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Innovative Technology Systems Inc. Winning Team


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We have hands-on experience engineering, constructing, and commissioning biodiesel facilities. The Jatropha Biodiesel facility we are currently constructing in Africa will have a Phase I capacity of 48,000 Metric Tons per annum. The project is planned for a total of four (4) phases over five (5) years. Our equipment is fabricated in modules and is very cost competitive compared to stick built facilities and can be installed and commissioned in about half the time. The biodiesel modules are scalable in 4000/litre per hour increments.

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Innovative Technology Systems Inc. Winning Team

  1. 1. Integrated Agricultural and Biofuel Solutions Services ServicesThe winning team:
  2. 2. The Company and its ObjectivesInnovative Technology Systems Inc. (ITS) a Kansas, USA based Company. ITS is anexperienced biofuel project developer, and can provide an end-to-end solution includingplantation development for the production of bio-oils on the front end through to themanufacture and construction of integrated oil extraction, and biodiesel facilities on theback end. The ITS solution includes machinery for the extraction of oil from seed orfruit, pre-treatment of the crude oils, and Biodiesel production, utilizing proprietarypatented technology, and processes that are environmentally responsible, and asignificant improvement from a greenhouse gas perspective compared to many currentcommercial technologies. ITS provides it clients the opportunity to incorporate ourproprietary value-added processes that can significantly improve the overall processeconomics, which translates into a stronger competitive advantage in themarketplace, and lowers the overall risk.Slide 2
  3. 3. The VisionITS provides vertically integrated Agricultural and Biofuel Solutions, and consists of afirst class team of scientists, engineers, business strategists, and agronomists who offerunrivalled technical expertise, and understanding of the dynamics and complexity of theglobal biofuels market.Slide 3
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  12. 12. Thank you for your attention. Contact:John Anderson – Chief Operating Officer David Blythe – Chief TechnologyE-mail: OfficerCell: +44 (7791) 254705 E-mail: Cell: +1 (402) 3040705 T: +1 913 302-6423, F: +1 913 451-9231 E-mail: Web: 7541 W. 119th Street Overland Park. Kansas. 66212, USA