Are WordPress And HostGator A Good Combination?


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If you are wanting to host your own WordPress site is Hostgator a good way to go?

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Are WordPress And HostGator A Good Combination?

  1. 1. Are HostGator And WordPress A Good Combination?HostGator is regularly recommended for website hosting and as it offersLinux based shared hosting you would think that HostGator andWordPress would work well together.Actually it is a mistake to think that any Linux hosting is good forWordPress powered sites but in this case it is true to say that HostGatorand WordPress are a good fit. Many people do use HostGator forWordPress sites both personal and commercial.HostGator are well known for their customer support but this should notbe needed to install WordPress. It is a simple process that does not needany technical knowledge. To set-up a WordPress site on HostGator theprocess is:Select a domain name – at the time of writing I would recommendregistering this with or becauseHostgator’s service is somewhat limited but this is set to change during2011 as they move into domain registration.Join Hostgator – Simply visit the web site and select your package. Youget the best price by signing up for three years but you can choose tosimply pay monthly. There is no contract so you can cancel at any time.You will probably get a discount using a coupon code (see links at bottomof this article) but this will only apply to the initial invoice, renewals arecharged at the standard rates.DNS configuration – HostGator will send you an email after you havesigned up giving you various information you need. One item will be theNameserver addresses. These should be entered against your domainname on your registrar’s website.Go in HostGator’s cPanel (again see the email) – Find the“Software/Services” section and open Fantasico De Luxe. In the left handcolumn you will see “WordPress”. Clicking this will bring up the WordPressmenu in the centre column and “New Installation” should be selected.Complete the next screen as follows: • Install on Domain: your domain name should already be shown. • Install in Directory: can be left blank. • Administrator User Name: Use anything other than “Admin”. • Administrator Password: Use a strong password from the outset. • Base Configuration: Put something in these fields but the data can be changed later when you see how it is used.You can now select ‘Install WordPress’ and on the following page ‘FinishInstallation’. You will now see confirmation of the WordPress installationwith the login details. There is an option to email these to yourself and Iwould recommend that you do so.
  2. 2. Log into Wordpress – you can now start configuring your site. Thisinvolves installing a theme, selecting a layout, installing plugins andadjusting the WordPress setup to suit your needs. If you are not familiarwith WordPress you can download some training videos free (see linksbelow).As you will see it is very easy to set-up WordPress with HostGator and youcan have your site up and running in no time.HostGator and WordPress offer a good combination for getting a websiteor blog up and running. HostGators service will ensure that the site isavailable as near 100% of the time as possible and if you have anyproblems support is easily accessed. If you would like to try the servicefor $0.01 Click Here.