Soft skills for managers


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Soft skills for managers

  1. 1. SOFT SKILLS FOR MANAGERSA manager plays the vital role in any organization. He has to work at many levels and every day the needsto deal with many people. Therefore he needs to develop different skill-sets to handle all the diverseresponsibilities.To handle managerial responsibilities both hard and soft skills are important. Only having goodqualifications and knowledge about work is not enough. Beyond these, a person also needs to know theart of managing people, which is called as soft skills.Basically management is all about managing emotions and egos of individuals. Only giving instructionsand orders to the subordinates does not prove that you are a good manager. The managers should learn tolisten to their subordinates. Listening is a very important part of soft skills.Good speakers always need to be good listeners. Only through active listening, the real problems of theemployees can be understood and the manger can come up with the proper solution. Active listening winsthe trust of employees and builds rapport between managers and his subordinates. Whether the managersaddress the issues or not but what is expected out of them is active listening with empathy.Active listening helps in avoiding and preventing the problems from happening. Listening helps tounderstand employee’s problems only, you can offer some solutions. Many conflicts happenintorganization only because the parties are not ready to listen to each other and both sides want to put theirforth first.Apart from good listening, emotional intelligence is another area where mangers have to focus keenly atwork place. As people are different, their emotions are different. When it comes to handle the staff,managers have to face many people with diverse behavioral patterns. Some are quick tempered and someare soft spoken by nature. Some are introverts and some are extroverts. So here only bookish knowledgewould not help the manager; he requires extraordinary ability to understand people well.Soft skills help when they start allocating roles and responsibilities to the employees. When mangersknows his employees. When managers knows his employees attitude well then it’s easy to them toappoint a people on different positions. When ant human being does what interests him then automaticallythe quality of the work improves. It helps in reaching the goals much faster and gives better results.Giving feedback to the employees in the right way important. Managers should learn the art of givingfeedback constructively and positively without any prejudices. While criticizing, it is essential to focus onthe behavior of the individuals rather than on the behavior of the individuals rather than on theindividuals. Make sure while criticizing anyone that the person understands it positively. That’s why it’scalled an dart; the concerned person should understand your point and should not fell insulted then andthere will be transformation in his behavior. It helps the individual as well as organization. Besides,
  2. 2. manger will also earn respect. If a manager does not like a person’s behavior then he should not sayanything to that person in the presence of people. He should say it only when they are alone. Otherwise inpublic it can ruin the image of the person and he might feel awkward to work. At times it leads to self-defense or arguments on the part on the concerned individuals and finally it may boomerang.The manager should know the right way to criticize. There are some techniques of criticism which make aperson understand his mistake and not feel bad. While criticizing the behavior of the individuals,managers should stress on one method of feedback. In this method of feedback, the conversation beginswith positive terms, for example the manager can first mention the good point. Then he can move tocriticize and the message related to the areas where in the behavioral changes have to be brought out andcloses again with a positive message. The feedback is an excellent tool and can be used for building betterrelations and bringing out behavioral changes among the individuals. It becomes one of the elements ofsoft skills.Part of a manager’s strength is their soft skills. This is because when you possess these, managing yourpeople can become easier. Not entirely easy, because the hurdles would still be present, but it would be somuch better than if you did not have the necessary soft skills.Being flexible and able to adapt to the changing needs of an organization also qualify as soft skills, as dobeing able to collaborate with others and influence situations through lateral and more creativethinking.Most progressive companies and their managers are looking for people’s ability to communicate clearlyand openly, and to listen and respond empathetically.Good soft skills also include the ability of people to balance the commercial needs of their staff.Soft skills are basically a group of personal qualities, habits, attitudes and social graces that makesomeone a good employee and compatible to work with. Company values soft skills because researchsuggests and experience shows that they can be just as important as an indicator of job performance ashard skills.Some of the most common soft skills employers are looking for and will be assessing you on includes:Work EthicsManagers need to have strong work ethics and skills to motivate the people to get work done from them.It doesn’t matter so much as to how do you get work done through your subordinates. This is the mostimportant work of the manager and that he needs to use all his abilities.Communication SkillsThe position of the manager demands a vocal articulate person. He can’t ignore communication skills.The person should be expressive enough and be able tospeak about his needs in a way that builds bridgeswith colleagues, customers and vendors. Each and every field is related to communication. Whencommunication is strong within an organization then it helps its growth.
  3. 3. Optimistic AttitudeBusiness means risk so at anytime that lots of conflicts occur at work place, first and foremost themanager need to keep his temper cool. He should always have positive attitude. He should not getdepressed due to small issues.Problem-Solving SkillsInstead of thinking about the problems a person needs to have a skill for solving them. Whether it arisesbecause of him or his team members a manger always needs to have the sprit to solve it.Time Management AbilitiesTime management is a skill every person needs. A manager needs it more than anybody else and shouldalways know which work should be given more priority. He also knows about deadlines of work andshould accordingly allot time schedules for various tasks.Team Player and MakerA manager knows how to behave with people with different attitudes and he deals with each personaccordingly. But it’s difficult for him to create a good understanding between all staff members. For aproject to be successful, good team workis very necessary. The manger has to maintain propercoordination between the team members. Conflicts happen between peoples so managers need to create abond between them.Self-ConfidenceIt is an important term for individual. The manager should truly believe himself. He should project asense of calm and inspires confidence in others. At time he should also have the courage to ask his seniorquestions related to organizational benefits.Ability to Accept and Learn From CriticismNo one is perfect so if any mistake happens. He should be able to handle criticism. One should learn fromhis mistakes. It helps to improve the quality of work.Flexibility/AdaptabilityA manger should be able to adapt to new situation and challenges. He should be flexible enough to adaptnew techniques.Motivation to the subordinatesWhen a person commits mistakes the manager has the right to warm him. Similarly when he works well aperson needs to be commended and motivated. Small motivational gestures provide a lot of energy towork. Performance of the person also improves significantly.Working Well Under Pressure
  4. 4. Every organization is always under performing well and meets the deadlines, so a manger should have theability to work under constant pressure. The things should not get messed up only because of workpressure.Open-MindednessOne of the biggest mistakes a manager could make is to believe that they have all the answers. Thinkingthat you are always right could cost you a lot, in terms of your relations with your subordinates. It isnecessary that you keep an open-mind; learn from others just as they are learning from you. Be open toconstructive criticism because it is through this that you will discover your shortcomings and be able todo something to improve.If you want to be known as a good manager then focus on the skills most likely to interest the prospectiveemployers and learn to demonstrate these skills through your resume, in an interview or in dealing withpotential employers at career fair or industry association gatherings.For example, tell story of how you successfully handled a crisis or challenge at your company. Mentionhonors you received or even bring along letters of thanks or commendation from an employer orcustomer. Remember, if you want to work as manager you should develop your skills. Some skills youhave to learn before joining the organization and some you will develop after entering into professionalworld.Things to do everyday:-Follow these ten golden rules and enjoy every moment of living.~ Greet your family members first thing in the morning. If you are not used to this, they will be surprisedwith your sudden and nice gesture.~ Greet your peers, subordinates and boss once you enter the office. Smile at even the security personnelstanding at the gate, who takes care of your safety.~ Greet your friends along the way and do not ignore them.~ Continuouslyreciprocates to breed communication. If you do not reciprocate at least with a thankswhen you get information or a source on your online network or your offline network, you will not beremembered for a long time. If you are not remembered, you are out of your network.~ Be a proactive listener and empathies with others to command respect.~ While talking to others, your voice, tone and tenor must be audible and soothing. It should not beaggressive or in a shouting mode.
  5. 5. ~ Dress well to suit your profession and to create positive vibes in your workplace. If you are a salesrepresentative, do not go out with printed shirts and jeans, which may turn down your customer.~ Political and religious comments must be avoided at all costs in the workplace, when you are in agroup.~ Your communication should not provoke others.~ Do not speak ill of others if you can help it.