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Club Solutions 2011 Media Kit


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Club Solutions 2011 Media Kit

  2. 2. ™ THE #1 BUSINESS RESOURCE FOR THE HEALTH & FITNESS INDUSTRYOUR MISSION: To be the Leading provider of business solutions for health clubs.We believe it is our duty to provide practical business ideas, strategies andsolutions for health clubs to increase their growth and profitability. If you are not well-connected and in tune with the industry you cover, you serve no purpose. And if you are not relevant, you’re dead. The industry is changing rapidly. You must embrace change or be left behind. It is this knowledge that has enabled Club Solutions Magazine to reach its 8th anniversary while staying true to our mission: To be the leading provider of actionable business solutions for the health club industry. We devote issue after issue to providing business ideas, strategies and solutions for our readers. Readers and advertisers alike count on Club Solutions for the wisdom we share and the authority we command. We are in the business of bringing our readers best business practices and solutions that matter most. Because of this approach, Club Solutions is the go-to resource for the health and fitness industry’s top leaders and clubs. We welcome the responsibility we have to this industry and look forward to servicing our readers and followers in 2011. Shawn McDonald Publisher
  3. 3. CirCulation: 23,184Club Solutions readers are the key decisionmakers – owners, executives, GMs and manag-ers – who approve spending and strategic plan-ning for their clubs. No other club businessmagazine has the support, following and part-nerships like Club Solutions. We have the indus-try’s top advisory board that is made up of theindustry’s top leaders and their clubs.*Reader Statistics85.4% of our readers are decision makerswithin the fitness industry.56.6%for more thanClub SolutionsMagazine keep issues of six months.74% of Magazine over other industrySolutions readers said they prefer Clubpublications.88.4% of readers use the solutionsprovided.53.8% of readers said they pass ClubSolutions magazine to co-workers.*Club Solutions Magazine online reader Survey, June 2009 “Club Solutions magazine provides a new perspective on a variety of topics relevant to the fitness industry. The quality of the publication is very good and the articles are of great value.” - Joel Tallman, Senior Vice President of Franchising & Global Operations, Gold’s Gym International
  4. 4. 2011 Editorial Calendar Features Bonus Distribution - PERSONAL TRAINING Ad Closing: 12/3/10January Materials Due: 12/6/10 - KEEPING YOUR CLUB CLEAN - FEATURED PRODUCTS: Educational Resources - GROUP XFebruary Ad Closing: 01/04/11 Materials Due: 01/06/11 - IHRSA TRADE SHOW PREVIEW/MUST-SEE COMPANIES - FEATURED PRODUCTS: Treadmills - RETENTIONMarch Ad Closing: 02/02/11 Materials Due: 02/04/11 - CARDIO TRAINING/EQUIPMENT IHRSA TRADE SHOW - FEATURED PRODUCTS: Ellipticals - THE EVOLUTION OF FITNESS CLUBSApril Ad Closing: 03/02/11 Materials Due: 03/04/11 - INTERACTIVE FITNESS - FEATURED PRODUCTS: Bikes Ad Closing: 04/04/11 - STRENGTH TRAINING/EQUIPMENTMay Materials Due: 04/06/11 - PILATES/YOGA - FEATURED PRODUCTS: Strength: Selectorized Equipment/Plate Loaded - PROFIT CENTERSJune Ad Closing: 05/04/11 Materials Due: 05/06/11 - MARKETING - FEATURED PRODUCTS: Strength: Free Weights/Functional Training - PROGRAMMING FOR MEMBERS — Helping Members Reach Their GoalsJuly Ad Closing: 06/01/11 Materials Due: 06/03/11 - RISK MANAGEMENT - FEATURED PRODUCTS: Technology/Software - NUTRITION FOR PROFITAugust Ad Closing: 07/05/11 Materials Due: 07/07/11 - LOCKER ROOMS - FEATURED PRODUCTS: Climbers/Total Body - CERTIFICATIONSSeptember Ad Closing: 08/03/11 Materials Due: 08/05/11 - CLUB INDUSTRY TRADE SHOW PREVIEW/MUST-SEE COMPANIES - FEATURED PRODUCTS: Pilates/Group Exercise - DIRECTORY BUYER’S GUIDEOctober Ad Closing: 09/05/11 Materials Due: 09/07/11 - CLUB INDUSTRY TRADE SHOW CLUB INDUSTRY TRADE SHOW - ONLINE THE WEBNovember Ad Closing: 10/05/11 Materials Due: 10/07/11 - FUNCTIONAL TRAINING - FEATURED PRODUCTS: Nutrition - ADVISORY BOARD 2012 WEIGH INDecember Ad Closing: 11/02/11 Materials Due: 11/04/11 - MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE - FEATURED PRODUCTS: Locker Room
  5. 5. “Improvement comes from learning, and Club Solutions offers insight into some of the best practices our industry offers.” - Chuck Runyon, Co-Founder & President, Anytime Fitness above: Craig laskow, the Managing Partner of Club H Fitness, april 2010 Cover Story. right: Billy Malkovich, the CEo of Mountainside Fitness, august 2010 Cover Story.I    C S M:Warm Club new Cover featuredup Corner product Story articlesThis section is devoted In this new Q & A section, we answer Spotlight We go beyond the ordinary interview, In every issue our featured articlesto bringing readers questions and In every issue we getting industry cover the mostbreaking news on the help our readers profile some of the leaders to share their relevant topics formost important topics overcome specific hottest new products stories of success health and fitnessin the health and challenges they are in the industry. with our readers. professionals (seefitness industry. facing in their clubs. Editorial Calendar).featured Solutions Cool W’ N products on down • Readers are able to view the digital Club Solutions Magazine from their smart phones.In every issue we Written by experts, Here, our readers share • Video and audio inside the digital magazine takes readersfeature a set of this section features success stories and inside clubs across the country.products in a user- solutions for various innovative, out-of- • The Facebook fan page allows us to keep up with clubsfriendly format topics, including the-box ideas and on a minute by minute basis.readers love (see retention, marketing, practices that are • The Member Experience gives you insight into the mindsEditorial Calendar). sales and technology. working for their clubs. of actual members. We hope to unveil and shed light onto what members actually want and expect from their health club.
  6. 6. MEET THE CLUB SOLUTIONS MAGAZINE ADVISORY BOARD CHUCK RUNYON KAREN WISCHMANN ROYCE PULLIAM Founder & President President & CEO CEO Anytime Fitness Total Woman Gym & Day Spa Global Fitness Holdings/Urban Active MATTHEW STEVENS MIKE SHEEHAN ED TRAINOR President & CEO CEO VP of Fitness Services & Western Athletic Clubs Bally Total Fitness Product Development Town Sports International DOUG WERNER ED WILLIAMS PETER TAUNTON COO Co-Founder & CEO Founder & CEO New England Wellbridge Snap Fitness Fitness Distributors RALPH RAJS JOEL TALLMAN GEOFFREY DYER Vice President Senior VP of Franchising & Founder Leisure Sports, Inc. Global Operations Lifestyle Family Fitness ClubSport Gold’s Gym International Former IHRSA President JEFF SKEEN NANETTE PATTEE FRANCINI ERIC CASABURI President & CEO President & Founder Founder & CEO Titan Fitness The Sports Club Company Retro Fitness JOE CIRULLI Bill McBride MARK FISHER Founder & CEO COO President & COO Gainesville Health & Fitness Club One Sport & Health
  7. 7. THE POWER BEHIND CLUB SOLUTIONS MAGAZINE ✓ Our Advisory Board Clubs and Publication Partners have proJected to spend $214,850,000 on eQuipment in 2011. ✓ In 2011, 797 new clubs are proJected to be opened by our Advisory Board and/or Publication Partners. ✓ Together they serve over 13.6 million members. ✓ Our Advisory Board and Publication Partners have annual revenues that amount to over $3.9 Billion. ✓ Our Advisory Board Clubs and Publication Partners represent 5,066 total clubs.right: Jim rowley, the CEo and Co-Founder of thenew Evolution Fitness Company, December 2009Cover Story.
  8. 8. The Club Solutions MagazineDigital Marketing advantage INTeRaCTIve ONLINe DIgITaL ISSUe: T Statistics: he Digital Edition of Club Solutions Maga- zine is delivered directly, via e-mail, to our subscribers, 18,528: making potential buyers only a Average page views per issue. mouse click away! With the look and feel of a “real” publication, 257: but with fully functional links Average click-thrus on ads per and potential videos for all ad- issue. vertisements, it has never been easier for readers to get in touch 67 hrs. 30 min: with you! Average total viewing time per issue. “I enjoy reading the magazine monthly online. What a great format!” - Joe Cirulli, Founder and CEO, Gainesville Health and Fitness Centers
  9. 9. © 2010 efi Sports Medicine / J31717 DIGITAL ADVERTISEMENT P l E a M S A VALUABLE TOOL “…when a piece of equipment fits the gamut for everybody, and yet specializes at the same time—I mean there is no perfect tool—but this one does cover the full spectrum. …And when you find a product that can actually attract people, because they ask for it, by name—that’s powerful.” Boston Sports Clu DTX have boosted bs four Total Gym units at - Ed Trainor, Vice President of Fitness Services, according to Rob Wpersonal training revenue Product Development, Town Sports International ood, Regional Fitnes s Director. Click to view more interviews at For more information call 800-541-4900 Australia • Benelux • Canada • China • Czech Republic • France • Germany • Hong Kong • Iceland • Italy • Japan • Mexico • New Zealand Portugal • Russia • Spain • Switzerland • Turkey • United Kingdom • USA
  10. 10. advancing Your Reach E-Newsletter: Touching Base with Members Twice a OUR DIgITaL MaRkeTINg SOLUTIONS TO Month heLp YOU ReaCh OUR ReaDeRS! Club Solutions Magazine Online Monthly Marketing Alert:A Place for Clubs and Advertisers to Connect The Monthly Marketing Alert Puts You in Front of the Buyer!Club Solutions Magazine e-Blast:The Perfect Way to Advertise Your Solution!
  11. 11. 2011 aDveRTISINg RaTeS & SpeCIfICaTIONS siZe once 3 times 6 times 12 times 2 Page Spread $5295 $4895 $4695 $4495 Full Page $4295 $3895 $3695 $3495 2/3 Page Vertical $3395 $2995 $2795 $2595 1/2 Page Island $3195 $2795 $2595 $2395 1/2 Page Horizontal $2895 $2595 $2395 $2195 1/3 Page Vertical $2395 $2195 $1995 $1795 1/4 Page $1995 $1695 $1495 $1295 1/4 Page New Product Showcase $995/per issue premium poSitionS ContaCt your aCCount repreSentative for Inside Front Cover $4895 information about online and ClaSSified Inside Back Cover $4495 advertiSing optionS. Outside Back Cover $5195 credit terms: New advertisers are required to pre-pay for their first insertion. Payment is due with ad insertion materials. additional terms: Additional terms and policies are spelled out in the Club Solutions standard insertion order, which must be signed prior to placement of advertising. design services: Our design team can prepare your ad for a nominal charge. Fees are dependent on the size and complexity of the project and allow for three revisions. special placement: Advertising packages can also include our “Must See” companies promotion for trade shows (1/4 page four color ad in a special section that includes: a 100 word description, product image, company logo, contact information, and booth number. Contact your account representative or Rico Francis at 770.424.4092 for more information about advertising in Club Solutions magazine. 1/2 page 1/3 page Full page Horizontal Vertical aD With Bleed: 7.175” x 4.8” 2.265” x 9.875” SIzeS 8.375” x 11.125” safe area: 7.875” x 10.625” 2/3 page 1/2 page island 1/4 page Vertical 4.875” x 7.6” 3.5” x 4.75” 4.695” x 9.875”General advertisinG specifications:Advertisers are strongly encouraged to submit advertising materials in a digital format according to the following guidelines. For questionsregarding submission of ad files, contact Brian McDonald at pdf & pdf/X1-a files: This is the preferredmethod for submitting ad files, provided they are press-optimized, high-res, CMYK, and have the fonts embedded. Please note that mostPDF files lack the ability to be edited or altered. other accepted file formats: JPG, TIFF, Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe InDesign®. photos: Mustbe hi-res (300 dpi or greater), actual size. page size: Trim: 8.125” x 10.875”. Image area: 7.875 x 10.25. Bleeds must extend at least 1/8 of aninch outside of the trim size for the ad. Copy for bleeds should not exceed the image area. Borders: We strongly advise that advertisers addtheir own borders when necessary. Ads submitted without borders that are less than a full page in dimension may have borders added atthe production manager’s discretion if the ad is created with a white background or low color opacity. This is to ensure separation betweeneditorial and advertising content. ftp Upload: To upload files to our FTP site, please email Brian McDonald at for instructions. proofing: Color proofs should be submitted with digital files, and they should be printed at 100%. In absence of paperproofs, Club Solutions is not responsible for color reproduction and cannot be responsible for returning proofs.
  12. 12. ™ THE #1 BUSINESS RESOURCE FOR THE HEALTH & FITNESS INDUSTRY for information about advertising rates or opportunities, please contact: rico francis 770.424.4092 david vail 678.384.8987 bruce Kennedy 770.424.4078 for information about upcoming editorial topics, please contact tyler montgomery at: 502.254.7021 tyler@clubsolutionsmagazine.comClub Solutions Magazine is published by Peake Media . 211 Towneparke Circle . Suite 200 . Louisville, KY 40243 WWW.CLUBSOLUTIONSMAGAZINE.COM