Menadue 2012 in order


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This is the booklet from the Plymouth and District Assemblies Youth Camp (senior camp) 2012, produced by John Allan to back up his evening teaching sessions.

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Menadue 2012 in order

  1. 1. senior ca mp menadu e 2012 SF UL CC ESSU LIV ING to longs co py bethis off r mitts t you so ge
  2. 2. SUCCESSFUL LIVINGSU NDAY Switching on the spiritual satnav ly nt inual ill We co od to f ask G ith the you w edge of knowl ill his w What are the biggest things God wants for all of us?Youmight If God cares about everybodys well-being, why do some people have rubbish lives?well Why doesnt God tell us his will for our lives - all of it -ask... in one go? Then wed know exactly where we were. MAKING IT HAPPEN 1. You can’t know God’s will if you don’t read what he says 2. The longer you talk to him, the more you get what he’s saying 3. If you aren’t doing what he’s already told you, why should he tell you anything more? 4. God talks to people who are already moving (like Gideon) More of this on the website
  3. 3. SUCCESSFUL LIVINGMONDAY Waking up and smelling the coffee he gh all t throu m and wisdo standing it under the Spir that gives In which areas do you have problems trying to live wisely?Youmight When you personally make the wrong choices, what is it that usually sends you off in the wrong direction?well How do we know when the Holy Spirit’s prompting us toask... do something or stop doing something? MAKING IT HAPPEN 1. Talk through your day with God, and see it through his eyes 2. Look around for great examples of wisdom in action; then copy the style 3. When you learn an important principle, put it into practice straight away. 4. Don’t just read the Bible. Think about it too. More of this on the website
  4. 4. SUCCESSFUL LIVINGTUESDA Y Just doing it you so that a ive may l worthy life e Lord of th lease and p n every him i way Why does it matter so much to be cool?Youmight What happens to you, if you know lots of stuff about what you should be doing, but never do it?well How do you know when you’re living a life that’sask... bringing pleasure to God? MAKING IT HAPPEN 1. Never learn anything without putting it into use straight away. 2. Set yourself a goal for the week. Or the month. Or the year. 3. Try to work out why you sometimes drag your feet... What stops you getting on with the job? 4. Review each week once it’s over. How did you do? More of this on the website
  5. 5. SUCCESSFUL LIVINGWEDNESDAY Living the dream “Id like to thank MTV uit ng fr ood for my three houses, beari ery g my five cars and my in ev growing supermodel girlfriend. work, e Live the dream.” in th edge of knowl Robbie Williams at the God MTV European Music Awards (2000) How can you tell when somebodys living for the wrong You "dream"? might Why do Christians tend to go up and down emotionally, well instead of just bombing ahead in God’s power? ask... What kind of "fruit" could you be best at producing? MAKING IT HAPPEN 1. Build the dream. Think, read, worship, talk about it. 2. Find out what your gifts are and focus on those areas. 3. Pray through the fruit of the Spirit again and again (the John Stott secret of dynamically successful living). 4. Keep on the lookout for the false dream sellers. They’re on TV, on your iPod, among your friends. More of this on the website
  6. 6. SUCCESSFUL LIVINGTHUR SDAY Being a survivor ed gthen stren being ll power is a h with ding to t so accor ous migh have glori you may ce and that enduran great nce patie Do you know anybody who used to be a Christian... andYou isnt? What do you think happened to them?might What would make you feel most like giving up on Jesus?well Which do we need more of: will power, or the power toask... keep our feelings under control? MAKING IT HAPPEN 1. You won’t survive unless you expect the tough times to come 2. Keep your supply lines clear, then the power can flow 3. Patience doesn’t grow in places where there are no problems 4. Sometimes you have most power when you feel most weak More of this on the website
  7. 7. SUCCESSFUL LIVING FR IDAY Looking back with a gratitude attitude oyful ng jo the givi s t as thank r, who h to Fathe fied you inher- quali in the holy share e of hise itanc e in th ght peopl om of li kingd When do you find it most difficult to be thankful to God?Youmight What are the biggest things youve got to be grateful for?well Often the people who are the most appreciative are the ones who will be most courageous when in riskyask... situations. Why? How does that work? MAKING IT HAPPEN1. Remember while it’s fresh - within 24 hours2. Build a “monument” when it’s really important3. Use bread and wine to help you remember - it’s an idea that’sworked well for 2000 years4. Start the day the right way and keep things in perspective More of this on the website
  8. 8. ON YOURMARKSGETSET...SUNDAY If you could know the answer to just one question,about anything you like... what would it be?MONDAY Whats the biggest blunder you have ever seen?(Who made it - you or somebody else?)TUESDAY What are the three distinguishing marks of a trulycool person?WEDNESDAY How much money would you like to makebefore you die?THURSDAY Who is the strongest person you know? Why?FRIDAY Whats the best thing that has happened this week?...GO https:// seniorcamp password: menadue