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Chapter 18 visual merchandising


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Chapter 18 visual merchandising

  1. 1. VisualMerchandising Chapter 18
  2. 2. Visual Merchandising Encompasses all of the physical elements that merchandisers use to project an image to customersGoals: Improve service Educate the customer Increase productivity levels Reinforce store image
  3. 3. Are responsible for: ◦ the total merchandise or service presentation ◦ the overall business/brand image ◦ and the building and placement of design elements Are active members of the marketing teamVisual Merchandisers
  4. 4. Elements of Visual Merchandising1. Storefront2. Store Layout3. Store Interior4. Interior Displays
  5. 5.  Sign Logo Marquee Exterior design Ambiance LandscapingStorefront
  6. 6.  Selling space  Storage space  Personnel space  Customer spaceStore Layout
  7. 7.  Color Lighting Graphics Paint Fixtures Origins CosmeticsStore Interior
  8. 8. More store interiors
  9. 9. Types of Interior Displays
  10. 10. Architectural Display
  11. 11. Open Display
  12. 12. Closed Display
  13. 13. Point of Purchase Displays
  14. 14. Store Decorations
  15. 15. • Provide a brief introductionWindow Displays about the merchandise • Strengthen traffic and sales • Attract interest
  16. 16. Design & Display Tips Use complementary colors to create contrast Lines within displays direct viewer’s attention Effective displays have a Motion should accentuate merchandise not overpower it
  17. 17. Lighting can help merchandise look more attractive ◦ Display lighting should be 2 to 5 times stronger than store’s general lighting ◦ Colored lighting can create dramatic effects
  18. 18. Recap: Visual merchandising is promoting the sale of goods, especially by their presentation in retail outlets Adds information utility Increases store traffic and sales volume
  19. 19. Useful Tips  Display products in a CREATIVE way  Use accent lighting to feature products  Change displays daily/weekly  Color matters very much, so use it  Merchandising themes enhance experience
  20. 20. Provide utility:It’s all about the customer experience!