been a partner at K&L Gates(formerly Preston, Gates & Ellis) since 1992. Prior to joining K&L Gates, he was an associate at SimpsonThacher & Bartlett in New York. Scott has been active in the World Economic Forum (Davos), IdentityCommons, ABA Cyberspace Committee, and Workboat (technology/arts organization), among other activities.He has also served as an external board member of the Law, Technology and Arts Journal since 2008.Joselyn DiPettaJoselyn is the Director of the Diversity and Inclusion Practice at Axialent North America. Joselyn is a Genderand Social Inclusion Specialist with over 10 years of experience in communications for behavior change; projectdesign, implementation and management; training design and delivery; advocacy and strategiccommunications; and monitoring and evaluation. Recognizing the fundamental importance of a healthy,supportive organizational culture, she is embracing the intrapreneurial aspects of gender, social and diversityinclusion. She has lived and worked in North America, Europe, Sub Saharan Africa, and the Middle East.Ja-Naé DuaneOne-woman revolution Ja-Naé Duane stormed into the limelight at age 13 as an award-winning public speaker.Since then, the intrepid speaker, strategist, social scientist, artist, and author of “How to Start Your Businesswith $100” and “How to Create a Revolution: A Step-by-Step Guide to History’s Social Influencers” has capturedthe media’s attention, appearing in The Associated Press, NPR, Classical Singer Magazine, The Boston Globe,and Business Week. Her impressive skill set and unwavering commitment to improving the quality of life for theglobal community garnered Ja-Naé a nomination as one of New England’s Most Innovative Leaders of 2007.Ja-Naé spearheads a plethora of ventures as CEO of Wild Women Entrepreneurs, Founder of the RevolutionInstitute, Co-Founder of the Massachusetts Artist Leaders Coalition, and Founder of The Leaders. Additionally,Ja-Naé is a professional opera singer and is a faculty member at Northeastern University and Clark University. the h(app)athon project MEDIA KIT 2013
  10. 10. T H E ( C O M M I T T E E )Susannah FoxSusannah Fox is the Associate Director for Digital Strategy at the Pew Internet & American Life Project. Shestudies the cultural shifts taking place at the intersection of technology and health care. Her research hasdocumented the social life of health information, the concept of peer-to-peer healthcare, and the role of theinternet among people living with chronic disease. The best summary of Foxs research can be found inthis video of her speech, The Power of Mobile, or this at-a-glance guide. Fox contributes to a health careblog,, as well as a personal blog, and you can follow her on Twitter:@SusannahFox.Ta i c h i F u j i m o t oTaichi is a founder of Happiness Architect, a collaboration design agency with a passion to let people do whatthey love with like-minded people for happiness. We produce socially-driven projects by facilitating collaborativeactivities (i.e. bringing people together to collaboratively work on ideas). We comprehensively coordinatesuch a collaboration process. We strongly believe in the power of social capital to add new value to our lives,create a positive social impact and bring us happiness. See Taichis TEDx talk, “Do the Interesting Thing,” here: HallJon Hall is working at the Human Development Report Office at the United Nations Development Programme inNew York. Before joining the UN Jon spent 7 years working for the Organisation for Economic Co-Operationand Development (OECD) in Paris, where he led the Global Project on Measuring the Progress of Societies, aproject that was instrumental in paving the way to the Stiglitz-Sen-Fitoussi commission on Measuring EconomicPerformance and Social Progress. Before joining the OECD he worked for the Australian Bureau of Statisticsand was the chief architect and author of the first two issues of “Measures of Australia’s Progress”, which won anational award in 2003. An Australian and British citizen, Jon has also worked for the British government inLondon, and for Medecins Sans Frontieres in Lusaka, Zambia, and as a spectacularly unsuccessful housepainter, security guard and waiter in the USA. Jon has spoken in over 40 countries about indicators andmeasuring development, progress and happiness. He has a Maths degree from Durham University in the UK,and Master’s degrees in Statistics (London University) and Public Service Administration. the h(app)athon project MEDIA KIT 2013
  11. 11. T H E ( C O M M I T T E E )William HoffmanWilliam Hoffman heads the World Economic Forums Information and Communications Technology GlobalAgenda. Comprised of a global community of industry, civil society, governmental and academic leaders, thisgroup works to collectively identify where ICT can positively impact some of the worlds most pressingchallenges. Based on the assumption that a hyperconnected world requires strengthened trust and newmodels of collaboration, William’s focus at the Forum addresses the need for principle-based governance,demand-based innovation and the need for a balanced, inclusive and sustainable ICT ecosystem. In particular,he leads a multi-year initiative on personal data, the scaling of open data solutions and the adoption of mobilefinancial services. Additionally William leads the Data-Driven Development Agenda Council--a community ofworld leaders providing Big Data solutions for the common good.Kat HoughtonKat Houghton is exploring the intersection of emerging technology and psychology. In 2009 after 15 yearshands-on work with families of children with autism she co-founded Cambridge, MA based softwarecompanyilumivu to bring the latest tools to those actively trying to improve the human experience. ilumivucurrently supports research groups and human service agencies in the US, South America and Europe.Meanwhile, Kat is completing her PhD designing low-cost, culturally-sensitive autism training programs forparents of kids on the spectrum.Randall KrantzRandall Krantz is a passionate and highly motivated sustainability professional with a diverse private sectorbackground, embracing systems thinking from resource use to consumption behaviours. Randall is currentlyStrategy Advisor to the CEO of Druk Holding and Investments in Bhutan, where he is focused on sustainablecompetitiveness, governance and catalysing entrepreneurship. Most recently, Randall was Director ofSustainability at the World Economic Forum, where he worked with a range of business leaders and experts toexplore the transformational changes required to decouple our culture of consumption from environmentaldegradation. Randall holds an MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona and a B.S. in MechanicalEngineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in NY. Outside of the office, Randall is equallypassionate about mountains, endurance sports and photography. the h(app)athon project MEDIA KIT 2013
  12. 12. T H E ( C O M M I T T E E )Neal LathiaNeal Lathia is a Research Associate in the Computer Laboratory, at the University of Cambridge, UK, where heresearches how smartphone sensor data can be used to build and measure future behaviour change mobileapplications. He has a PhD in Computer Science, which focused on online recommender systems, and hassince been interested in how the growing availability of data is transforming our online and offline lives. You canfind him on twitter: @neal_lathia, or online here: LaughlinAdams vision is to continually improve human well-being by enabling systems that meet human needs withincreasing effectiveness, efficiency, and efficacy. He currently works as a web developer in the LifelongKindergarten Research Group at the MIT Media Lab and co-organizes Boston Quantified Self and theHappathon Projects Data Sub-committee. Before starting work on Happathon, he also organized the ACMBoston Chapter on Computer-Human Interaction and the Boston Brain-Machine interaction meetup.More at: LeberechtAs chief marketing officer of NBBJ, Tim Leberecht helps spark and nurture new thinking (and great architectureand design) for companies around the world. Prior to his role at NBBJ, Tim was the chief marketing officer ofglobal design and innovation firm frog. He is the founder and publisher of the award-winning design mind printand online magazine, and the founder and producer of the Reinvent Business hackathon. Tim serves on theWorld Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Values. He writes the iPlot blog, and his thoughts onbusiness and society have appeared in outlets such as CNET, Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, MIX, RotmanMagazine, Wired, and the World Economic Forum blog. Leberecht is also a sought-after public speaker and hasspoken at venues including TED University, DLD Tel Aviv, Next, Re:Publica, Futurist CMO Summit, i7 InnovationSummit, and Carnegie Mellon University. the h(app)athon project MEDIA KIT 2013
  13. 13. T H E ( C O M M I T T E E )Kalev H. LeetaruKalev H. Leetaru is a University Fellow at the University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and InformationScience and is Former Assistant Director for Text and Digital Media Analytics and Former Senior ResearchScientist at the Institute for Computing in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Science and Former Center Affiliateof the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. His award-winning work centers on the application ofhigh performance computing and "big data" to grand challenge problems. He holds three US patents and morethan 50 University Invention Disclosures and has been an invited speaker, panelist, and discussant at venuesincluding the Library of Congress, TEDxTallinn, IAB Poland, Harvard, Columbia, and Stanford, while his workhas been profiled in venues as diverse as Nature, the New York Times, BBC, Discovery Channel, The Atlantic,Fortune Magazine, The Economist, Columbia Journalism Review, MSNBC, Que Leer and media outlets in morethan 100 countries. His 2011 "Culturomics 2.0" study was selected by The Economist as one of just fivescience discoveries deemed the most significant developments of 2011.Amber MelhouseAmber Melhouse, Director Business Development at Rakuten LinkShare. An ecommerce enthusiast withtwelve years of online experience, specializing in affiliate marketing and creating successful B2B relationships.Particularly driven by emerging technologies and how consumer behavior is changing with the standardizationof social, mobile and peer marketing. Currently heading up business development in Tech Alley in New YorkCity and an enthusiastic geek on the Happathon Committee.Josh MiddlemanJosh is the Director of Partnerships for Ashoka Changemakers, working to build strategic partnerships withcorporations, foundations and non-profits committed to social change. Prior to joining Ashoka, Josh worked as apolitical fundraiser and campaign consultant developing partnerships in support of progressive candidates,consulted for the UNDP and the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, and served as a Peace Corpsvolunteer in Ghana working to enhance the prospects of a community owned eco-tourism venture. Josh hasspent considerable time living, working and learning abroad including two years in Egypt where he earned amasters degree in International Relations from the American University in Cairo. the h(app)athon project MEDIA KIT 2013
  14. 14. T H E ( C O M M I T T E E )Margaret MorrisMargaret (Margie) Morris is a clinical psychologist and senior researcher at Intel. She examines how peoplerelate to technology, and creates mobile and social applications to invite self-awareness and change. Margiedeveloped the embedded assessment approach to early detection and has led a variety of projects includingsensor based visualizations for social engagement, Facebook applications for health change, and integratedwearable sensing and mobile feedback to carry psychotherapy into daily life. She is currently focusing oninterpersonal relatedness and emotional attunement as inspiration for technology innovation. Margie completedher B.A. at Haverford College, her Ph.D. at University of New Mexico and Post-doctoral Fellowship at StanfordUniversity. Prior to joining Intel, Margie studied technology adoption at Sapient.Laura MusikanskiLaura Musikanski is the Executive Director of the Happiness Initiative and a Partner at Artemis Collaborative.Prior to joining the Happiness Initiative, Laura served as Executive Director of Sustainable Seattle, and beforethat she was an entrepreneur and consultant to corporate America. She taught at the UW MBA program as wellas for professional training programs. Laura is a lawyer with an MBA and certificates in EnvironmentalManagement and Environmental Law and Regulations from the University of Washington.Ernesto RamirezErnesto is a doctoral student at UC San Diego’s Center for Wireless and Population Health Systems, a leaderof the San Diego Quantified Self Show&Tell meetup group, and a regular blogger for Quantified Self. As aCommunity Organizer at QS, Ernesto helps support new and existing QS Show&Tell meetups around the world,explores social media channels to engage and cross-pollinate the global QS community, and writes a “QS 101″series to guide people new to self-tracking.JP RangaswamiChief Scientist at, JP Rangaswami was originally an economist and a journalist specialising indevelopmental economics. the h(app)athon project MEDIA KIT 2013
  15. 15. T H E ( C O M M I T T E E )David RichesonDavid Richeson is Managing Director and Chief Digital Officer at Kaplow Communications.Eiji Han ShimizuEiji is a media producer and the creator of a highly acclaimed biography-like Manga series (graphic novel andcomic book in the Japanese language), which has been published in 10 languages and in over 25 countries.Eiji recently finished producing a feature-length documentary film on happiness entitled Happy. He travelled allover the world with academy-nominated film director, Roko Belic, and interviewed the brightest minds inpsychology, neuro-science, philosophy and spirituality as they looked deep into what makes people genuinelyhappy. Based on the knowledge and experiences he accumulated, Eiji is launching a series of "Happinessworkshop" where people can learn evidence based "happiness-enhancing" intervention techniques.Carlos SomohanoCarlos Somohano is the Founder of Data Science London. He holds a BSc Hons. in Business Administration,major Information Systems & Operations Research (ISOM). Carlos has +12 years of experience as anindependent enterprise consultant specialised in ERP, Business Intelligence, Analytics, and data projects. DataScience London is the largest data science community in Europe.Jason SrokaJason is a Data Scientist with extensive experience in all stages and aspects of turning large volumes of datainto insights and actionable information. His early research demonstrated how knowledge of human speechprocessing could be used to improve automated speech recognition algorithms. Since then, Jason has workedon algorithms for interpreting single-sensor time series (e.g. blood pressure measurements collected over time),fusing data across different types of sensors (including both biometric and self-assessment data types), andinterpreting data from an individual as well as over a population to understand what approaches to healthcoaching are most effective. the h(app)athon project MEDIA KIT 2013
  16. 16. T H E ( C O M M I T T E E )Stan StalnakerA commentator on the social impact of globalization, P2P finance and digital economies, Stan Stalnaker is theFounding Director of Hub Culture and the Ven digital currency. Stalnaker’s views on P2P were named the leadBreakthrough Idea of 2008 by the Harvard Business Review, and other writings have appeared in the New YorkTimes online, GQ, TechCrunch, Internationalist, CNN Bespoke, Washington Post, PSFK and other publications.In addition to strategic branding projects for a long list of international clients, he has also overseen productionof signature events for Time Warner properties and strategic planning in over a dozen countries for brandsincluding TIME, CNN, FORTUNE, Shell and others. Stalnaker has a B.A. in Economic Development and a Economics from the American University in Washington D.C. He is currently at work on a new book, AnimalRanch, due for publication in 2012. For more information and HubCulture.comS t e w a r t To w n s e n dStewart has spent twelve years in Pre-sales, Partner Relations, Marketing and Business Development in the ITindustry. As of January 2013 he joined the EMEA management team at Zendesk as Business DevelopmentDirector to build out a channel plan across Europe to increase and accelerate revenue. At Oracle, hedeveloped a lead generating social media strategy for Enterprise 2.0. For nine years at Sun Microsystems,Stewart worked with independent software vendors, channel partners and small businesses/startups.Outside corporate land, Stewart is a social entrepreneur and supports The Alternative School, an educationprovider focused on delivering education in a more holistic manner, is a mentor to The Next Womenorganisation, and is on advisory boards for Media140 and WhiteBull.Kim WhittemoreKim is a womens health advocate, e-patient, and management consultant. She is a Director of the Institute forSexual Medicine and a Board Member of the Baby Quest Foundation. She founded GUIDE ISLAND LLC in2008 after building a successful career as a C-level strategic marketing, business development and productdevelopment executive in both early-stage companies and Fortune 50 environments. Her track record includessuccesses in start-ups, turnarounds, joint ventures and strategic alliances. Kim has over 10 years ofinternational experience including 3 years living and working in Europe. the h(app)athon project MEDIA KIT 2013