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Symphonic dynamics of formative spirituality


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symphonic dynamics, formative spirituality, spiral dynamics, philosophical anthropology, theological anthropology, developmental psychology, personality psychology, psychological temperaments, enneagram, jungian psychology, lonergan's conversions, richard rohr's lineage,SYMPHONIC DYNAMICS of John Sobert Sylvest, Lineage of John Sobert Sylvest, viktor frankl, gerald may, franciscan tradition of scotus and rohr, benedictine monastic tradition, sanjuanist carmelite spirituality, ignatian spirituality and retreat movement, bernardian love of thomas merton, philosophical anthropology of bernard lonergan, pneumatological imagination and philosophical anthropology of amos yong, evolutionary epistemology and religious naturalism of michael cavanaugh, teleodynamic account of ursula goodenough and terrence deacon, american transcendentalists and continental existential philosophers and novelists - dostoevski, natural and social sciences at louisiana state university, polydoxy of great traditions, thomas merton and richard rohr lonergan's imperative, abraham maslow, humanistic psychology, philip st. romain's god, self and ego and 12 step spirituality, jungian account of jim arraj, enneagram interpretation of richard rohr, john haught's aesthetic teleology, hartshorne's panentheism, joe bracken's divine matrix, john courtney murray, great american founders, hesychast tradition of eastern orthodox, cynthia bourgealt, thomas keating, apophatic traditions of east and west, hindu and buddhist polypraxy, existential thomism of jim arraj and jacques maritain, pragmatic semiotic realism of charles sanders peirce and donald gelpi, via media of anglican catholicism, charismatic renewal of roman catholicism and global pentecostal account of amos yong, global dialogue of hans kung and leonard swidler and ingrid shafer

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