Sess#1 Spiritual Warfare 1


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Spiritual Warfare 1

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  • Okay, do I have this right? SKAD, Satan comes to Steal Kill And Destroy? That's what you are referring to when you say SKAD?
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Sess#1 Spiritual Warfare 1

  1. 1. Spiritual Warfare for Beginners There Really is a WarSpiritual Warfare for Beginners
  2. 2. Two Extremes s 1. We ignore the reality of evil and of the devil. s 2. We get all caught up in learning about the devil.Spiritual Warfare for Beginners
  3. 3. Finding the Balance s 1. Aware of the devil s 2. Not living in fear s 3. recognize the devils attempts to hinder and suppress the good news. s 4. Impressed with God – learn all you can about God – sit, walk, standSpiritual Warfare for Beginners
  4. 4. Sit , Walk, Stand s Sit – Ephesians 1-3 » who we are based on what God has done » “sealed in Him” » “saved by grace” » “no longer stranger...fellow-citizens” » emphasizes the finished work of JesusSpiritual Warfare for Beginners
  5. 5. Walk s Ephesians 4:1-9 – Walk in a manner worthy » daily conduct of our lives. » Lay off old self...put on new self » Once we have accepted Jesus Christ we • obey Him • walk in the lightSpiritual Warfare for Beginners
  6. 6. Stand s Ephesians 6:10-20 – the full armor – finally do all you can to standSpiritual Warfare for Beginners
  7. 7. Knowing the Enemy s Ephesians 6:12 – “for our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against rulers, against the powers, against the world-forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.”Spiritual Warfare for Beginners
  8. 8. Knowing the Enemy (2) s SKAD List s Satan hates you s Satan desires to destroy you s Satan will use your weakness against you – Money -Pride – Sex -Drugs s Satan has no mercy--he kicks you when you are downSpiritual Warfare for Beginners
  9. 9. What Jesus Thought about Satan. s John 10:10 s Finding Yourself on the SKAD list: – Jesus said, “The thief comes to Steal, to Kill And to Destroy.”Spiritual Warfare for Beginners
  10. 10. Satan’s plan s Satan’s plan is to – steal--take away from you all the benefits of the Christian life--joy, peace, love What is he stealing now? – kill--to end your life and its meaning to get you to the place where you don’t want to live. – destroy--to make your life count for nothing to destroy relationships, possibilitiesSpiritual Warfare for Beginners
  11. 11. Knowing the Enemy (3) s Satan is a killer – Molech, Baal, Chemosh, Lucifer, Accuser, Slanderer, Serpent, angel of light » Abortion » Suicide » Drug overdose » Euthanasia » Mass murders » School violenceSpiritual Warfare for Beginners
  12. 12. Satan’s plan s Four Unspiritual Laws – #1 the devil hates God and all God’s creation and especially humankind. The Devil seeks to make all humans unfit for heaven, and thus spending eternity in hell.Spiritual Warfare for Beginners
  13. 13. Satan’s plan s Four Unspiritual Laws – #2 The devil searches out our basic character flaws and comes with a desire to ruin us. » sensual person--looks, nudity, » bold person--nerves, sensations, instincts » timid person--”play it safe” » intelligent person--”knowledge puffs up” » lazy person--he whispers “tomorrow”Spiritual Warfare for Beginners
  14. 14. Satan’s plan s Four Unspiritual Laws – #3 Deception at all costs to help us think of ourselves as “good” or deserving better. » Never need a Savior. » Any Religion is OKSpiritual Warfare for Beginners
  15. 15. Satan’s plan s Four Unspiritual Laws – #4 It is impossible to know God. » If you think you do--you can never meet God’s standards (condemnation) » If you think you don’t, you never will because you can’t trust anything.Spiritual Warfare for Beginners
  16. 16. Three Battlegrounds(1) s The Mind – Thought come from » God » self » devil – Birds fly over your head, don’t let them build a nest in your hair. – (Reclaiming lost ground tomorrow)Spiritual Warfare for Beginners
  17. 17. Three Battlegrounds(2) s The Heart – “Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life.” Proverbs 4:23 – Emotions » Anger » worry – Choosing humility--1 Peter 5:6-9Spiritual Warfare for Beginners
  18. 18. Three Battlegrounds(3) s The flesh or body – Hands – Feet – Eyes – Keep your tongue from evil and lips from speaking lies James 3:10 – Private partsSpiritual Warfare for Beginners
  19. 19. Five Areas of Attack s II Corinthians 12:10 – “Therefore I am well content with weaknesses, (infirmities), insults (reproaches), distresses, persecutions and with difficulties, for Christ sake; for when I am weak, then I am strong.Spiritual Warfare for Beginners
  20. 20. Five Areas of Attack s 1. Infirmities s 2. Reproaches s 3. Distresses s 4. Persecutions s 5. DifficultiesSpiritual Warfare for Beginners
  21. 21. Satan’s Battle Plan s Satan’s Hierarchy – Rulers-- » exert opinion and will over others, results in • godless government • neglectful parents • rebellion – Principalities » Geographic boundaries » DemographicsSpiritual Warfare for Beginners
  22. 22. Satan’s Battle Plan s Powers – evil and demons assigned to sins s Territorial Spirits – Geographically centered – Taste oriented » strife, racism, greed,Spiritual Warfare for Beginners
  23. 23. Satan’s Battle Plan s Forces of Darkness – Lying spirits – Hindering spiritsSpiritual Warfare for Beginners
  24. 24. Satan’s Battle Plan s Wicked spirits – Attack the Individual – Descent into bondage » habits of sinSpiritual Warfare for Beginners
  25. 25. God’s Plan s 1. Avoid the influence s 2. Pray Specifically against the spirit powers s 3. Live in the power of God’s love s 4. Know Jesus betterSpiritual Warfare for Beginners
  26. 26. God’s Plan s Practice the two things the devil hates – humility – effective evangelismSpiritual Warfare for Beginners
  27. 27. Tomorrows Topics s Putting on the Full Armor of God s Reclaiming Lost GroundSpiritual Warfare for Beginners