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In defense of metaphysics and its meaningfulness


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metaphysics, natural theology, philosophical theology, theology of nature, john haught, joseph bracken, philip clayton, david ray griffin, a.n. whitehead, charles sanders peirce, charles hartshorne, john milbank, catherine keller, thomas oord, monica coleman, tripp fuller, panentheism, john caputo, process theology, evolutionary epistemology, fallibilism, john sobert sylvest, malunkyaputta, nominalism, essentialism, univocity of being, analogy of being, god concept, epistemic indeterminacy, ontological undecidability, entropic erasure, problem of induction, godel's incompleteness theorems, infinite semiosis, self authenticity, self transcendence, self actualization, soteriological trajectory, sophiological trajectory, polydoxy, radical orthodoxy, radical hermeneutics, homebrewed christianity

Published in: Spiritual
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