Use of shots


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Use of shots

  1. 1. Use of shots analytical aspects
  2. 2. Basic StoryA teenage boy who is upset about the death of the loved one. He is still coming to terms with what has happened and throughout the video it is his personal journey to the memorial bench whilst thinking things through.Due to the structure of the video I have left the audience wondering as to where or what the character is doing, I wanted to do this to leave a bigger emotional response when we finally discover what his journey is for.My main theme throughout the video is the link with nature and how the weather/light represent that of the characters feelings.The final shot of the video is the character finally looking up and coming to terms with the death of a loved one and moving on in his emotional battle.I used an emotional story of a death due to the relation to any audience member.
  3. 3. Introduction of the VideoThe establishing shot usedis that of a gloomy day toimmediately represent thecharacters feelings thisworks well with the musicthroughout the video.This is followed by theuse of many wide shotsof walking toexaggerate distance.Parallel to this the useof long shots and closeups of the weather alsoset the scene ofisolation.
  4. 4. Tracking shots/over the shoulderAmongst other shots I feltthe tracking shot alongsidethe over the shouldertechnique allow theaudience to connect to thecharacters journey. As wellas this it also enhances thetheme of isolation.The over the shoulder shot gives the audience theimpression of following thecharacter on his journey,but still holds the lonelyfeel due from hidden fromthe characters view
  5. 5. Nature shots Pathetic Fallacy -The attribution of human feelings and responses to inanimate things or animals,From the start I have stated thatthe surroundings of nature willrepresent or exaggerate mycharacters feelings.The use of nature and theautumn colours not onlyrepresents the charactersfeelings but also the lack ofhumans shows his personaljourney in which he has to gothrough himself.
  6. 6. Isolated shots/ use of long shotsOnce more the isolatedshots are simply to showhow lonely the character is.As spoken previously theseshots also show how hisbattle is his own and has togo through with him self.Not only does it representmy message but also showsa change in location.The destinations used alsomake the video seem moreprofessional due to thequality of them.
  7. 7. Closing shotsThe final shotsfinally reveals inwhere the characterhas been travellingtoo.The closing shot is thatof my character finallylooking up to the camerain a positive way, thesmile represents how hehas finally overcome hisemotional journey andcome to terms with thepassing away of a lovedone
  8. 8. Overview• Overall I am happy with the use of shots in which I have included. I feel my initial story was matched due to the surroundings and the vast variety of different shots used at the right times.• Both the shot type and the area represent feelings and I feel that the theme of nature to represent feelings has been put across successful• Overall I am happy with the success of the shots used as they not only work well with the video but also show some beautiful poetic shots which give the video an all round sense of a professional video.