Jandy Pool Heaters


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A look at pool heaters from this manufacturer. For more information please visit http://poolheatersreviewed.com/

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Jandy Pool Heaters

  1. 1. Jandy Pool HeatersDue to many changes of ownership Jandy pool heaters are for sale undera variety of names. I have seen them under Laars Pool Heaters, TeledyneLaars Pool Heaters and Jandy Pool Heaters. I have made an attempt tovery briefly cover the history below.The originial company was Laars Engineers formed in 1948. This companywas purchased by Teledyne during the 60s and renamed Teledyne Laars.In 1996 Teledyne bought Jandy Industries and started marketing theirpool heaters under that name (but sometimes including the Laars name).Later in the 90s Teledyne split its business into three with Jandy gettingthe home pool business. Laars Heating Systems got the commercial sideof the business. In 2007 Jandy merged with Zodiac Marine to createZodiac Pool Products and create “a major global supplier of poolequipment”. Looking at an up to date brochure from Zodiac there are twogas heaters under the Jandy brand and one under the Zodiac brand(although you will frequently see it advertised as Jandy or LaarsJandy!).The current range of Jandy pool heaters comprises:Jandy Hi-E2 (actually this should be under Zodiac brand but you rarelysee that) - This is a 350k BTU gas heater which is suitable for commercial,as well as home use, as it is ASME certified. It is the most energy efficientgas heater you can buy with a rating of 95% and it also meets all low NOxrequirements. It has a very high build quality with durability and reliabilityin mind. It has a dual thermostat for use with pool/spa combinations.Unfortunately all this is reflected in the price which is about three timesthat of the other pool heaters on this page.Jandy LXi - Ranging from 250 - 400k BTU these gas pool heaters are 88%energy efficient. In addition they have low NOx emissions meeting allrequirements in this respect. The LXi range also have a sophisticatedcontrol panel which can be removed from the heater.Jandy Legacy - Ranging from 125 - 400k BTU these gas pool heaters areavailable in both electronic and millivolt versions. They are 83% efficientand make no claim to be low NOx. The legacy heaters have a number ofadvanced features, are designed to be reliable and are relativelyinexpensive, making then good value for money.Jandy Heat Pump - There are 3 heat pumps in the range at 100, 115 and131 BTU. The latter two models also being available with Chiller/Hot GasDefrost which allows the unit to work in cold conditions and also to workin reverse and chill the pool in summer. All models feature a standardtitanium heat exchanger (with lifetime warranty against corrosion). A 40amp electricity supply is required.So how can you choose between these models? There are two key factorsto consider. How often will you use the pool heater and will you consider ahigher purchase price in anticipation of savings in the years ahead? If you
  2. 2. are going to heat your pool constantly a heat pump will be cheapest torun and the best buy long term. If you only intend to heat your pooloccasionally then a gas heater may be better as it will heat the pool fasterand will be cheaper to buy. In this case the Hi-E2, good though it is,would seem to be rather over the top leaving the choice between the LXiand the Legacy. If there are tight NOx emission standards in your locationit would have to be the Lxi, otherwise the legacy would probably be thebest option. Of course if you need a millivolt heater then the Legacy is theonly option from Jandy pool heaters.