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DAY ONE: Monday, 15 November 2010
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DAY TWO: Tuesday, 16 November 2010
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FMCG 2010 Brand Marketing and NPD Conference


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15th and 16th November, Luna Park, Sydney, AUSTRALIA

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FMCG 2010 Brand Marketing and NPD Conference

  1. 1. BRAND MARKETING & NPD CONFERENCE For the first time in Australia DON’T MISS... The Challenges Ahead Prof. Jan Benedict Steenkamp, Co-Author of “Private Label Strategy: Adding Value - Building Brands How to Meet the Store Brand Challenge”; Professor of Marketing at University of 15Th 16Th NOV | LuNA PARK, SyDNEy North Carolina Join the debate on the big issues facing the Fast Moving 20+ speakers including: Consumer Goods and New Product Development industry Hear what the CEO’s, CMO and Innovation and RD leaders of the FMCG industry really think Understand the latest global developments in Private Label from a world renowned authority Get the scoop on the hottest new product trends from around the world Kate Carnell Chris Percy CEO MD – Pacific, Fill your mind with the latest retail trend data Australian Food and Consumer Group Grocery Council AC Nielsen Get new perspectives from our retail trading partners Challenge your thinking at every level - innovation, trade spend and private label Make new connections with fellow marketers, researchers, innovators and recruiters. Enjoy the chance to come together as an industry, and think together as an industry Tim Hart Phillip Lynch Take advantage of this unique event to build your FMCG career; CEO MD don’t be left wondering what happened Sugar Australia Johnson Johnson David Boyle Graham Dugdale REGISTER NOW: Innovation Director McCain Executive GM - Retail Division Tel: (02) 8908 8555 Foods Australia Simplot Online:
  2. 2. DAY ONE: Monday, 15 November 2010 8:00 Registration and networking PRIVATE LABEL 1 st time in Australi 9:00 Opening address by the Chairman: 1:30 INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE: Latest global a Listening for solutions and trends in private label/retailer brands understanding the challenges ahead • How are the lines blurring between brands and private label/ John Gerrie, Managing Partner, KN3W IDEAS; retailer brands? and Founder, FMCG Association Australasia • What is the difference between traditional private label and retailer brands? THE CHALLENGES AHEAD • Where to next for private label and retailer brands? 9:20 Keynote address from the Australian Food and • Private label/retailer brands performance through the GFC Grocery Council • What can Australia expect as Aldi continues to grow? • Size and importance of the FMCG industry • Successful private label/retail brands strategies • Role of the AFGC Prof. Jan Benedict Steenkamp, Co-Author of • Key issues facing the industry “Private Label Strategy: • Changing trading environment How to Meet the Store Brand Challenge”; • Pressure on margins and Professor of Marketing at • Changing balance between local and imported University of North Carolina product Kate Carnell, CEO, TRADE SPEND Australian Food and Grocery Industry 2:30 How much of your trade spend really does 10:00 The state of the FMCG industry – The Nielsen anything for your brand? Grocery Report Each year FMCG companies can spend up to 30% of their sales • Latest trends in the Australian Grocery Industry revenue discounting and promoting their products in store, making this the single largest expense in the consumer goods • How has the industry performed through the GFC? manufacturers’ PL. But what do they really get for their dollars? • Growth in private label - particularly the influence of Aldi and • The real purpose of trade spend understanding Costco • The trade spend dilemma – spend or lose • The growth in imported product – focussing on private label distribution? • Key challenges facing the FMCG industry • Strategies to help optimise trade spend Chris Percy, Don Nicol, CEO, Promax Managing Director – Pacific, Consumer Group, AC Nielsen 3:10 Afternoon break and networking 10:40 Morning break networking 3:30 The moment of truth - what really drives consumer decision-making at the point of sale? 11:00 The FMCG challenge ahead - A retail The point of purchase is the critical moment of truth for FMCG perspective brands, when a consumer facing a shelf of competing brands A look at the FMCG industry through the eyes of a leading and private labels makes a decision to part with hard-earned retailer. Are we striving for the same objectives or could our money. But the best efforts of brand marketers to influence that industry work together better? decision are often diluted by the in-store environment, pricing, • What do we really need from our suppliers? promotions, display. • What are the key challenges for the industry going forward? • What are the real influences of in-store purchase behaviour? • How will Costco and continued investment in stores by Aldi • Price affect the industry? • Display • How the role of the brand is changing • Promotions • Lesson learnt – How to grow a category and how not to • What makes the consumer choose a brand vs. a Speaker TBA private label? 11:40 CEO panel discussion: The key challenges • How is the Aldi consumer proposition different? facing our industry • Strategies to influence decision-making in-store • What are the big issues facing our industry? John Berenyi, CEO, Bergent Research • Too much focus on trade price and promotion vs. driving 4:10 Panel discussion: The moment of truth – consumer demand we spend so much persuading consumers to • Lack of collaboration between suppliers and retailers choose our brands but we have little real • Risk of Commoditisation and role of house brands influence at the point of sale, or do we? • Role of innovation • How critical is that “Moment of Truth”? • Risk of sourcing from outside of Australia, particularly house • How do we balance brand building vs. trade spend? brands • Are we getting value for our trade spend investment? • ROI of innovation • Are our branded offerings becoming less relevant? • Does the industry offer an attractive career? • What does the future look like - brand vs. private label vs. Phillip Lynch, Managing Director, Johnson Johnson retailer brands? Tim Hart, CEO, Sugar Australia John Broome, Head of Marketing Confectionary Snacks, Graham Dugdale, Nestlé Australia Executive General Manager - Retail Division, Simplot Mike Harley, Group Executive Marketing International, Facilitated by: Patrick Medley, National Foods Global FMCG Head of Consulting, Rob Lowe, Head of Marketing, Kimberly-Clark Australia IBM Global Business Services 5:00 Summary by Chairman 12:30 Lunch break networking 5:30 Cocktails and networking Book early and save $$$ | Register 3 and send a 4th FREE! | Tel: +61 2
  3. 3. DAY TWO: Tuesday, 16 November 2010 8:30 Registration and networking 1:10 Panel discussion: The Innovation Dilemma – can we afford to innovate, can we afford not to 9:00 Opening by the Chair innovate? John Gerrie, Managing Partner, KN3W IDEAS; Does innovation really drive long-term category growth and and Founder, FMCG Association Australasia consumer loyalty or is it a quick fix for short-term sales? • How important is innovation to any FMCG organisation – INNOVATION 20-30% of future sales, but at what cost? • Is innovation working to hold branded share vs. private label? 9:10 Australian Innovation Scorecard • Does innovation pay back, particularly if you count the cost of Mintel’s Global New Products Database monitors product listings and ongoing trade expenditure? innovation and retail success in consumer packaged goods David Boyle, Marketing and Innovation Director, markets worldwide. This presentation looks at the global new product trends – successes and failures, some local Australian McCain Foods insights and the important lessons for your NPD strategies. Jonathan Middis, General Manager Research Development, • Hits and misses from around the world HJ Heinz • Australian specific examples May Lee, Research and Development Director, Kraft Foods • The winning formula to a successful new product • Lessons you cannot ignore! 2:00 The P for People in the marketing mix “Organization doesn’t really accomplish anything. Plans don’t Jo Pye, Insights Director, Mintel GNPD (AsiaPac) accomplish anything, either. Theories of management don’t much matter. Endeavours succeed or fail because of the people 9:50 Constant innovation – delivering results for involved. Only by attracting the best people will you accomplish Kimberly Clark great deeds.” Colin Powell - Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of In the $500m disposable nappies category Kimberly Clark have Staff (1989-93). demonstrated how innovation can not only grow a category, but Nowhere is this more true than in FMCG brand management deliver strong brand loyalty. Huggies constant innovation program and new product development. Brands are built; new is the secret to their strong market position. products are created only through the endeavours • How innovation can grow category value of individuals. But is the FMCG industry (in Australia) • Examples of innovation success attracting the people who will create the brands and • Sources of innovation – partnerships with universities products of tomorrow? Linda Watts, GM Strategic Innovation, James Dalton, HR Director, Kellogg Kimberly Clark 2:40 Panel discussion: Is the industry focusing enough 10:30 Morning break and networking attention on the People – P? • What are the career prospects for a FMCG Marketer or RD / 10:50 “You say this is innovation, but what will it do for Product Development professional in Australia? me?” • Is the industry doing enough to attract the right people? All too frequently the only thing innovation achieves is to swap • Is an international posting an essential part of a long-term share from one brand to another. As retailers we are looking for career? innovation that drives category value. If your only goal for your James Dalton, HR Director, Kellogg Company innovation is to steal share then why should we get excited? Justin Miles, General Manager of Human Resources, Fonterra • What retailers really want - growth - a retail perspective on Australia and NZ innovation Sonya Hughes, HR Director – OE Talent Management, • Examples of good innovation vs. wasted innovation Campbell Arnotts • How innovation can drive a category and how innovation can Alicia Ryan, HR Director, Snack Brands Australia harm a category Speaker TBA 3:30 Closing remarks from the chair 11:30 Solving the right problems with the right ideas 3:45 End of Conference You can’t wait for the magical aha! moment, Einstein himself said innovation takes 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Real innovation requires the collaboration of many minds and the real magic moment happens when the people who really understand the business really understand their consumer and customer’s world. Gone are the days when we can chuck a couple of new products into the market to see which one sticks. • Why is there such a high failure rate in FMCG? - nearly half of all NPD projects never make it to market or fail soon after launch • How can we develop better new product ideas? John Gerrie, Managing Partner, KN3W IDEAS; and Founder, FMCG Association Australasia 12:10 Lunch break and networking 2 8908 8556 | Fax: +61 2 8908 8556 |
  4. 4. 4 easy ways to register BRAND MARKETING NPD CONFERENCE Web: Fax: (02) 8908 8556 Phone: (02) 8908 8555 Post: PO Box 1645, North Sydney, NSW 2059  Yes, please register the following delegate(s) to attend the FMCG Brand Marketing NPD Conference 2010: Delegate 1: Title___________ First Name______________________________ Surname_____________________________________ Job Title_______________________________________________ Email________________________________________ Delegate 2: Title___________First Name______________________________ Surname_____________________________________ Job Title_______________________________________________ Email________________________________________ Delegate 3: Title___________First Name______________________________ Surname_____________________________________ Job Title_______________________________________________ Email________________________________________ *Delegate 4 FREE: Title___________First Name______________________________ Surname_____________________________________ Job Title_______________________________________________ Email________________________________________ Company name:______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ State:___________________Post code:___________________________________________________________________________________ Tel:_____________________________________________________________Fax:_________________________________________________ Registration fees: Registration Item Dates 2 Day Pass (15 16 November 2010) 2 Day Summit 15th - 16th November  $1,995 incl. GST *Group discount: Register 3 delegates and a 4th delegate attends FREE Method of payment:  Crossed cheque payable to Association and Communications Events Pty Ltd and mailed to PO Box 1645 North Sydney, NSW, 2059  Visa  MasterCard  American Express  Diners**  Bankcard (**3% surcharge for Diners) Card holders name:_______________________________________________Amount: $ ___________________________________________________ Card no: _________________________________________________________Expiry Date:________________________________________________ Signature:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name of person to be invoiced:__________________________________________________________________________________________________  Please invoice me (include contact details for invoice if not the above) Email _________________________________________________________ Date of Registration ____________________________________________ 4 easy ways to register Web: Register online at Organised by: Fax: Complete this page and fax back to us on +61 2 8908 8556 Tel: Call + 61 2 8908 8555 Mail: Complete form and mail to Association and Communications Events, PO Box 1645, North Sydney, NSW 2059 Venue: The summit will be held at: Official accommodation and travel partner: Crystal Palace, Luna Park, Sydney Sam Rowe, Corporate Traveller, Ph: (02) 8121 2020 1 Olympic Drive, Milsons Point, NSW 2061 Cancellation policy: In the Cancellation policy: In the event that you are unable to attend this summit a replacement delegate may be sent in your place at no extra charge. Association and Communications Events does not provide refunds for cancellations made more than 7 days after your registration is received, therefore the invoiced fee remains payable in full. Should you wish to cancel your registration within the 7 day cooling off period, we will refund your registration fee less an administrations of $150 (GST inclusive) per delegate. Any cancelation must be made in writing and sent by email or fax. Association and Communications Events will make available course documentation to any delegate who is unable to attend and who has paid in full. Unfortunately some speakers request their papers are not distributed. Change of program content: Association and Communications Events will endeavor to ensure that this conference program is correct at the time of the summit. Unfortunately we may need to alter the program prior to the event and reserve the right to do so without notice. We also reserve the right to cancel or postpone this conference when full refunds will be issued. Association and Communications Events is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of a substitution, alternation, postponement or cancellation of an event. Privacy Act notice: The FMCG Brand Marketing NPD Conference 2010 is promoted by a number of supporting organisations that may send you this brochure on our behalf. If you do not wish to receive further mailings from Association and Communications Events, please tick the box below and return to us at PO Box 1645, North Sydney, NSW 2059 or Fax back to +61 2 8908 8556. We will then remove your details from any of our mailing lists.  Please do not mail me further brochures. Tel +61 2 8908 8555 Fax +61 2 8908 8556