Washington university

Feb. 21, 2011

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Washington university

  1. Blackboard Learn Vendor Discussion Presented by: Melissa Loble Director, Solutions Engineering John Floyd Regional Account Executive
  2. 4 Bb Learn Overview Blackboard & Partner Services Enterprise Services
  3. Community Engagement: Personalization
  4. Community Engagement: Branding
  5. Community Engagement: Delegated Control
  6. Community Engagement: Non-course Communities
  7. Community Engagement: Academic Dashboards
  8. Community Engagement: Online Tutoring
  9. Community Engagement: Access Advising
  10. Academic Collaboration: Share Content
  11. Academic Collaboration: Manage Multiple Courses Ensure Economies of Scale.
  12. Enterprise Data Integration 11
  13. 20 Project NG Release 9 Release 9.1 Additional Application Packs CE 8 Vista 8 CE 4 Classic 8 Release X ANGEL 8
  14. Promote Active Collaboration Course wikis
  15. Integrate Visually Engaging Content Mash-ups
  16. Provide Intuitive Online Structure Learning Modules
  17. Increase Accessibility Release 9.1 is Gold Level Certified for Non-Visual Accessibility by the National Federation of the Blind (NFB)
  18. Manage Content at the Course Level Course Files
  19. Grade in Context with More Options Grading Enhancements
  20. Saving Grading Preferences Grading Enhancements
  21. Customize Your Grading View Grading Enhancements
  22. Creating Assessments in Less Time Assessment Manager
  23. Enrich Your Communications Blackboard Connect
  24. Enable Flexible Course Roles Customize Instructor Roles

Editor's Notes

  1. TB2
  2. Purpose: Through Bb Learn for Academic Collaboration, educators, departments, communities and entire institutions can create, access and share rich content efficiently while minimizing effort.
  3. SE 2
  4. CE/Vista Relevancy: CE/Vista institutions will find the new Web Services framework familiar to what was available in CE/Vista. In addition, CE/Vista institutions now have access to the Java based APIs to develop even deeper integrations with Release 9.1. Make it easy to transition from PowerLinks to building blocks integration.