Hacking Happiness in Eudaimonia - Group Brainstorm InstructionsThank you for helping us hack happiness in Eudaimonia! Your...
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H(app)athon Project Eudaimonia Worksheet


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This is the worksheet to download and use with the H(app)athon Project during their Workshop/interactive game.

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H(app)athon Project Eudaimonia Worksheet

  1. 1. Hacking Happiness in Eudaimonia - Group Brainstorm InstructionsThank you for helping us hack happiness in Eudaimonia! Your ideas will be included in a database of apps/initiatives tobe potentially developed to support improved well-being in REAL in countries around the globe.STEP 1: Introduce yourselves quickly (your names). Then decide on and write the names down of those who arewilling to take on the following roles in your group.(3 minutes) Facilitator (makes sure group stays on task and all voices are being heard):_____________________________ Note Taker (takes notes on what is being said): ___________________________________________________ Time-Keeper (makes sure group stays in timeframes listed):_________________________________________ Graphics-artist(makes a graphic representing group’s idea): ________________________________________ Presenter (presents graphic and concept to large group/on video): ___________________________________ List names of all other members of group here: ___________________________________________________STEP 2: Review Eudaimonia’s Gross National Happiness Indicators below and come to a consensus on ONEindicatoryour group would like to focus on to improve well-being in the region. (3 minutes) Income: (Average Annual) $38,500 USD (equiv) Employment Rate: 65% (since previous year) Housing: (35% of average income) Work Satisfaction: (59% happy at work) Health: (self reported) 80% satisfaction Educational Attainment: (goals/level) 65% Community: (social network penetration) 85% Civic Engagement: (voting) 76% Environment: (prox to green space) 65% Life Satisfaction: 59%STEP 3: Brainstorm ideas for solutions to help Eudaimonia improve in the one indicator your group came to consensuson. Note you can utilize other indicator data to support your choice (e.g., “Our app leverages high civic engagement toimprove work satisfaction.”) Solutions can come in the form of an app/technology, or a marketing or awareness-buildingcampaign. (20 -30 minutes)Note-taker please take notes on all ideas. If feasible, use chart paper so that all participants can see ideas at same time.Refine your ideas based on answers to the following questions: 1. What is the problem your idea(s) seeks to address? 2.How will the idea address this problem? 3. How will you know when your idea is successful?STEP 4: Review all ideas and come to consensus on the one idea that seems to be getting the most energy andexcitement from the group. (10 minutes)If you are having trouble coming to consensus, you may ask members to advocate for ideas, try combining ideas, orconduct a vote.STEP 5: Create name and a graphic for idea & prepare for presentation (10 minutes)Identify a name and graphic that best represents your idea. Graphic artists create the graphic on a piece of chart paper.Write the answers to the three questions described above in STEP 3 below the graphic. Develop any additional talkingpoints needed to support presentation of idea. Cheer for your presenter! The H(app)athon Project www.happathon.com Workshop Brainstorm Worksheet