2011 SoMe Awards winners


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Honoring the best social media projects, programs and campaigns in the in the US. The SoMe Awards were held in Portland, Oregon on Thursday April 21st 2011.

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2011 SoMe Awards winners

  1. 1. Welcome to the 2011 SoMe Awards S P O N S O R E D B Y:
  2. 2. With your host Daniel Baldwin S P O N S O R E D B Y:
  3. 3. Judges Kelly Feller After having been in "traditional" marketing roles for the last 15 years, Kelly Ripley Feller is now a social media addict and outspoken proponent of change and marketing evolution. Kelly, a founding member of Intels Social Media Center of Excellence created over two years ago, now works as a Senior Strategist focused on company-wide guidelines, programs, training, and infrastructure to enable and inspire the adoption of social media at Intel. In her dwindling spare time she writes blogs & Twitters avidly about technology, social media, marketing, business, and politics. You can find her on Twitter here: http:// www.twitter.com/kellyrfeller.
  4. 4. Judges Giovanni Gallucci Giovanni Gallucci is a recovering .NET programmer turned tech evangelist and online marketing consultant. Giovanni provides strategy for new developments in search, social media, community building, online public relations and buzz marketing and functions as a strategic representative to clients in media, music, entertainment, and poltics. Giovanni provides social media marketing services as an independent consultant and through top-tier interactive agencies and public relations firms. You can find him on Twitter here: http:// www.twitter.com/giolocal
  5. 5. Judges Jennifer Navarrete Jennifer Navarrete is an energetic speaker and educator of New and Social Media. She is the Co- host and Producer of several Podcasts: Tech in Twenty, The Morning Brewcast, San Antonio Business Pod-cast and the S.A. Podcasters. After many successful years coordinating marketing events for financial advisors she has channeled those skills and strategies into her passion for the advancement and implementation of New Media and business. You can find her on Twitter here: http:// www.twitter.com/epodcaster
  6. 6. Judges Joe Sorge Joe is an entrepreneur and a small business owner. He is also a partner in Kitchen Table Companies <http://kitchentablecompanies.com> a small business mentoring community with Chris Brogan. Additionally, he has also authored two books on Social Media for small business: #TwitterWorks and #FoursquareWorks. You can find her on Twitter here: http:// www.twitter.com/joesorge
  7. 7. Category:”Soon-to-be-Wealthy’ Best ROI Under $500
  8. 8. 2011 “Soon-to-be-Wealthy” Award Winner:Karmic MarketingLaughing Planet Cafe Weekly Rotating Burrito Special
  9. 9. Karmic Marketing Team:• Mary Nichols
  10. 10. Category:“Keep Your Job” Best ROI Under $25,000
  11. 11. 2011 “Keep Your Job” Award Winner:Bonfire Social MediaTransition from Traditional to Social Marketing
  12. 12. Bonfire Social Media Team:• Willie Crane• Ryan Lewis• Lisa Peyton• Danielle Hoole
  13. 13. Category:“Rich Get Richer” Best ROI Over $25,000
  14. 14. 2011 “Rich Get Richer” Award Winner:StepChange Group, a Dachis companyFresh Step Kitty Litter– Brand & Product Promotion
  15. 15. StepChange Group Team:• Kevin Tate• Greg Rau• Chris Mike• Jenn Lynch• Michael Jones• Robb Milne• Bryan Stratton
  16. 16. Category:“Scrappy and Engaged” Best Brand Awareness & User Engagement Under $500
  17. 17. 2011 "Scrappy and Engaged” Award Winner:StepChange Group, a Dachis companyAtlantis Resort – Community Engagement
  18. 18. StepChange Group Team:• Kevin Tate• Greg Rau• Chris Mike• Jenn Lynch• Michael Jones• Robb Milne• Bryan Stratton
  19. 19. Category: “People Like Me” Best Brand Awareness &User Engagement Under $25,000
  20. 20. 2011 “People Like Me” Award Winner:AttentionSports Authority – Incentivize Niche Customers
  21. 21. Attention:• Matthew Kern• Jamie Warner• Amy Choi
  22. 22. Category: “Sugar Daddy” Best Brand Awareness &User Engagement Over $25,000
  23. 23. 2011 “Sugar Daddy” Winner:{B}cause Media - Heifer Project
  24. 24. {B}cause Media:• Noland Hoshino
  25. 25. Category:“House Party” Best Agency
  26. 26. 2011 “House Party” Award Winner:Mambo MediaChalkboard Project
  27. 27. Mambo Media:• Siouxsie Jennett• Laurel Hamilton• Alisa Zwanger• Meghan Scanlon• Rocco Augusto
  28. 28. Category:“Next Big Thing” Best Social Media App
  29. 29. 2011 “Next Big Thing” Award Winner:tenfour + DraftfcbHeat Tracker iOS app
  30. 30. tenfour + Draftfcb:• Kevin Drew Davis• Patrick Moorhead• Dave Clark• Sara Taylor• Shyama Helin• Alex Reinoso• Alyque Ajani• Brian Berg Smitty• Reggie Wideman• Daniel T Wood• Milind Pandit• Abby Covert• Jim Terry• Jonathan Eggiman• Tyler Morrison• Sue Gabriel• Jason Mitton• Matt Weiner
  31. 31. Category:“Best In Show” Judge’s Pick
  32. 32. 2011 “Best In Show” Winner:Mambo MediaClackamas Women’s Services
  33. 33. Mambo Media:• Siouxsie Jennett• Laurel Hamilton
  34. 34. Category:“People’s Choice”
  35. 35. 2011 “Peoples Choice” Winner:Pop Art and Maxwell PR - Pacific
  36. 36. Pop Art and Maxwell PR:• Lorien Steele,• Del Olds• John Skelton• Chris Cortez• Jennifer Pidgeon• Steve Rosenbaum• Robin Gabel• Rodrigo Moyses• Dave Selden• (Pop Art) – Jen Scott – Sam Burton – Stacey Malstrom• (Maxwell PR) – Jennifer Herrick – Pacific Natural Foods
  37. 37. Planning & Production CreditsSean Lowery, Innotech Executive director, financesDaniel Baldwin Emcee, Script writingJohnny Hartman, I Have Robots Producer/AdvisorPam Peterson, DesignFunThings Motion graphics, ProductionJeffrey Kingman, Chalkboarder ProductionWest Cafe Pre-party Venue, CateringKevin Forrest VideographyAmanda Bernard, TMMpdx BloggingLisa Peyton, TMMpdx Blogging