CMS and librarians audio


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CMS and librarians audio

  1. 1. CMS and Librarians Librarian05
  2. 2. CMS (course management software)provides an instructor with a set of tools anda framework that allows the relatively easy creation of online course content and thesubsequently teaching and management of that course including various interactions with students taking the course. EDUCAUSE Evolving Technologies Committee John Meerts, Institution : Wesleyan University 10/20/03
  3. 3. Desire2Learn
  4. 4. Desire2LearnWhat Desire2Learn offers… Course building capabilities Assessment/collaboration options Integrated social learning tools
  5. 5. My impression of D2L  Use of various communication methods Ex. two-way voice, multipoint video, whiteboard • Assessment options Ex. Quizzes, and question sets • Integrated social learning tools Ex. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Blogs
  6. 6. Views on CMS Library integration onto course management systems is referred to “the embedded librarian.” (Hearn, 2005)
  7. 7. Librarians and CMS Many librarians have voiced their concerns about the lack of library integration into commercial CMS software packages and the need for librarian involvement in their design and implementation. (Buehler, 2004; Machevec, 2001; Shank & Dewald, 2003) Click sound for audio