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Drafts and final


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Drafts and final

  1. 1. Drafts and Final Covers Analysis
  2. 2. The images The greatest aspect about this is have been taken the text, as you can see I have out of the video used this throughout my products but in an as I feel that the text links to my amateur way, ‘indie’ genre. The text this also makes ‘BRAINFLOWER’ gives the cover a the product personal touch due to the link to designer short handwriting. for resources The text doesn’t Both the images are match that of the stretched which gives titles which them an amateur look.The quality of these is makes the songvery poor; taken straight list look distantfrom the video makes from the rest ofthe products loose the the coverauthentic design. Despite having a lot of criticism I feel the images used still putDespite the text being a across the laid back feeling ofgood design the quality the songs on the album and Istill lacks the believe the idea of ‘Patheticprofessional look and Fallacy’ is put across in theonce more makes the imagesproduct seem rushed.
  3. 3. The contrast in images is a The obvious down good point, it shows a point to these two contrast but still links due to images is the the positioning of focus different text used on points different covers. In doing this it The use of no CD spine separates the makes the album seem products from one like just two separate and other and images and does not join doesnt represent them together them as a wholeThe text overlaps themain image and looses The change of night andthe symmetrical value day shows perhaps twoin which is needed to different sides to everyshow a sense of good story or maybe evenquality how feelings can changeBoth the images are of The lack of a barcodegood quality which makes the covergives off a professional seem less authenticvibe
  4. 4. The CD spine is a good middle The contrast in point between the covers, with images once more the colour not focusing on either works well, as well side of the cover and holding a as the contrast in balanced colour also allows the colour of text. images to come as one. The arrangement of the The text is The joint song tracks allows the clearly set use of text central image to be out and links the shown. This links the easily images two covers together as visible together well as showing the beauty of the imageThe arrangement of The text on thewording around the tree spine could beis a brilliant feature it still darkerallows the image to be The contrasting offully shown and the focus colours to theirstays on the tree which is backgroundskey to the image allows the text to be easily visibleThe layout of the image (i.e. Thespace between the main focus, the The barcodesky line) reinforce the idea that the gives the coverimage is the tree on fire an authentic feel