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Comprehensive risk management model john agius-2012-v4.3


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A holistic Risk Management Model incorporating the integration of various RM specialisms. John Agius - 2012 [v4.3 - 26-09-2012]

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Comprehensive risk management model john agius-2012-v4.3

  1. 1. Comprehensive Risk Management Model Integrated Management System SMART-ObjectIves (Focus: Comprehensive Risk Management) Stakeholders Plan Control (Design) Framework Chief Officers BoD Risk (Sponsors) (Board Audit Committee) Act Do (Monitor Business Business &Technical as usual (Implementing) Managers Improve) RMSC (Owners) (Risk Mgmt. Steering Committee) Risk Process Owners Check IAC (Doers) (Monitoring (Internal Audit and review) Committee) Risk Management Office (facilitation, coordination, communication, documentation and dissemination (training) of the risk management process throughout the enterprise) John Agius – -