Why You Should Become A Qivana Ibo


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Why You Should Become A Qivana Ibo

  1. 1. I have always considered myself a “no nonsense” kind of guy. I always give people the benefit of the doubt. I will believe you if you always shoot me straight. A character trait that is most important to me is my integrity. I have spent my life trying to build a reputation on integrity and honesty. I also strongly believe in helping others. If I have knowledge, which could benefit someone else, I am more than happy to sit down and share that knowledge. If you know me well enough to agree with what I just wrote then you will want to carefully study and analysis the business opportunity I am about to share with you! As you know, I have spent the last 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry and I have always been interested in health and nutrition. I have had the opportunity to watch new drugs developed that do wonderful things to help people who have specific diseases, but if you notice the pharmaceutical industry does nothing in the area of prevention. So how do we keep ourselves healthy so we don’t get these diseases? Well, as the medical community tells us, the only way to stay healthy is to exercise, get plenty of rest and eat a balance diet. But how do we know all the nutrients that are suppose to be in our foods are actually there? The answer, we don’t! I have always been skeptical that the foods we produce today have all the nutrients we need. And we suspect that “processed foods” may be a cause of some of our diseases, such as autoimmune diseases and cancer. That being said is why I am excited about this new business opportunity with a new nutraceutical company called Qivana. My research in the company and their products has led me to conclude that this is the answer to “Preventative Medicine”. I have come to believe that alternative medicine has become the preventative medicine that our current healthcare system does not provide. Alternative medicine is the preventative medicine that compliments today’s traditional healthcare!! OK, so why should you consider becoming an Independent Business Owner with Qivana? It may be for the same reason I became an Independent Business Owner. Since 2007 the pharmaceutical industry has been downsizing. Over the next 10 years I expect there to be less reps than we have today. I may not make it until retirement. So I may have to take a job making less money. To off set that income difference I need another source of income. That’s what I call Qivana, an opportunity to have another source of income. My entire career I have been subject to one source of income, my employer. What happens if that employer doesn’t need you any more? You must find another job quickly or live on your savings. How long can you live on your savings before you have to start spending your retirement to live? The question you have to ask yourself, “Do I have a plan if I loose my job?” OK, so you feel your career is safe. And you may be right, but how much confidence do you have in our current economy, the White House and Congress?
  2. 2. As many of you know, I have spent the last 10 years studying the stock market and the global economy. If you read enough media sources you will find there is NOT consensus among economist. At best you can expect slow growth in the U.S. for the next decade. The U.S. consumer has too much debt and not enough savings for retirement, so they will need to pay down debt and save for retirement. Things can get worse going forward! If you have a job you will not notice how slow things are in our economy. If you are looking for a job, you will know! It will take longer to find a job than during good times. If you work for someone else, your job stability could change on a dime. If you are in business for yourself business could change for your customers. It doesn’t matter if you work for someone or in business for yourself, if you only have one source of income, then you are putting yourself and your family at financial risk. What is your plan if your only source of income goes away with unemployment at 10%? OK, so you agree with having multiple sources of income, but why Qivana? I found Qivana through a friend named AJ Monte. I met AJ through Charles Schwab when I attended one of his seminars on stock trading with technical analysis. If you google AJ Monte you will see why I trust him. He doesn’t need the money. He is already successful, but he is always interested in a good business opportunity. OK, so I knew this was a good opportunity because I knew AJ, but you don’t know AJ, so how can I convince others? http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla%3Aen-US %3Aofficial&hs=6ZT&q=aj+monte&btnG=Search&aq=f&oq=&aqi= Above is the link to AJ’s google page. Please check this out now before continuing. In order to explain this to others I needed to understand 4 things: 1) Who is behind the company and is it legitimate? 2) Is there science behind the products to prove their effectiveness? 3) What is their compensation plan? 4) How does the company help you become successful? Now I will spend the rest of this document sharing with you the evidence behind these four questions? To be very successful in this business you must be able communicate effectively why this is a great opportunity. But you don’t need to understand everything in the beginning to start making money. You only need to convince someone to talk to me and I will convince them. As you hear me explain the business on a 3-way call you will learn how to explain it. That’s the philosophy of the company. You must stay with the people who you get in until they can run their business as well as you. If you target the right people you only need to have 5-6 people you have signed up, then help them develop their
  3. 3. business and in a period of 3-6 months you can have 100 people under you, at which point you would start to make around $1000 weekly! WHO STARTED QIVANA? Qivana was started by a man name Derek Hall. Derek has been in the nutraceutical business for the last ten years after spending 20 years with McKesson, a large distributor of healthcare related products, including pharmaceuticals. He was CEO and president of Nature’s Way for 3 years. Nature’s Way would be considered a producer of nutraceuticals selling to retail. He was also president and CEO for Botanicals International. Botanicals International processes the raw material, herbs, etc. and sells it to the Nature’s Way of the world. CEO of Integrative Therapeutics, Inc. Integrative Therapeutics is the largest provider of specialty dietary supplements to medical professionals in North America. So Derek understands the marketing and manufacturing of nutraceuticals. He started Qivana with 4 guys who came from other health related network marketing products. These guys took the ideas of other network marketing companies and made it better. Rodney James is Chief Sales Officer for Qivana. His past experience includes Director of Product Marketing for Xango and the Director of Sales for NuSkin. Devin Glazier was Senior Director of Finance for Xango. The link below will take you to the company Website to see more on these 4 guys Derek Hall chose to start Qivana. http://www.qivana.com/index.php?p_resource=qivana-company-team Link to an article written in 2006 about Derek Hall: http://www.npicenter.com/anm/templates/Exec_Series.aspx? articleid=16049&zoneid=98 THE PRODUCTS AND THE SCIENCE BEHIND THEM? Qivana started with a system approach. Instead of buying products individually, your buying a system designed to help your immune system become stronger. What a great concept for “preventative medicine!” It’s really a 3 product system consisting of a probiotic called Qore Probiotics; the second product is called Qore Essentials, which is made up of 3 Chinese herbs that are very popular in the Orient and the 3rd product is called Qore Detox – removes metals and toxins from the body. Check out this link: http://www.qivana.com/index.php?p_resource=qivana-products-advantage
  4. 4. Let’s take a look at the first product: Qore Probiotics QORE PROBIOTICS Live microorganisms, which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host. This is the definition developed by the WHO. In this case these microorganisms are friendly bacteria. The world is full of friendly and unfriendly bacteria. The most important health benefit probiotics can do for your body is help build a strong immune system. We still need more research in using probiotics to treat certain diseases, but one thing science has shown is probiotics can be used for preventive health. In other words there is success in using probiotics to treat certain diseases, although limited success. There is still work to be done, but THERE IS MORE INFORMATION SHOWING PROBIOTICS CAN BE USED AS A PREVENTATIVE HEALTH ALTERNATIVE BY KEEPING YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM STRONG ENOUGH TO FIGHT UNFRIENDLY BACTERIA!! Some areas probiotics are currently being used: • To treat diarrhea • To prevent and treat infections of the urinary tract or female genital tract • To treat irritable bowel syndrome • To reduce recurrence of bladder cancer • To shorten how long an intestinal infection lasts that is caused by a bacterium called Clostridium difficile. • To prevent and treat pouchitis (a condition that can follow surgery to remove the colon) • To prevent and manage atopic dermatitis (eczema) in children Back to how they work as preventative. Remember, the definition of probiotics is live microorganisms, which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host. So probiotics are live microbial organisms that are naturally present in the digestive tract. Remember I said friendly vs unfriendly bacteria. It is a balancing act. Our bodies must maintain a balance of good vs bad bacteria. What can affect this balance? • Inadequate dietary fiber • Oral antibiotic therapy • Infant formula feeding • Ingestion of environmental toxins (What about the antibiotics and hormones given to cows and chickens?) If the friendly bacteria vs the unfriendly bacteria get out of balance, then we are open to infections. Qore Probiotic uses Trisphere™ technology, a proprietary triple-layered beadlet, to deliver our proven bacteria to the intestines. Trisphere technology is the most
  5. 5. advanced and revolutionary delivery system available on the planet because it provides a guarantee of the number of organisms that will actually make it into your GI tract alive, viable, and intact. Life flourishes first in our digestive system. For a probiotics supplement to be effective, it must be delivered alive to its site of action. Most capsules, tablets, powders, liquids, foods, and pills, even if enteric-coated, deliver smaller amounts of viable probiotics where they can colonize. These delivery systems are unable to keep these bacteria alive and transport them to the site of action where they can be utilized by the intestinal tract. What this simply means is that even if your system receives the good bacteria, it may not be enough or it may be in a state that isn’t beneficial or usable to your system. Ultimately, you’re taking a chance by using a probiotic that can’t guarantee its delivery system. Walk into a health food store and look at the label on the probiotics. It will say at time of manufacture. In the long run, you may not be receiving the health benefits that you’re hoping and paying for. Qore Probiotic is scientifically designed to: • Promote healthy digestion and the balance of healthy gut flora • Improve intestinal ecology and overall well-being • Reduce lactose intolerance symptoms • Promote bowel regularity and prevent diarrhea • Reduce gastrointestinal discomfort • Improve the level of naturally occurring good bacteria • Reduce the generation of toxic metabolic end-products • Support improved nutritional status • Inhibit the adhesion and/or invasion of pathogenic bacteria, including pathogenic and food-borne microns, onto the intestinal cells. • Support intestinal mucosal immunity (IgA), and activate the modulate specific systemic immunological functions for immune/inflammation protection and infection prevention. • Support oxalate degradation activity Key ingredients: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Bifidobacterium longum, Bifidobacterium lactis. Check this link: http://www.qivana.com/index.php?p_resource=qivana-products-stabilize QORE ESSENTIALS Qore Essentials is a proprietary blend of concentrated extracts of powerful phytonutrients from the Crown Herb, White Korean ginseng and Chinese skullcap. These three herbs were chosen because of their powerful healing properties, which have been carefully researched. Scientific studies have revealed that these three plants collectively have a synergistic effect—they work together to enhance, balance, and complement the benefits of each other. This
  6. 6. synergized botanical blend offers a broad range of health-promoting properties, versus a singular and targeted “silver-bullet” ingredient approach. The compound, which gives herbs, the healing properties are called saponins. These compounds work as the plant’s natural immune system, a natural antibiotic that protects the plant against harmful microbes and fungus. They have the ability to bind with cholesterol and pathogens entering the body forming molecules too large to be absorbed through the intestinal wall. These cholesterol and pathogen molecules are then carried through the digestive system, forcing them to be eliminated. This process not only reduces cholesterol, but also by binding the harmful pathogens, saponins also relieves stress from the body’s vital immune system. This enables the body’s natural immune factors and antibodies to be more efficient in combating harmful diseases and low-grade inflammation that is so important in reducing progressive heart disease. In the herbal community, herbs, which act to increase the body’s resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety and fatigue are called Adaptogens. About one in three hundred herbs are considered adaptogenic herbs. Adaptogens have the ability to balance endocrine hormones and the immune system, and they help the body to maintain optimal homeostasis. Adaptogens are proposed to have a normalizing effect on the body and are capable of either toning down the activity of hyperfunctioning systems or strengthening the activity of hypofunctioning systems. The Qore Essentials formula utilizes the healing properties of two legendary adaptogenic herbs, White Korean ginseng and the Crown Herb. Crown Herb – also called Gynostemma pentaphyllum or Jiaogulan. At the center of the formula lays the Crown Herb, an incredibly powerful botanical with tremendous benefits. The unparalleled composition of the Crown Herb makes it the ideal adaptogen, providing an exceptionally broad range of health-promoting properties. Through good science, it has been discovered that the Crown Herb contains some of the exact same saponin glycosides that empower Panax ginseng with its host of honored herbal powers. In other words, the Crown Herb contains some of the exact same nutrients with the identical chemical structure as Panax ginseng. In fact, at least eight of these saponins are identical matches to those found in true ginseng. This discovery is significant because it’s the first time that these ginseng saponins have been found in a plant outside of the ginseng family. Both ginseng and the Crown Herb derive their therapeutic capabilities from saponins; and while ginseng has been revered as the King of Herbs, modern science has discovered that the Crown Herb contains approximately four times the variety of saponin content that are found in Panax ginseng.
  7. 7. White Korean Ginseng – the saponins in ginseng are called ginsenosides. The potential health effects of ginsenosides are anticarcinogenic, immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, antiatherosclerotic, antihypertensive, and antidiabetic effects as well as antistress activity and effects on the central nervous system. As an adaptogen, it enables system-wide non- specific protection against various mental, physical, and environmental stressors. Panax ginseng is listed in the national pharmacopoeias of China, Japan, Russia, Austria, France, Germany, and Switzerland. Chinese Skullcap - Scutellaria baicalensis, Baikal skullcap, or Chinese skullcap, has been used in traditional Chinese herbal formulas, like ginseng, for over two millennia. It is one of the oldest and most well known of all the herbs in Chinese medicine. In fact, it is considered one of the top 50 fundamental herbs employed in TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine). Historically, it has been therapeutically applied for enteritis, diarrhea, cystitis, inflammation, chronic lung and liver problems, jaundice, fevers, combating allergies, cardiovascular concerns including hypertension, and infections whether bacterial, viral, fungal, or yeast. Its modern uses and continued research show its ability for strengthening the immune system, quenching free-radical oxidation, calming inflammatory conditions, soothing the nervous system, and abolishing abnormal cellular growth, as well as acting as a potent antimicrobial and antiviral. My attempt here is to give enough information about the science behind the Qore Essentials for you to understand the benefits found in this proprietary blend of herbs. It is possible to get too deep into the literature that does exist, but sufice it to say, the following it a good summation of what the Qore Essentials are do: Scientific Research has demonstrated in numerous studies that the ingredients in Qore Essentials: • Promotes energy and protects against fatigue • Helps your body maintain healthy cholesterol levels that are within a normal range • Supports blood pressure levels that are within a normal range • Supports healthy cardiovascular function • Maintains the metabolic functions of the body • Supports healthy liver and immune function Check the link: http://www.qivana.com/index.php?p_resource=qivana-products-vitalize
  8. 8. Qore Detox Puratox is a scientifically validated blend of natural ingredients that can rid your blood, cells, and tissues of heavy metals, free radicals and toxins. Puratox contains: 1) Molecularly-modified citrus pectin (MCP) 2) Modified alginates 3) Organic Kelp MCP - In the plant, pectin is the material that joins the plant cells together. When fungus enzymes break down the pectin in fruit, the fruit gets soft and mushy. Pectin is not digested, and is considered a beneficial dietary fiber. Because pectin’s molecules are too large to be digested and absorbed into the bloodstream, its actions are limited to its activity in the digestive tract. Scientists have modified its larger molecules into smaller, less complex ones, creating modified citrus pectin. The smaller molecules are able to travel across the intestinal lining and through the bloodstream where they can interact with other cells in the blood or tissues. The best, and most expensive, process for creating MCP involves taking pectin through the enzymatic process that chops pectin’s long molecular chain into smaller, uniform pieces. The less expensive methods don’t break the pectin down into uniform pieces and typically cannot produce molecules less than 30,000 Daltons. Presently, Puratox™ is the only product found to contain molecules between 10,000 and 20,000 Daltons, all of uniform size. Anything smaller than 10,000 Daltons seems to break down too quickly and may be too small for the immune system to recognize; whereas 30,000 may be too large to be absorbed. The MCP component works systemically throughout the circulatory system. Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) is a dietary supplement derived from the peel and pulp of citrus fruit. MCP is mostly known for its positive effects on cellular health. Recently, however, clinical research on MCP has produced exciting results for its use as a gentle chelator (eliminator) of mercury and other heavy metals. Some of the expanding clinical applications for MCP include: • Detoxification; reduction of heavy metal body burden • Supports normal cholesterol levels • Immunomodulation enhancement Modified Alginates - Alginic acid, also called algin or alginate, is a viscous gum that is abundant in the cell walls of brown algae. Alginate is a natural absorbent of radioactive elements, heavy metals, and free radicals. It has the unique ability of binding heavy metals and radioactive elements to its own molecules. Because the Alginate cannot be broken down by bile or saliva and cannot be absorbed by the body, it is secreted from the body together with the heavy metals and radioactive substances. Alginates are a form of indigestible polysaccharide (fiber). There are various types, all derived from the salts of alginic acid; they include ammonium alginate,
  9. 9. calcium alginate, potassium alginate, and sodium alginate. Their “healing power” comes from their ability to absorb fluids and to form a gel. In the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux, for example, Alginates are believed to form a foamlike layer that floats on the surface of gastric contents in the stomach and prevents the backflow of these contents into the esophagus. Alginates have been researched extensively in preventing absorption and removing selective toxic elements, as well as decreasing absorption of fats, sugars, and cholesterol from dietary intake. By nature’s design, they are unique natural absorbents of radioactive elements, heavy metals, and free radicals. For example, they are recommended and have been used in decontamination protocols for heavy metal/radioactive exposures, including the Chernobyl nuclear contamination disaster. The alginates work predominantly in the gastrointestinal tract to prevent re- absorption of toxins. They also bind to fats, cholesterol, and toxins in the diet before they are absorbed by the body and support their elimination. Organic Kelp – Check this link: http://www.qivana.com/index.php?p_resource=qivana-products-optimize Our current healthcare system does a good job in treating certain conditions, but we are terrible in preventative measures. We do nothing in the preventative arena and that is why the area of complementary and alternative medicine is gaining major ground, because conventional medicine is not addressing this area. Derek Hall’s vision was to develop a system approach in putting together a combination of products shown to have great health benefits, but would be taken together rather than having to purchase individually. Think of Qivana’s 3- product system as your prescription for preventative health. BUSINESS STRUCTURE AND COMPENSATION PLAN When you come to work for Qivana you come as an Independent Business Owner (IBO). You are a subcontractor. The minimum you have to do is get 2 IBOs into the business to start making money. You need to sign 4 IBOs in to get the maximum payout. Your job then is to stay with your 4 IBOs until they each sign 4 IBOs. Then you can continue to help those get 4, etc., while adding new ones yourself as time goes by. The second thing you have to do is buy product each month on auto ship. You have 2 options. You can buy 2 systems @ $65 each for a total of $130 or buy 4 systems for a total of $250 per month. It’s better to start at 2 systems per month until you get 2 IBOs to join. Your payout is more if you auto ship 4 systems monthly. The third thing is make an initial
  10. 10. purchase of a minimum of $250 up to $1000. There is a financial incentive to make an initial purchase of $1000. To be discussed later. Potential customers can be a retail customer or an IBO. It’s all done over the computer. You don’t have to go to any meetings, unless your group decides they want to get together. Now here is the important part: YOU HAVE TO GET PAST THE NETWORK MARKETING STIGMA!!! This is not the same Network Marketing that came about 20-30 years ago. The DIFFERENCE is Qivana started with a product concept in mind from Derek Hall, who was already in the nutraceutical business. From there they had to decide how to bring the product to market. They could have chosen retail/advertising or the infomercial strategy or network marketing. They chose NWM. One thing you can always count on is change. This is not the same NWM it was 20 years ago. Amway was created on the bases of NWM. BUT Qivana created a system of products proven to improve health then had to decide how to sell the product. They chose NWM to distribute the product as opposed to infomercials. This is a nutraceutical company, with products proven to improve your health from a preventative perspective, but also some evidence to show from a treatment perspective. There are three main ways to earn money in Qivana’s Team binary plan Team commissions – this is the base of the compensation plan. This is a binary plan so everyone falls into either your right leg or your left leg. The commission is 10% of the point volume in your lesser leg. To begin earning the Team Commissions, you must qualify as a Silver Pro, personally sponsor two IBOs on AutoShip and have at least 500 Group Volume in your lesser leg. Team commissions come from the group under you and from people who spill down to you from above. The Executive Matching Bonus – entitles you to receive a share of the Team Commissions on the people you personally sponsor, up to a total of 7 generations. Now let me explain the difference between a level and a generation. Each personally sponsored IBO is on your 1st level; each IBO they sponsor is your 2nd level, etc. A generation is an IBO below you who qualifies for the EMB. The only difference between a level and a generation is the generation has qualified for the EMB and the level has not, yet. So how do you qualify for the EMB? To qualify for EMB you must meet 4 criteria: Qualify as a Silver Pro (meaning you have sponsored someone on your left and someone on your right) Have a minimum of 100-purchase volume on autoship. (i.e. $130 monthly or 2 systems) Personally sponsored at least 4 active IBOs on AutoShip (or 2 more IBOs after qualifying as Silver Pro)
  11. 11. Make an initial purchase of 225 Purchase Volume (PV) or $250 (4 systems) Further explanation of the difference between a generation and a level is you may have to go to your 2nd or 3rd level to find an IBO who qualifies for the EMB. That IBO would be considered your 1st generation. That’s why it is important to recruit IBOs in the beginning that will do something and not let it die on the vine. As the chart below explains the % payout is based on how many IBOs you personally sponsored and how many IBOs below you qualify for the EMB. (NOTE) – We are paid on PV, NOT dollars. The EMB is the incentive to stay close to the IBOs you sign to help them sign at least 4 IBOs. If you are successful on your IBOs signing 4 IBOs, etc., your EMB can be larger than your Team Bonus! Below are the options available for your Initial Product Purchase and Monthly Autoship: Five Initial Product Order Options (all are 30 day supply) 1. Qore Single: $65 (1system) 50 PV commissionable volume. 2. Qore Standard: $130 (2 systems) 100 PV commissionable volume. 3. Qore Share: $250 (4 systems) 225 PV commissionable volume. The advantage of signing in with a minimum $250 initial product order is that it qualifies you to be paid on both Team Commissions (Binary), Executive Matching Bonuses (Unilevel) and maximize the Incentive Bonuses*.
  12. 12. 4. Business: $500 (8 systems) 450 PV commissionable volume. 5. Business Max $1000 (16 systems) 1000 PV commissionable volume. Financial Advantages: Initial Product Order Qore Single $65/50 PV: Qualifies you to receive Team Commissions (Binary) and Incentive Bonuses*. Qore Standard $130/100 PV: Qualifies you to receive Team Commissions (Binary) and additional Incentive Bonuses. Qore Share $250/225 PV: Qualifies you to receive Team Commissions (Binary), Executive Matching Bonus (Unilevel) and Incentive Bonuses. Business $500/450 PV: Qualifies you to receive Team Commissions (Binary), Executive Matching Bonuses (Unilevel), and Incentive Bonuses. Personal sponsoring requirements are waived and receive Executive Matching Bonuses on one generation for six weeks. Business Max $1000/1000 PV: Qualifies you to receive Team Commissions (Binary), Executive Matching Bonuses (Unilevel) and Incentive Bonuses. Personal sponsoring requirements are waived and receive Executive Matching Bonuses on three generations for twelve weeks. • Incentive Bonuses are another key to Qivana’s Compensation Plan and will be explained in the fourth way to make money. Three AutoShip Choices and Advantages 1. Qore Single 50 PV AutoShip qualifies you to receive Team Commissions (Binary) of the lesser leg and Incentive Bonuses. However, no commissions are paid on the Executive Matching Bonus (Unilevel). 2. Qore Standard 100 PV AutoShip qualifies you to receive Team Commissions (Binary) of the lesser leg plus up to three levels of the Executive Matching Bonus (Unilevel), and Incentive Bonuses. 3. Qore Share 225 PV AutoShip qualifies you to receive Team Commissions (Binary) of the lesser leg plus up to seven levels of the Executive Matching Bonus, and the highest payout on Incentive Bonuses. INCENTIVE BONUSES Silver2 Bonus – called Silver Squared. (Remember you become a Silver Pro when you get one IBO on your right and one IBO on your left.) This is a $40 bonus paid every time one of your personally sponsored IBOs becomes Silver (Sponsors 2 IBOs) That’s why it is important you stay with your IBOs until they personally sponsor 2 IBOs. Quick Start Bonus – You are paid a % of your new IBO’s initial product purchase based on your monthly AutoShip. If your AutoShip is 100 PV you get 10%. If your AutoShip is 225 PV you get 20%. Example: I sign Bob, who has an initial purchase of $1000 = 1000 PV. I am on a 100 PV AutoShip. I get 10% of Bob’s 1000 PV or $100. If I were on 225 AutoShip I would get 20% or $200.
  13. 13. Builder Bonus - The Builder Bonus is a very simple bonus and an added incentive for you to help your new personally sponsored IBOs get their business going quickly. You earn an additional commission on each initial order of 225PV or more of your personally sponsored IBOs. The Builder Bonus is above and beyond your Quick Start commission you may have already earned. If you have an AutoShip option of at least 100 PV, you are eligible to receive up to $35 in Builder Bonus based on your new IBOs initial purchase. However, if your AutoShip is 225PV or greater; you are eligible to receive up to $80. Initial Purchase New IBO Your AutoShip 100 PV 225 PV PV 225 $8 $18 450 $16 $36 1000 $35 $80 TOOLS PROVIDED BY THE COMPANY AND OTHER IBOS Tuesday night conference calls. Below is an example of an AJ Monte CC recorded on 10/29/09 http://mentor.byoaudio.com/files/media/AJMonteRecruitingcall29Sept09.mp3 Greenstore www.qteamuniversity.com www.qivana.com Your own personal website with the opportunity to start your on blog. (A blog will become important if you use the social media networks: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.