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Story board


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Story board

  1. 1. Story BoardI will try to explain my story/idea insome slides. Due to the nomiming or real action basedcharacter this will be difficult to doso. I will try to express my visionsas clear as possible.
  2. 2. Basic StoryA teenage boy who is upset about the death of the loved one. He is still coming to terms with what has happened and throughout the video it is his personal journey to the memorial bench whilst thinking things through.Due to the structure of the video I have left the audience wondering as to where or what the character is doing, I wanted to do this to leave a bigger emotional response when we finally discover what his journey is for.My main theme throughout the video is the link with nature and how the weather/light represent that of the characters feelings.The final shot of the video is the character finally looking up and coming to terms with the death of a loved one and moving on in his emotional battle
  3. 3. Many shots willbe used to showthe characterwalking to thedestination, thiswill be shown bythe use of shotsof weather, notonly torepresentfeelings but alsoto show apassing of time.
  4. 4. The foot shots will then change toopen landscapes to emphasise thecharacters long journey as well as hisloneliness.Jakes face will be seen after severalshots of walking, over the shouldershots, shots of nature and the sun.I wish to do this to keep an almostsuspense amongst viewers.The characters expression will beemotionless so the feel of thecharacter can be interpreted by theaudience due to the surroundings inwhich the character is in. This way itmakes the video open to interpretationto individuals.
  5. 5. After the viewing of the charactersface the location will change to amore enclosed autumn area, this willrepresent change in emotion andonce more is open to personalexperiences of feelings.Alongside doing this the video willalso match the tone and melody ofmy sound trackMore close up of nature will no beincluded and a nature in theforeground of images to showdistanced cameraThe change in scenery will alsorepresent a further movement anddistance in which the character haswalked.
  6. 6. Finally the character walks further andsee’s some animals (perhaps ducks orsquirrels) and when he approaches themeven they run away, this represents thecharacters lonely feelings and the feelingof being unwantedThe scenery will also change and waterwill be introduced to keep the sceneryfresh and also to once more represent achange in emotionAs stated before it will also show andhighlight the distance and the area in thatthe character has travelled to come toget over what ever is on his mindStill at this point the audience areunaware of to where the character isgoing
  7. 7. Finally it is revealed that the character iswalking to a memorial of a loved one whohas passed away.This idea coincides with the song but dueto the structural device of the video toconclude in the way that it does it allowsthe emotions to be open to personalinterpretationThe closing shot we will finally see thecharacter show a happy response, thiswill show how the character has come toterms with events that have happenedIn structuring the video like this it not onlyjust gives a video for the music to beplayed along too, it gives an emotionalstory which will create an emotionalresponse from the audience (Acceptance face)