Zodiac-Jandy pool heaters


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A look at the rather complex history of this brand, the models available today and which would be best for you.

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Zodiac-Jandy pool heaters

  1. 1. Zodiac/Jandy Pool HeatersDue to the history of the company you see Jandy pool heaters sold under a number ofnames. I have seen them under Laars Pool Heaters, Teledyne Laars Pool Heaters andJandy Pool Heaters. My understanding of the history is below, my apologies if this is notcompletely accurate.Laars Engineers was formed in the late 1940s and pool heaters was one of its keyproducts. It became Teledyne Laars in 1966 after a take-over by Teledyne. In 1996Teledyne bought Jandy Industries and started marketing their pool heaters under thatname (but sometimes including the Laars name). Later in the 90s Teledyne split itsbusiness into three with Jandy getting the home pool business. Laars Heating Systemsgot the commercial side of the business. Later, in 2007, Jandy was merged with ZodiacMarine creating Zodiac Pool Products which is now a global player in the pool equipmentmarket. Zodiac presently sell 2 gas pool heaters under the Jandy brand and one underthe Zodiac brand (but the name Laars still often appears when these are sold).The current range of Jandy pool heaters comprises:Jandy Hi-E2 (actually this should be under Zodiac brand but you rarely see it sold thatway) - This is a 350k BTU gas heater which is suitable for commercial, as well as homeuse, as it is ASME certified. The energy efficiency is an incredible 95% (and it is lowNOx) putting it well ahead of other gas heaters. It has a very high build quality withdurability and reliability in mind. It has a dual thermostat for use with pool/spacombinations. The negative with this heater is the cost as it is about triple the price ofother Jandy pool heaters. Click Here for more information.Jandy LXi - Ranging from 250 - 400k BTU these gas pool heaters are 88% energyefficient. In addition they have low NOx emissions meeting all requirements in thisrespect. The LXi range also have a sophisticated control panel which can be removedfrom the heater. Click Here for more information.Jandy Legacy - Ranging from 125 - 400k BTU these gas pool heaters are available inboth electronic and millivolt versions. Energy efficiency is 83% but these heaters are notlow NOx. However, they do have some sophisticated features and are designed withreliability in mind. They cost less than the other models making them a good economicalpurchase. Click Here for more information.Jandy Air Energy Heat Pump - There are 3 heat pumps in the range at 100, 115 and131 BTU. The latter two models also being available with Chiller/Hot Gas Defrost whichallows the unit to work in cold conditions and also to work in reverse and chill the pool insummer. All models feature a standard titanium heat exchanger (with lifetime warrantyagainst corrosion). A 40 amp electricity supply is required. Click Here for moreinformation.So how can you choose between these models? There are two key factors to consider.How often will you use the pool heater and will you consider a higher purchase price inanticipation of savings in the years ahead? If you are going to heat your pool constantlya heat pump will be cheapest to run and the best buy long term. If you only intend toheat your pool occasionally then a gas heater may be better as it will heat the pool faster
  2. 2. and will be cheaper to buy. The Hi-E2 would be too costly leaving the option of the Lxi orLegacy. If there are tight NOx emission standards in your location it would have to bethe Lxi, otherwise the legacy would probably be the best option. If your requirement is fora millivolt pool heater then the Legacy represents the only offering from Jandy poolheaters.