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Marketplace Presentation Davidson


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Marketplace Presentation Davidson

  1. 1. Elysian Design O f such surpassing excellence as to suggest divine inspiration is not only our vision but a guiding principle in the process of creating places where people live & work. © Elysian Design
  2. 2. Our Vision Jane Jacobs renowned Urban Planning Visionary & Author declared “Design is People.” Elysian Design lives this credo by successfully creating spaces that respond to the way people live, work and play while respecting the local vernacular, the sites context and the vibrancy of modern design. © Elysian Design
  3. 3. Our Values • Our Projects will Exceed the Clients’ Expectations • Emphasis on Green, Sustainable Design • Schedules and Budgets will be Respected • Convert ideas into a plan that sells © Elysian Design
  4. 4. Project Types Residential Commercial Land Acquisition & Development © Elysian Design
  5. 5. Marketplaces © Elysian Design
  6. 6. Traditional Marketplaces ©John Pettit Design Harvard Market Stalls—versatile meeting space © Elysian Design
  7. 7. Farm Stands © Elysian Design Memories of road side stands, neighbor meeting places, patio dining… © Elysian Design
  8. 8. Farm Stands Images Nostalgic Experiences, interaction with others on a personal level and a direct connection to the food source, Friendly to the environment © Elysian Design
  9. 9. Traditional Malls Modern convenience of bring goods and services to one location, Friendly to the Automobile, Un friendly to the pedestrian © Elysian Design
  10. 10. Non Traditional Malls Evolution of the Shopping Center, Adaptive reuse, Destination Shopping, Cafes, Kiosk’s © Elysian Design
  11. 11. Food Courts © Elysian Design Quincy Market Boston, Massachusetts—Open Dining in the Rotunda © Elysian Design
  12. 12. Mixed-Use Retail Pedestrian friendly amenities include street-side parking, rotaries, open courtyards and wide tree-lined walkways with gas lanterns. © Elysian Design
  13. 13. World Marketplaces A kaleidoscope of color, aromas, textures, and sound. © Elysian Design
  14. 14. Our Vision Sustainable Marketplaces that support & promote the LOCAL economy, customs, traditions, & values. © Elysian Design
  15. 15. Contact Information Elysian Design 941.468.0164 Mobile Bethany Higgins Director of Operations . © Elysian Design