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Introduction to Superhero Movies


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Introduction to Superhero Movies

  1. 1. GCSE Film Studies
  2. 2. Why study Superhero Movies? Paper One: Exploring Film Form (1hr 30) Four Compulsory Questions Film Language Film Industry Film Audiences
  3. 3. Four Questions Question One: Respond to an extract focusing on film language Question Two: Respond to genre elements, focusing on ALL ASPECTS of film language Question Three: Respond to marketing and promotion of films Question Four: Creative tasks assessing the knowledge and understanding of film in relation to audience and industry
  4. 4. Example Questions 1. (a)Identify one example of editing or a camera shot used in this extract. (1)(b) How is editing used in this extract? (2)(c) How are two of the following used to create tension in this extract:• camerawork• sound• special effects• mise-en-scène? (7) [10] 2. (a) Identify one typical Superhero Movie convention used in this extract. (1)(b) Describe one example of how this convention is used in another Superhero Movie. (3)(c) Explain why this convention is used in other Superhero Movies you have studied. (6) [10]
  5. 5. Example Questions 3. How do film companies create interest in their movies in advance of their release?You may refer to the resource material to help you. [10] 4. You have been asked to create a marketing campaign for a new Superhero Movie. Complete the following tasks:(a) List three items from your campaign. (3)(b) Briefly describe how one of these items targets an audience. (3)(c) Design and annotate two items from your marketing campaign. (8)(d) Explain how your marketing campaign creates interest. (6) [20]
  6. 6. What is a Superhero Movie? A film based a comic book?  Not always – not all characters start in comics A film that features a  Well, what actually is a Superhero or Superheroes? superhero?
  7. 7. What is a Superhero? Is it somebody with  Not necessarily, as super powers? Batman does not actually have any super power It’s what a character  To defend the chooses to do with the weak, truth, justice, etc. powers they have
  8. 8. What is a Superhero?“A a man or woman with powers that are either massive extensions of human strengths and capabilities, or fundamentally different in kind, which he or she uses to fight for truth, justice and the protection of the innocent. A substantial minority of people without powers as such share a commitment to the superhero mission, so they are generally regarded as superheroes in spite of the absence of such powers” (Roz Kaveney - Superheroes! Capes and Crusaders in Comics and Films)
  9. 9. What is a Superhero?“A Superhero movie centres on individuals who use their powers for public rather than personal good, often against an enemy who uses their powers for personal rather than public good. Most are sourced from comic books” (Studying Film at GCSE) “With great power comes great responsibility” (Ben Parker, Spider-Man)
  10. 10. Task List as many Superhero movies as you can. What features do you think they share? Create a poster of Superhero movie features