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H(app)athon Cincinnati


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This is the presentation deck for the Greater Cincinnati H(app)athon as part of the larger H(app)athon Project Workshop network.

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H(app)athon Cincinnati

  1. 1. Welcome!
  2. 2. Introduction Thank you!H(app)athon Topics PresentationsH(app)athon Workshop Your Turn!
  3. 3. We’re Filming Today!
  4. 4. Project Vision H(app)thon Greater Cincinnati
  5. 5. H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  6. 6. H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  7. 7. What is the Measure of Your Life? H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  8. 8. Accountability Based Influence H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  9. 9. H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  10. 10. H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  11. 11. H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  12. 12. H(app)thon at Social Media Week
  13. 13. The Second GuyH(app)thon at Social Media Week
  14. 14. The GDP is not asufficient measure ofholistic value of well-being for individuals,countries or the world.
  15. 15. GDP Counts GDP Doesn’t Count• Air pollution • The health of our• Cigarette advertising children• Locks for our doors • Quality of their• Jails for people who education break them • Joy of their play• Destruction of the • Beauty of our poetry redwoods • Integrity of our public• Napalm officials• Nuclear warheads • Our wit• Armored police cars to • Our courage fight riots • Our compassion
  16. 16. To utilize emerging technology to improvehuman well-being and drive positive social change.
  17. 17. The Committee
  18. 18. Goal 1:By March 20 2014, releaseindividual well-beingindicators (a person’s“Personal HappinessIndicator”) based on eachpersons own well-beingdefinition.
  19. 19. REAL - TIMEWe arent just collectingdata once fromindividuals. Were creatinga living, growing, real-timeglobal well-beingindicator. Once the surveyis done, mobile phoneskeep collecting data andproviding well-being metricsfor every person who hastaken the survey.Users can see the changingwell-being scores withouttaking further surveys.
  20. 20. Your MeDP
  21. 21. Consume
  22. 22. Path –to-Purpose Reflect Optimize Purpose
  23. 23. ResourceConnection
  24. 24. Match You to Your Optimized Purpose
  25. 25. Where There’s a Need
  26. 26. You Get Happier.
  27. 27. We Save The World.
  28. 28. Claim Their Value.
  29. 29. Thank you.
  30. 30. Interact whileElvis plays.
  31. 31. 41
  32. 32. 42
  33. 33. United Kingdom Prime Minister Cameron 43
  34. 34. 44
  35. 35. Happiness/Well-Being Indicators for Eudaimonia:Income: (Average Annual) $38,500 USD (equiv)Employment Rate: 65% (since previous year) Housing: (35% of average income) Work Satisfaction: (59% happy at work) Health: (self reported) 80% satisfaction Educational Attainment: (goals/level) 65%Community: (social network penetration) 85% Civic Engagement: (voting) 76% Environment: (prox to green space) 65% Life Satisfaction: 59% 45
  36. 36. Now it’s time to play the game! 46
  37. 37. What Your Group Needs to Create in the next 30-45 Minutes:Please come up with a solution to help citizens of Eudaimonia achieve ahigher level of well-being based on the fictional Happiness Indicatorsprovided. You can do this in a few different ways:• Create an App• Create a Marketing or other Awareness Building Campaign 47
  38. 38. Sample App IdeaCitizens of Eudaimonia will create wearable-sensor clothingfor employees to analyze when they’re happiest at work.Fabric will change colors based on mood so people can bemore sensitive to their colleagues and increase productivity. 48
  39. 39. Sample Marketing Campaign Idea“The Thank You! Campaign” –Citizens of Eudaimonia are assigned 25 people in one day they try to thank forsomething they’ve done. Each person who is thanked is asked to wear a fitbit orbiometric sensor that will show their increased (positive) heartrate. The improvementin health over the course of one month will be mapped, as well as the correlation ofdata around health insurance rates being lowered. Local employers will be able tocharge less for insurance and have more money to hire more employees. 49
  40. 40. It’s your Turn. Help EudaimoniaGet H(app)y!
  41. 41. Five Minutes Left – Wrap it Up
  42. 42. Presentations
  43. 43. How You Can Help The H(app)athon Project
  44. 44. • Take the Survey at• Sign Up for the Project Newsletter• Spread the Word – We’re looking for Media Partners & Sponsors
  45. 45. • Do Your Own Event (download toolkit)• Check out our Wiki• Follow us on Twitter/Facebook• We welcome Feedback & Testimonials
  46. 46. Thank you!
  47. 47. Get H(app)