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Skiftforum John Gunter 1105 EDT


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Can travel companies be true to their core values, including operational sustainability, and continue to deliver meaningful returns for their stakeholders?

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Skiftforum John Gunter 1105 EDT

  1. 1. travel industry's footprint & being! a responsible corporate citizen
  2. 2. Defining ourselves. • Avoid a narrow definition. • Let your actions do the talking. • Appeal to the wise. • Do the right thing.
  3. 3. CSR as a differentiator. • Remain a leader in your market segment. • Move quicker than regulators, with grace. • Lead, regardless of virtual- or meat-space. • CSR can be in important differentiator.
  4. 4. Focus on local. • Frame your intentions. • Stakeholders include your community. • Know your strengths. • Identify the expert, then ask help.
  5. 5. Potemkin partnerships. • Intuitive connection required. • Finding the right partner is hard. • Lock-it-in and start making a difference. • Honest-to-goodness partnerships are hard to copy.
  6. 6. It’s the way we must think. • Bake CSR into your company’s DNA. • Reconcile decisions with CSR standards. • Empower staff to be CSR leaders. • Rely on CSR to differentiate from competitors.
  7. 7. It makes economic sense. • Invest in a broad range of CSR initiatives. • Achieve buy-in from the top, all the way down. • CSR-based organizations perform better. • Attract and retain engaged staff.
  8. 8. Inspire to change thought & action. • Please generate lotsa C02. In perpetuity. • Reconcile this ask with your role as a steward. • Inspire guests to remain invested in your place. • Inspired guests are great word-of-mouth marketers.
  9. 9. Be a responsible corporate citizen. • Always inspire, never resort to cheap tactics. • Be the authority in your market segment. • This is our problem to solve. • Rely on CSR track record, action plan & roadmap.