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This is the slide show presented at the January 10, 2012, IFMA meeting in Indianapolis.

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Discovering cloudnine

  1. 1. an introduction to cloud computing.
  2. 2. discovering cloud nine. data in the cloud. • who: a little about me. • what: defining the cloud. • when: clouds appear. • where: is it being used. • why: pros and cons. • how: learning to fly.
  3. 3. discovering cloud nine. a little about me. John Magnabosco • Data Services Manager at Defender Direct • Author: “Protecting SQL Server Data” • Co-author: “SQL Server MVP Deep Dives, Vol. 2” • Microsoft SQL Server MVP 2009 & 2010
  4. 4. discovering cloud nine. defining the cloud.Basic characteristics of cloud computing: • Computing delivered as a service. • Web-based applications. • Remote data storage. • On-demand resources allocation.
  5. 5. discovering cloud nine. defining the cloud.
  6. 6. discovering cloud nine. defining the cloud.Types of cloud computing: • Public: resources provided through the Internet to the general public. • Private: resources provided for a specific organization. Often referenced as a “hosted solution”. • Hybrid: a solution that offers multiple clouds, public and private, that interact with each other.
  7. 7. discovering cloud nine. clouds appear.When the cloud becomes interesting: • Collaboration • Database • Audio Storage and Sharing • Video Storage and Sharing • Software as a Service • Remote Hosting • Project Management • Backup Storage • Disaster Recovery • … much more
  8. 8. discovering cloud nine. is it being used.A snapshot of cloudy providers:
  9. 9. discovering cloud nine. pros and cons.Consider the cloud when… • Access from anywhere: need to conveniently share data or files with the general public, or a select group of people? • Managing dramatic peaks in need: need 1Tb of data only for a week without the long-term investment of hard drives? • Redundancy: need to provide redundancy to your computing systems for outage management or disaster recovery?
  10. 10. discovering cloud nine. pros and cons.Don’t consider the cloud when… • Large volume of data transfers: typically, the cloud’s pricing model is based on usage – much like a utility. • Can’t rely on connectivity to the Internet: in most cases, the delivery route of data stored in the cloud is through the Internet. • Privacy is of utmost concern: there is less control over who is monitoring data transfers since the data resides at a third-party location.
  11. 11. discovering cloud nine. pros and cons.Cloud myths to consider… • The cloud is cheap: this is dependent upon your use of resources and the provider’s pricing model. • The cloud is not secure: data in the cloud can be secure; however, compliance to regulations my require a hybrid (privatepublic) solution. • The cloud is a “green” solution: cloud computing is often offered as an environmentally friendly solution. This will depend heavily upon the provider’s infrastructure.
  12. 12. discovering cloud nine. learning to fly.How to get started: • Give it a try, start with something small. • Choose a provider that is well respected. • Know your numbers. • Develop a strategy.
  13. 13. discovering cloud nine. learning to fly.Give it a try. Manage your next project in the cloud:
  14. 14. discovering cloud nine. learning to fly.As you jump in further, chose a well respected provider. • Amazon Web Services • Microsoft Azure • Google Apps • IBM SmartCloud Enterprise
  15. 15. discovering cloud nine. learning to fly.Know your numbers. AWS – Disaster Recovery Model 1 instance SQL Server Std. Utilization: 100% Transfer rate: 200 GB In 30 GB Out Elastic bandwidth: None Monthly cost: $2,945 +/- from Amazon Web Services simple monthly calculator:
  16. 16. discovering cloud nine. learning to fly.Once you enjoy the cloud, develop a strategy. • Identify guidelines for considering the cloud. • How can the cloud enhance your current systems? • Do you have/anticipate increased mobile demands? • Is your technical team ready to utilize the cloud?
  17. 17. discovering cloud nine. partly cloudy. • The cloud is less mysterious. • The cloud is useful for your business. • You are likely using the cloud today. • Cloud <> Silver Bullet. • Start small, advance strategically.
  18. 18. discovering cloud nine. My contact information: @johnnydata