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Transform individual, team and organization through coaching


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Published in: Business, Education
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Transform individual, team and organization through coaching

  1. 1. Transform Individual, team andorganization through Coachingand Mentoring
  2. 2. Did You Know?• The Gallup Global Survey 2011 results show that only 18% of Australians say that they love their work. This is a dismal scenario for companies because happy employees bring better investment returns, sales and numbers. And even until today, the big bosses say that it’s "lonely on top".
  3. 3. But there’s…- That challenges leaders to perform at their peak and achieve extraordinary results for their organisations, their teams and themselves.- They are the Australian partner of Clutterbuck Associates, a UK-based consultancy founded by Prof David Clutterbuck, who pioneered developmental workplace mentoring in Europe.
  4. 4. They Offer Coaching Programs:Executive coaching and leadership coaching 1.) Begins with needs analysis 2.) Lasts 5-7 months (plus sustaining period) 3.) Individual and team programs 4.) Client-centered model: client sets the agenda and is supported to discover his or her own solutions 5.) Profiling instruments and interviews: to give the participant vital feedback for self-awareness and to provide measurements for assessing change and improvement. 6.) Operate within clear ethical and professional boundaries
  5. 5. Also with Team Coaching…1. Combining individual with team development2. Involves one-on-one or pair coaching with facilitation of group sessions3. Spans 6-12 months (with optional ongoing support)
  6. 6. Plus Mentoring1. Facilitates deep, personalized learning by tapping into the wisdom of someone with greater experience2. Uses skillful questioning and personal reflection3. Learning conversations to improve thinking4. Includes mentor-mentee training and full program designs
  7. 7. Training• That builds capacity and enables a coaching and mentoring culture• Specific training modules• Supports mentoring and coaching programs• Designed for middle to senior-level executives
  8. 8. “People are capable of achieving beyond expectations, if providedwith the proper tools and guidance.” -
  9. 9. Some of Clients They Worked With: