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BC&D-3: Bible Marking Guide


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Biblical Counselors counsel from the Word.Tonight we are learning how to apply the principles of the only counseling manual, guide, and reference book that God authorized, personally wrote, and uses on a daily basis in this global network of counselors.

To understand this manual and the counseling network, please open your copy of the Biblical Counseling & Discipleship Manual to Isaiah 9:6.

Yes, the manual is the Bible, and the network of counselors is made up of all obedient believers throughout all the ages of God's Word to mankind.

This class this evening is an extension of the Biblical Counseling & Discipleship ministry that God started, wrote about, and supports in every way.

All of us are in training to renew or join that ministry. That is why we all signed up to ne a part of this Biblical Discipleship & Counseling 101 ministry

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BC&D-3: Bible Marking Guide

  1. 1. December 01, 2012Three Levels:• Basic (exposure to Biblical Counseling):come, listen, stay with us by reading thelesson, looking up the verses, keeping upwith the G.R.O.W. choices, working on thememory verses.• Intermediate (working knowledge soequipped to counsel): all the above, plusdoing and "notebooking" the BCF DailyDevotions, highlighting many of the keyverses, memorizing the verses.• Advanced: all the above plus doing all thehomework, all the student workbook pages,and the other extra supplement pages.
  2. 2. December 01, 2012p. 19
  3. 3. December 01, 2012Isaiah 64:6
  4. 4. December 01, 2012Rom. 3:9-12
  5. 5. December 01, 2012Acts 26:19-20
  6. 6. December 01, 2012p.20a
  7. 7. December 01, 2012 p.20b
  8. 8. December 01, 2012 p. 21a
  9. 9. December 01, 2012 p. 21b
  10. 10. December 01, 2012p. 22a
  11. 11. December 01, 2012p. 22b
  12. 12. December 01, 2012p. 23a
  13. 13. December 01, 2012p. 23b
  14. 14. December 01, 2012p. 24
  15. 15. December 01, 2012p. 26a
  16. 16. December 01, 2012p. 26b
  17. 17. December 01, 2012p.27a
  18. 18. December 01, 2012p.27b