Experienced Commercial Lawyers in Sydney


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Experienced Commercial Lawyers in Sydney

  1. 1. Suite 301B, 806 - 812 Anzac Parade, Maroubra Junction NSW 2035
  2. 2. Bay Legal – A Team of Well Experienced Commercial Lawyers in Sydney Bay Legal lawyers and staff aim to be the best Commercial Lawyer Sydney has to offer and want their clients to benefit from the quality work that they enjoy providing. The staff are always improving for their capacity to deliver the above goal. • Their culture is to serve you the client, first and foremost. • Their strong relationships with clients underpin our ‘client for life’ philosophy. • This means meeting your expectations and gaining your trust so you won’t want to go elsewhere.
  3. 3. Bay Legals services includeIn delivering these services their goal is to ensure that each and everyclient is receiving value for the fees they expend on our services.
  4. 4. Bay Legal’s team of Debt Recovery Lawyers will assist you to obtain the outcome you seek. The team of Debt Recovery Lawyer is renown for the enthusiasm they bring to delivering a just outcome to our clients. We have acted in the many levels of Court jurisdictions at the NSW State and Federal level. The legal system can be highly effective at recovering debts. Bay Legal has the full range of skills to deliver the best outcome. The team strive to ensure any case is well grounded. Evidence wins cases so we try to put you in the best position to decide the best course to take.
  5. 5. Bay Legal’s Criminal Lawyers ‘s Extensive Background in Criminal Law Defence Bay Legal can assist you with experienced and considered advice. It is preferable that you obtain this advice from a Criminal Lawyer in Sydney as soon as you are aware that charges or the risk of charges exists. This will enable you to best consider all of the options available to you. If you are looking for a Criminal Lawyer in Sydney who is guaranteed to take this approach to your case then we are happy to assist you. It is the same approach they adopt with all of their clients, no matter how big or how small.
  6. 6. Bay Legal Lawyers Civil Litigation Lawyer in SydneyCivil litigation occurs when two or more parties bring a dispute in to thesystem of Courts that exist in Australia. Bay Legal Litigation Lawyer Sydneyhas a team of experienced Litigation Lawyers in Sydney that can assist youand/or your business when you find yourself in this situation.In Sydney office they have expertise in the key skill sets that their clientsrequire at all stages of the process. These include:• Knowledge of the Court rules that govern the litigation process• Business aptitude and experience with the “commerciality” of litigationsprocesses and options• Sound knowledge of the legal principles and ability to appraise the keyissues
  7. 7. Statutory Demands
  8. 8. Contact Us Bay Legal Suite 301B, 806 - 812 Anzac Parade, Maroubra Junction NSW 2035 Correspondence: PO Box 2040, Maroubra Junction NSW 2035 DX 4123 Maroubra Email: info@baylegal.com.au Phone: 02 9344 0682