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  1. 1. Planning
  2. 2. Chosen Song• Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Atlas Hands Video
  3. 3. LyricsTake me to the docks, theres a ship without a nameIt is sailing to the middle of the seaThe water there is deeper than anything youve ever seen...Jump right in and swim until you freezeI will remember your faceCause I am still in love with that placeBut when the stars are the only things we shareWill you be there?Money came like rain to your hands while you were waitingFor that cold long promise to appearPeople in the churches started singing above their handsThey say "My God is a good God and he cares"I will remember your faceCause I am still in love with that placeWhen the stars are the only things we shareWill you be there?Ive got a planIve got an atlas in my handsIm gonna turn when I listen to the lessons that Ive learned
  4. 4. My Actor My main actor is His dress sense will Jake Faulkner. His be of quite dark, role in the music including brown and video will be an greens. This will be actor in the video done purposely to and will not be reflect moods once playing as the again. artist. His role throughout the video will consist of an upset boy in love. His emotions will reflect those of someone who is distraught and upset.
  5. 5. Location• My ideal location for the video shoot would be in sand dunes and amongst a coast. Due to the area that I live in this is impossible so as an alternative idea it will be based in a forest like setting.• The whole video is based around nature.• The weather in some shots will be sunny and in others autumn but it will come across as the video is in one day.• Will be set in a forest like destination known as ‘Knypersley Pool’ in an Autumn theme to support the idea of pathetic fallacy and weather reflecting emotions.• Another scene on the video will be crossing across water and skipping stones.• Walking through grass and other field locations.
  6. 6. Camera ShotsMain shots will consist of:- Close ups, to define the actors emotions- Wide shots, to include pathetic fallacy- Tracking and panning, this is too show the background and the loneliness of the character.- Slow Motion, to express passion and love.- Long Shots to emphasise the character o n his own.- I will also use a sped up shot of perhaps the character walking to show contrast in emotions and actions.- I wish to use many effects such as sepia and black and white as well as a traditional effects.
  7. 7. EffectsInitial Ideas