Media studies


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Media studies

  1. 1. The background of the band The light coloured textallows new audience members severely contrasts with theto see what the band really dark colours of the poster,look like this highlights the name of the band and it is the first thing the audience see’s.The text used isa reoccurringthemethroughout thebands productsand posters.The lead singeris standing infront of hisband members.Thisimmediatelyestablishes himas the frontman The image used of the band is very professional due to the angle and lighting used. This makes the band image shows clearly all tour The look established which would dates with information to contact further encourage people to watch ticket suppliers. the them live.
  2. 2. The colours of the Due to the popularity of the bandtour poster show a and the success they havegreat contrast to reached they feel confident tooutline specific text release posters with one or twoyet at the same time dates on. This is a common themework very well since the ‘Arctic Monkeys’ gainedtogether. much success Once again the poster is very professional which displays the success of the band and makes the gig more appealing to new fansThe bottom of the The art work shows a big The randomposter is very top in front of the posters whichclever. It is an industrial town of don’t seem toupside down view Sheffield with the sun hold a commonof the industrial behind them. This is very theme as almosttown of Sheffield, clever and shows that the become awhere the gig is ‘Arctic Monkeys’ are regularity for theheld (also the performing in front of band.hometown of the their home town whilst atband) their musical peak.
  3. 3. The female in the picture The text style is repetitivecould be matched with the throughout ‘The Kooks’female on the their newest albums and has been thealbum ‘junk of the heart’. same since the band started.The simplicity ofthe tour posterestablishes aprofessional look.The white text allows allthe text to be seengreater visually on theforeground of an image.The tour dates areclearly listed in aneasy-to-read manner,rather than mixed. Byusing a simple design itshows the dates moreclear rather than analternative mix of thedates. By advertising the By using a female on the tour album at the bottom poster it shows that the majority of of the tour poster it the new album will be catchy love enables the band to songs. Also that females will be the increase sales. route of their song lyrics.