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H(app)athon Project Host Toolkit


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This is the script to be used by the Host of a H(app)athon Project Workshop. It is intended to be downloaded and customized for an event after seeking permission to be an "official" event with the H(app)athon Project Committee.

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H(app)athon Project Host Toolkit

  1. 1. Welcome!
  2. 2. Script for Host: (in your own words)Welcome to the official (NAME OF CITY/ORGANIZATION) H(app)athon ProjectWorkshop! Our goal tonight is to help IMAGINE a world where value is not primarilyfocused on wealth and learn about the emerging technologies and happiness/well-being metrics driving our world. Thank you for coming!
  3. 3. Script for Host: (in your own words) – for use with next slide.There are three basic parts to a H(app)athon Workshop Event. First is the introductionwe just did about our local sponsors and the organization hosting the Event. Second,we’ll have some Presentations teaching you about the issues important to theH(app)athon Project. Third, we’re going to break into small groups and do anInteractive Game where YOU become a collaborator as part of this Project!
  4. 4. Introduction (Insert city/venue info)H(app)athon Topics PresentationsH(app)athon Workshop Your Turn!
  5. 5. Script for Host: (in your own words) – for use with next slide.Here are the hashtags for the H(app)athon Project, as well as for our event. You canalso follow The H(app)athon project @happathon on Twitter.Please take lots of pictures and videos today (with people’s permission of course) andtag them so everyone will know about the Workshop we did today!
  6. 6. Script for Host: (in your own words) – for use with next slide.
  7. 7. We’re Filming Tonight (TODAY)!
  8. 8. Script for Host: (in your own words)Along with your help collaborating during the breakouts, please remember to go and take their “Personal Happiness Indicator” Survey to learn your“MeDP” (as compared to the GDP, or Gross Domestic Happiness) Score.To learn more about the H(app)athon Project, we’re going to play two videos. First isthe Project’s general introduction Video, and the next is a presentation by the Project’sFounder.
  9. 9. Speaker Title Slide
  10. 10. Speaker Content Slide (version one)
  11. 11. Speaker Content Slide (version two)
  12. 12. Script for Host: (in your own words)Now it’s time for the Interactive Portion of our evening! We’re going to break up intosmall groups of 6-8 people and play a game to help you understand how emergingtechnology and Happiness Indicator Metrics can help save the world. But first, let meexplain the game.
  13. 13. Script for Host: (in your own words)The country of Eudaimonia needs your help! While they have some metrics that areoptimized for the well-being of their citizens, there are many areas that could still beimproved. What this means is that they’re flourishing or doing well with some of theeconomic and other aspects of their lives, but need help finding balance all-around forthe greatest benefit of their Citizens. So you all are going to help brainstorm ideas tohelp them!
  14. 14. Script for Host: (in your own words)Statistics for Eudaimonia that are provided in this game mirror the types of metrics used byBhutan for their Gross National Happiness Index and many other countries around the world. It’simportant for you all to recognize that Happiness Indicators are not based on mood or ‘fluffy’metrics, but are quantitative measures helping to reshape our world.This is why it’s so powerful to map your own well-being, or happiness to a Personal HappinessIndicator – you can start to understand your holistic value in the context of where the world ismoving, which is away from the GDP. It’s also very cool to note that the United Nations supportBhutan’s work and is also trying to help all their member countries discover how THEY can workwith their countries on these types of happiness metrics to help their citizens find well-being.Let me show you some examples of existing, actual Happiness Metrics. 26
  15. 15. Script for Host: (in your own words) – for the following slide:The first example shows all the areas that Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness focuses on. “Livingstandard” is in there, which reflects money and wealth, but that’s only one attribute. There’salso “education,” “community vitality,” “culture,” and things like “time use.”Are you starting to get a picture how emerging media, especially things like Quantified Self willbe so important to dovetail to these metrics? The QS movement is already transforming millionsof lives by helping people optimize their time use and health. These are the types of things thatcan be leveraged for the work we (this includes you as a Collaborator) are trying to do with theH(app)athon Project. 27
  16. 16. 28
  17. 17. Script for Host: (in your own words) – for the following slide:Here are some other quick examples – the OECD Better Life Index that measures these types ofHappiness Indicators for multiple countries, statistics taken from the United Kingdom wherePrime Minister Cameron is using these types of quantitative and qualitative measures to helpimprove citizen’s well-being, and an entire (large) page on Wikipedia under “HappinessEconomics” where you can learn about other efforts being done in Brazil, China, Australia, andmultiple parts of the United States and the World at large.So keep in mind as you play this game – Happiness Indicators are a real and thriving set ofmetrics around the world. Y/our ideas for how to Save Eudaimonia could be utilized at somepoint to help an actual country improve their Happiness Metrics. No pressure.  29
  18. 18. 30
  19. 19. United Kingdom Prime Minister Cameron 31
  20. 20. 32
  21. 21. Script for Host: (in your own words) – for the following slide:Now check out the Happiness Indicator Metrics for Eudaimonia. These are printed on thehandout sheets I’ve given (OR I WILL GIVE) to facilitators for each breakout group. What you seehere is a more holistic portrait of this country than just looking at their GDP. You can see areaswhere they have an abundance of one metric (like a high health satisfaction) and a lowerabundance of a different metric (like housing).So one major advantage of looking at a more holistic portrait of value is in seeing how you canleverage a country or a person’s strengths to help the areas they need to optimize. Using real-time data, you can also see how improvements, when provided to a country, can immediatelystart helping individuals, communities or even an entire population. 33
  22. 22. Happiness/Well-Being Indicators for Eudaimonia:Income: (Average Annual) $38,500 USD (equiv)Employment Rate: 65% (since previous year) Housing: (35% of average income) Work Satisfaction: (59% happy at work) Health: (self reported) 80% satisfaction Educational Attainment: (goals/level) 65%Community: (social network penetration) 85% Civic Engagement: (voting) 76% Environment: (prox to green space) 65% Life Satisfaction: 59% 34
  23. 23. Script for Host: (in your own words) Now it’s time to play the game! 35
  24. 24. Script for Host: (in your own words)What Your Group Needs to Create in the next 30-45 Minutes:Please come up with a solution to help citizens of Eudaimonia achieve ahigher level of well-being based on the fictional Happiness Indicatorsprovided. You can do this in a few different ways:• Create an App• Create a Marketing or other Awareness Building Campaign 36
  25. 25. Script for Host: (in your own words and show this slide as well)Here are some tools/samples of Apps to get your ideas flowing:Surveys for subjective data, Sensors to measure heart-rate/health, RFID to measure machine data,Smartphones to measure GPS, voice recognition, Accelerometer data, Blue-Tooth for NFC) 37
  26. 26. Script for Host: (in your own words) – for the following slide:In just a minute, we’re going to break into small groups of 6-8 people. I’ll pass out worksheets tofacilitators so you’ll have these directions when you play the game. (NOTE – the followinginstructions mirror the worksheets you’ll be passing out).Once you break into small groups, you’re going to introduce yourselves quickly to each other(your names). Then you’re going to decide on and write the names down of those who arewilling to take different roles in your group (this is on your worksheet).Next, you’re going to review Eudaimonia’s Gross National Happiness Indicators (the ten metrics Ishowed you above and that are printed on your handouts) and come to a consensus on ONEindicator your group would like to focus on to improve well-being in the region. 38
  27. 27. Script for Host: (in your own words) – for the following slide:Next you’re going to brainstorm ideas for solutions to help Eudaimonia improve in the oneindicator your group came to consensus on. Note you can utilize other indicator data to supportyour choice (e.g., “Our app leverages high civic engagement to improve work satisfaction.”)Solutions can come in the form of an app/technology, or a marketing or awareness-buildingcampaign.Then you’ll need to refine your ideas based on answers to the following questions: 1. What isthe problem your idea(s) seeks to address? 2. How will the idea address this problem? 3. Howwill you know when your idea is successful? 39
  28. 28. Script for Host: (in your own words) – for the following slide:Then you need to review all ideas and come to consensus on the one idea that seems to begetting the most energy and excitement from the group. If you are having trouble coming toconsensus, you may ask members to advocate for ideas, try combining ideas, or conduct a vote.You’ll need to create a name and a graphic for idea & prepare for presentationthat best represents your idea. The “graphic artist” in your groups will create the graphic on apiece of chart paper. Write the answers to the three questions described above below thegraphic. 40
  29. 29. Script for Host: (in your own words) – for the following slide:Finally, develop any additional talking points needed to support presentation of idea.Pick a presenter who knows and is fine with being videotaped/placed on theH(app)athon Website.People report their idea for 2-3 minutes. I’m going to keep time to make sure we keepthe energy flowing! (NOTE TO HOST – PLEASE TIME THESE AND IF YOU HAVE MORETHAN FIVE GROUPS, DO 2 MINUTES EACH) 41
  30. 30. Script for Host: (in your own words) – for the following slide:After everyone is finished, we’ll vote for a “winner.” There are NO bad ideas, but it willbe helpful to see what people choose as an idea that could truly change the world.We’ll clap for a winner, who will receive (NOTE TO HOST – THIS SHOULD BE A JOKEGIFT OR SOMETHING FUN VERSUS MONEY – NO MONEY AWARDS SHOULD BE GIVEN,OR OTHER ACTUAL TYPICAL PRIZES).And don’t forget to cheer for your presenter!Here are two sample ideas to get your minds going: 42
  31. 31. Sample App IdeaCitizens of Eudaimonia will create wearable-sensor clothingfor employees to analyze when they’re happiest at work.Fabric will change colors based on mood so people can bemore sensitive to their colleagues and increase productivity. 43
  32. 32. Sample Marketing Campaign Idea“The Thank You! Campaign” –Citizens of Eudaimonia are assigned 25 people in one day they try to thank forsomething they’ve done. Each person who is thanked is asked to wear a fitbit orbiometric sensor that will show their increased (positive) heartrate. The improvementin health over the course of one month will be mapped, as well as the correlation ofdata around health insurance rates being lowered. Local employers will be able tocharge less for insurance and have more money to hire more employees. 44
  33. 33. It’s your Turn. Help EudaimoniaGet H(app)y!
  34. 34. Five Minutes Left – Wrap it Up
  35. 35. Presentations
  36. 36. How You Can Help The H(app)athon Project
  37. 37. • Take the Survey at• Sign Up for the Project Newsletter• Spread the Word – We’re looking for Media Partners & Sponsors
  38. 38. • Do Your Own Event (download toolkit)• Check out our Wiki• Follow us on Twitter/Facebook• We welcome Feedback & Testimonials
  39. 39. Thank you!
  40. 40. Get H(app)